White farmers killings in Africa | VPRO Documentary

White farmers killings in Africa | VPRO Documentary

Driving through South Africa’s
deeply conservative countryside… one’s thoughts are narrowed down like
the road itself, from four lanes to two. Life is more simple here
than in the big city. No other place gives you
a better sense of the real conflict. Who has more right to this land? The
black South African, who got here first? Or the white man,
who brought European progress? The time that question couldn’t be posed
for the sake of reconciliation, is gone. the promised land We don’t care
whether you are black or white. Let us share the land. But we know that 80% of the land
in Africa is in white hands. That’s why we say: White men, give us back the land
so that we can live in peace. Mandela went to prison for our land. Chris Hani was killed for our land. Steve Biko was killed for our land. And as long as the land
is not returned to us… and that which they died for
has not been achieved… and we have no freedom yet,
we must continue with our struggle. This is the area
where the white farmer still rules. The pioneers who left the Cape
in the 17th century… with their wagons and their Bibles… to settle all the way here
in the north of South Africa. It’s these ‘bitter-enders’,
as they call themselves… who are terribly afraid
of the new South Africa. Wilhelm, how are you?
-Good. Yes? That’s great. Why are you here? A farmer’s been attacked.
Over at the mountain. On this side of the mountain?
What happened to him? He was on his way home.
Three characters were waiting for him. When he got out to open the gate… they attacked him.
-How is he doing? I don’t know. He’s here.
-Are you going to see him? No, we’re going to see his wife.
If you want to come… Can we ride along in the back? I’d been to this village
in the north of South Africa before. The more north you go,
the more militant the farmer… and the greater the fear of change. The farmers in Swartruggens are eager to
show me that this fear is not unfounded. I’m Bram.
-Pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet you, Bram.
-Jannie. I’m from Holland.
-Great, I’m from South Africa. As you can see, there’s the knife. There’s blood, there’s blood.
You see? He had stopped here to open the gate. As he was opening the gate,
the guys came out from that bush. They stole some of the man’s equipment. That way. Look, to this side. Are you alright? I’ve been better, but thanks. Why do they go after old people?
Why not young men? This is Bram from the Netherlands.
From Holland. We were on our way
when this happened. Now he can see… Pleased to meet you, Bram.
How are you? Alright, given the circumstances. My heart hurts because they’re too
cowardly to tell someone to their face… that they want to hurt him.
We’ve always been good to them. They were foreigners,
not our own people. They’re from another country?
-From Zimbabwe. My husband is fluent in Fanagalo.
He speaks it very well. How is your husband? I’ve just called the hospital.
The doctor is working on him. But they cut him with a hatchet. Where exactly?
-Here, from this point. A gaping wound.
The blood was gushing out. He applied a pressure bandage himself
to stop the bleeding. Did you see him?
-Yes. I was busy working inside the house
when I heard the alarm from the pickup. The dogs were barking as well,
and when I came outside… I heard him screaming. So I grabbed my gun
and fired two shots in the air. I think that must have saved him. Your husband will survive, won’t he? We have faith that the Lord will help him.
We have faith that He will. I wrote a book about this village… where the conflict between white and black
escalated so badly that it led to death. This is the memorial stone.
‘The Skierlik Four Massacre’. The massacre of the four of Skierlik.
‘Of the racial shooting’ Here, this is Tshepo,
a ten-year-old boy. Keditlhotshe Moiphitlhi.
This is the mother. This is the baby. And this is the man who was buried
at Eastern Cape. It happened on January 14, 2008… when a white farmer’s son
by the name of Johan Nel… He was 18 years old, so he was born
the year Mandela was released. 18 years old, on a Monday morning,
without any reason… he took his father’s rifle from the
cupboard, got into his father’s pickup… and drove away from the farm… towards the slum
where all these black miners lived… and just started shooting blindly
at all those black people… lethally injuring four of them… and injuring another eight people
who eventually survived. But irony has it that that cemetery there,
where only white people are buried… has remained segregated
from the black burial ground. The ANC government dug this monument
and put a fence around it. So even in death, black and white
remain segregated in this village. The white murderer later told me
he saw his act as an act of resistance. To save white South Africans from ruin… from crime and the political pressure
to drive the whites off their land. Even though his black victims
had nothing to do with that. How are you? I’m fine. And you? Moses, how are you?
-Fine. Long time no see. How are you doing?
-I used to see you often in Skierlik. Yes, but Skierlik was on the other side
of the road. What happened? Did you move here?
-Yes, we moved here. There are brick houses now.
-Yes, my house is down that road. Who gave you the house? I always say: Nel did.
It’s Nel’s doing. The shooter?
-Yes. What did he do? We don’t know what happened to Nel. Do you remember what happened?
You were there. Yes, I was there. I picked up the mother’s child
after he was gone. I picked up the child
and brought it inside. But the child had been hit by him. Yes, it was already dead.
-It was dead? How do you feel about the white people
since that incident? Since that massacre.
How do you feel about the white people? I can’t frankly tell you that. Are you afraid of them? You see, many people… had been stealing cattle from that farm. Cattle from those farmers?
-Yes. People from Skierlik?
-No, not our people. So who stole the cattle? Other people, from Rustenburg.
They stole the cattle. But the white people said
that we’d stolen the cattle. They said you’d stolen the cattle. But that wasn’t true.
-No. Then came the next Sunday,
the 14th. That Sunday there was a barbecue. And on Monday Nel came.
That’s when Nel came. Corry, how are you?
-Very well, Bram. And you? Good to see you again.
Welcome back at the farm. You have good fences here. Come, let’s go closer. We count the animals every day. There’s a lot of theft in the area,
and if you don’t keep an eye on it… you may discover it too late
and can’t track them down anymore. Do they often steal cattle? Yes, very often, but quickly,
one or two animals. It’s locked from the inside. Thank you kindly. Fences and borders, that’s what
the white people have given Africa. Before the white people came,
the villagers shared all the land. The group is more important
than the individual. Ubuntu: I am because others are. But the white man brought a very
different concept: What’s mine is mine. Come here. Okay, come. You hold her by the head. Careful. Go on. Is it because of the beer
that you don’t know which way? We have to make a new hole.
That’s not easy without a knife. Are you afraid to say you have a knife?
Where’s your knife? Grab her like this.
And keep her steady with your leg. Will the cow make it?
-Some you win, some you lose. But I don’t think she’ll make it.
We’ll give it one last try. If she’s not on her feet by tomorrow…
-Then I’ll shoot her. We have a lot of foreigners working here.
-Because of all our grants… the Tswana, the local people,
don’t need to work any longer. They all receive grants.
For the children, for the elderly. And there’s lots of fraud. So the South Africans
are too expensive now? No, they’re not too expensive. Do you drink beer?
Excuse me, kid. Do you drink?
Lazarus, does he drink? I don’t think so. He’s too poor. The Tswanas have a lot of money.
You people don’t drink. Yesterday you patted a lot.
Why not today? Is it Sunday? You too. Our locals come and go so fast that you
hardly know their background anymore. In the past they were born
on the farm and died there. Not anymore.
They travel all over the place. Pat, pat, pat. I went to get your shovel, Lazarus. He was too lazy.
Lazarus used the shovel. Thanks. There we go.
We’ll try it again tomorrow. In the South African countryside,
the white farmer still sits in front… as if nothing has changed.
But in the townships unrest is stirring… and there’s a call for radical change
and an end to those old relationships. shoot to kill
kill them shoot to kill
kill them kiss the Boer
kiss the farmer kiss the Boer
kiss the farmer where were you without guns? where were you without sticks? we’re going after them
so let us go pick up the spears
here we go pick up the spears
here we go shoot to kill
kill them In the original song they sing
‘kill the Boer, kill the farmer.’ It does worry you.
Why does he say such a thing? Probably not just for his own benefit,
in order to win votes. It’s an expression of hatred.
That’s how I see it. Have you never thought of emigrating? We can’t emigrate to another country. What we have here,
is what we’ve worked for all our lives. We have to make use of it
and protect it to the best of our ability. This is our life. Just as your life and your house
also have their dangers… even if they’re not as menacing… we live here with our dangers
and we deal with them as they come. If something has to be done,
negative as it may be, we’ll do so. We’re very worried
about our land ownership. With those young politicians
threatening with land expropriation… you don’t know where it will end. if they come into power and they pass
a law that land has to be expropriated… Of course we’re worried
that such a decision will be made. They have problems
with the flashing light. It’s not allowed, you mean? We do as we like.
We’re not ashamed of anything. My parents taught us
how to use firearms. I also like to go hunting. If I can’t manage with a gun,
I always have a hunting rifle. I like to use firearms,
but I’ve never shot at a human being. But if I had to, I could do it. We go hunting regularly. I can hit a running buck,
so I’m sure I’ll manage. I grew up with the idea
of the Rainbow Nation. I grew up and played
with the gardener’s children. Only later did the idea of revenge
become customary. But I think it mainly depends
on how you grow up. I think it was Mandela who said: You’re not born hating certain people.
It’s something you’re taught. You can just as easily learn to love them.
I think it varies from house to house… and from person to person
how you feel about your fellow human. I had many black friends at university.
I still keep in touch with some of them. But it’s not…
I think it’s more a cultural difference… than a colour difference. It’s not…
I wouldn’t consider myself a racist. It’s usually
because of the circumstances… that you have mostly white friends
in your surroundings. The dogs see someone move
inside that vehicle. That’s why they bark like that. Do they only bark at black people?
-Yes. No, at everyone. This is the shoe he was wearing.
And this is him in the hospital. And this is the leg they cut open.
-That’s from that hatchet. This is a very traumatic experience. Someone who’s never experienced this… can’t understand what you go through
at such a moment. How do you feel now,
here at the farm? Not at ease. You never know.
That’s why we’re trying… to secure ourselves
as well as possible. We’ve installed an alarm,
which we never had before. So if someone tries to enter the house,
the alarm system will go off. But you keep looking
over your shoulder all the time. And I can’t walk very far anymore. You’re skittish.
-I am. He’s very alert. What are your plans?
Do you want to stay at the farm? Yes. No, we’ll never leave this place. The farm has been in the family
since 1917. So the farm has been a part of them
for a long time. No, we’re not leaving.
-Where should we go? In the village they also rob the people.
There they also kill people. So where can you run to? I wasn’t born at a hospital.
I was born at this farm. And this is where I’ll be buried. Yes, what… Every time I visit white farmers
in South Africa… I’m torn between two sentiments. On the one hand I do admire them,
because just imagine living here. On a farm, surrounded by vegetation. With the idea that everything around it is
potentially dangerous, life-threatening. On the other hand
it’s all so unbelievably depressing. Those farmers who hold on
to an idea from centuries ago… that they’re the chosen people who,
hand on the Bible… trekked to the north of South Africa
with their wagons as pioneers. And insisting on staying here, even
though it’s clear from talking to them… that their future is far behind them
and this is the end of an era.

100 thoughts on “White farmers killings in Africa | VPRO Documentary

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    I appreciate hearing varying points of view from all sides. You don't offer opinions as facts and that is very respectful to everyone.

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  • All this nonsense has it's beginnings in those negotiations in the 80's……A lot of things weren't properly handled in those negotiations.
    We also shouldn't have destroyed our Nukes.

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  • next time a black person complains and throws the race card down about how they are treated in the united states show them how well they treat whites back in their country. they should be happy they can sleep peacefully in america. these whites in africa probably live with nightmares and cant sleep at all. everyone is out to get them around every corner.

  • Blacks in south africa don't have the training to farm in the 21st century. They'll ransack what they can get, then go back to stealing or living on the land. They have no ability to commercially farm. Before the white man and the bore hole (wells) he dug, there were vast, dry arid and game free areas that are now rich ground. Blacks want the land back….but they never had it before, because there was no water to drink.

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  • Well I guess the SWJ's would not call this racist because the oppressor is not white? Have the south Africans learned nothing from Zimbabwe ?

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  • in a country with high economic disparity, this sounds like just another day in the country, if you ask me, my grand parents lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere, they kept a shotgun at home for potentialities just like these, if you are going to live in the country you better know that you are pretty much on your own

    I am not surprised if criminals are targeting affluent people in the country, if I were to commit a crime, I would pretty much do it in the country (I could think of no better place aside from under the ocean or outer space), far away from 'the long arm of the law', I think these 'white farmer killings' conjecture has been blown way out of proportion, I do not believe for one moment that criminals are targeting on the basis of race, solely for the sake of being white and owning most of the arable land in South Africa

  • What if the farmers that bought the land don't want to share it ,it's theirs so by any means you don't have the right to kill them.

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    Instead, our Mrs' Merkel, from the "Christian" Party imports about 2 Million young islamic men…

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  • I'm coloured south african living in Cape town my people are the indigenous people of SA blacks have no right totalk about land please note when cival war starts coloureds will help whites and indians againts the bantu the Northern cape western cape and part of the easter cape belongs to us coloureds the rest belongs to the zulus so the bantu can try and take zulu land and get kiled with in weeks zulus dont like bantu i have family members who are zulu and they have told me stories of the IFP ANC war and that they hate the bantu including xhosas

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  • @ Julius, they will never share. They will only repackage deals with the same intentions and then continue their policy of intolerance for others. They will cause irreversible pollution to your land for short term profit. If they manufacture anything in your country and hazardous waste is produced it will end up in your waters.

    No sharing the land. Take this advice for your children's future because I'm native American (Puerto Rican is Taino) and I now trespass on my native land (Florida).

    White people believe if they conquer a land that belongs to someone else than it belongs to them and you must work for them at the low wages which they all offer. They can only thrive as long as they have a host to exploit. Sounds like cancer huh???

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  • The South African blacks seem to be asking for this, and I'm sure they'll end getting it good and hard. Say hello to Zimbabwe 2.0, folks.

  • I was born in grahamstown eastern cape. I grew up in kenton on sea on a farm. when I was younger I went to canon rocks, thats near alexandria, of boknes. i saw an exhibition full of weapons, guns and hand grenades, all weapons you can dream of. among them were comics of how the blacks in south africa must hate the white farmers. they give records of religious subjects and a free record player without electricity, only batteries. they give them free batteries. they had it on our farm. i have seen and heared it. the blacks have been brainwashed with christianity and all sorts of stories. i nearly freaked out at what I saw. the blacks are never able to think straight. they are extremely full of hatred. they spread these all over south africa tharough religious organizations, having all sorts of so-called protestant groups, some from america and england. they are preachers of this bullshit christinity. i know who they are. this jewish religion is the biggest load of bullshit. vatican infultration through thousands and thousands of religious groups. they infultrate into all of the churches and also brainwash the white people. the blacks were told all over south africa to burn down their schools and hate the white farmer. and believe me they did. we had such a black man on our farm. my dad recognized and kicked him off and told him to go to the transkei. he was thembisile, his best fibreglass worker. the police were caught on our farm stealing our cycads, putting the plants, which was a protected species in a bot at night. the blacks told my dad. there was nothing he could do. they are completely brutal the black people. they are totally brainwashed since 10s of ears. it started long ago and has taken its toll. weapons from russia ak 47s tens of thousands of them, also at this exhibition. there was nobody there. i happen to see it myself. most whites cant get out of there, they dont have the money. i know what i have seen and what happened to me. i have attacked by two black men in port elizabeth and managed to slow one down and screamed like hell for help. a white hippie ran to me and helped me. i got everything back. the police were really good then in 1992, they knew where to go, or i was very lucky said the policemen. you can lay charge but they couldnt find the other one. thank god they didnt hae a knife to stab me.

  • Is the genocide of San/Bushmen by Bantu rasist? Compare the record of Blacks under Whites and vice versa. Any takers? History shows when Bantu have power, genocide happens. Why? Enquiring minds need to know.

  • Black Africans have never been commercial farmers, not anywhere. They were subsistence farmers in a communal state – in fact communism. The Chiefs owned the land and they have to ask for a plot of land and pay taxes to their headman and chief. They only planted very small areas around their homesteads on which to subsist, and Only were they were established in South Africa. There were and are vast regions of South Africa that were not inhabited by blacks when the trekkers arrived. Trekkers settled there and established themselves. These farms have provided work for centuries work for blacks from neighboring states that they would otherwise not of had. Here lies the problem, blacks are very jealous by nature; because of their communal system they do not like anyone else to have what they do not have. Along comes the trekker, he is a hard dedicated and self-sacrificing worker. He is successful. Now the black seems someone else successful and by nature is jealous. He did not take advantage of the opportunities that were always there for him all along, so he now wants what has been established, he wants to walk in and take over lock stock and barrel without paying. Then like Zimbabwe, which is a hopeless failure, he wants to do the same in SA. He thinks he can sit back and it all happens on its own without much input and knowledge. This same scenario applies to the foreign black shopkeepers. They are jealous of them, they could not see and take advantage of the opportunities that were right there before them all along, so now when the black foreigner does, they attack, burn and loot. South African farmers are so recognized for their ability and hardiness that even neighbouring states, and places like Nigeria, Congo, and even Russian invite them there to develop their agriculture. No land was stolen, It was uninhabited, it was bought, it was worked and developed. There is no free lunch! Take the vastness of the Transkei, millions of hectares of land just laying there fallow. Drop this gimme, gimme attitude. Then culture comes in, vast differences and standards. No one lowers their standards, they always strive for better. Every country has its class distinction. For instance not one of these farmers would be accepted into any one of the many exclusive London clubs = class distinction. So Mr. Bram Hollander take your apartheid, and your chosen race theory and ram it! You know nothing. Read about the battle of Blood River and the savage treachery that led up to it and educate yourself.

  • How long can the farmers imagine themselves to be a chosen people? Really, is this your conclusion, that farmers are chosen people? How daft are you? The ANC is a pro-communist organisation that is planning their own version of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. The black masses are overconfident in their ability to destroy whiteness in SA. They will fail and then disappear into obscurity

  • Whites did this to africans generations ago and there was no out cry until generations later africans started doing it to whites. What goes around comes around.

  • I notice there are nothing but old white people defending the property. And one old shit was talking about survival of the fittest. Gtfo

  • Most of the land in South Africa is owned by the existing government not by the whites or white farmers – but they do not want bare land because then they would have to work on it and built on it – no they want to take a well established farm only to destroy it within a few years. The land do not belong to the black people most of which came from the North of Africa. Whatever is built up in South Africa including existing infrastructure was put there by white people all of which is now falling apart because it is not being maintained – why because trillions and trillions are stolen by high profile people some in government. Today the hatred is spread by black people not white people that is clear. White people still have original documents on buying some of the land from Dingaan in what is known today as KwaZulu-Natal. I will never approve of the killing of any kind whether white killing black or black killing white

  • Stop sending aid … A few trade sanctions between aids , malaria , TB, cholera and starvation the population would pretty much decrease by 80 percent in ten years leaving out the economy and resolving much of the unrest

  • Since it's causing him and other small minded bigots (like minded vanilla people) such great distress because as he stated, "blacks are running Africa (their own damn continent) into the ground", kindly leave, so long, farewell, bye bye, haul ass, kick rocks, get the duck outta there, STEP…and let the chips fall where they may!!!

  • Africans want their land and country back, white folks don't want to return it and there is blood shed as a result. Nothing more to this story no matter how you spin it….

  • The African tribes came from Central Africa , the Bantu / Nguni . They are not indigenous ! They were being chased South by Shaka Zulu


  • as the rest of africa south africa must sink to its natural low level under black leadership it is the new zimbabwe

  • blacks have a different personality and appreciate things whites do not and vice versa. What cities do blacks have showing planning and engineering on the scale of whites? Where are there colorful paintings by whites that blacks can do easily?

  • the white farmers don't need to be scared, we can work together …. same dude is seen chanting kill the boer, kill the farmer . If I was a white in South Africa, I would have guns on me 24/7

  • Lets call a spade a spade, there's plenty of land for everyone in South Africa, if the government want to open it up, for those who wanted to work at it. I have no doubt these white farmers would straight over to help the black farmers get themselves established, trade with them, be good neighbors, live in peace.

    Instead, like always it's governments who create the problems, blame the whites, classic divide and conquer. South Africa is a huge place with not a huge population, there's plenty for everyone who want to work for it.

    What black people need to do, is go talk with the whites, be friendly, I'm sure they will find kindness and a helping hand in return.

    The real enemy are these politicians

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