What if Bongo Bongo Hid Inside the Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time? (Zelda)

What if Bongo Bongo Hid Inside the Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time? (Zelda)

[Dead Hand Laughing] One of my favorite things to do when it comes to video games, besides trying to solve mysteries
or discover odd things, is to reimagine how their story could have taken place. We have such a concrete structure in our head
for how the story goes in so many of our favorite games, but I always come back to that question:
What if? What if something happened differently? How would changing one event derail the story
we know and love? Well, in this video we’re going to do things
a bit out of order… By bringing the scariest and strangest parts
of Ocarina of Time to the immediate beginning of the game. What if Bongo Bongo took refuge in the Deku
Tree, and not the Shadow Temple? Videos like this require a lot of prep work,
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even more nostalgic gaming content. So before diving into what-if land, first
let’s set the stage. Bongo Bongo was once sealed within the well
in Kakariko village – as I’m sure most of you know. Impa had sealed this shadowy being prior to
the events of Ocarina of Time. However, the darkness that Ganondorf cast
across the land strengthened the sealed spirit and allowed it to escape. During this process, Bongo Bongo ravished
Kakariko village setting it aflame. Impa once again stood up against the beast
and was attempting to seal it, as it retreated into the Shadow Temple. But at that moment, anything could have really
happened. To me, it was always odd that Bongo Bongo
ended up in the Shadow Temple, when it just broke out of a place that was exactly the
same. Sheik specifically states that Impa has gone
to the Shadow Temple to seal it again, which means that Bongo Bongo chose to go there prior
to anything happening. That alone is pretty strange, but let’s
rewind a bit. What if Bongo Bongo had a change of plans? Instead of receding into a room where it would
literally do no further harm to anyone, what if it went outwards? Out across the fields of Hyrule and found
its way into Kokiri Forest? And then deeper… Into the core of the Deku Tree? To some degree, these environments are similar. The chambers of Bongo Bongo and Queen Gohma
are both dark and underground… Far beneath the surface by quite a ways. Now obviously, this probably wouldn’t do
a whole lot in terms of the adult Link timeline. The Deku Tree is already dead. But let’s change the story up a bit and
say this event took place in the Child timeline – right before the game began. So Link is waking up from another bad dream… And miles away Kakariko village is still recovering
from the flames from Bongo Bongo ravaging the land. Perhaps due to Zelda and Impa not being there
to intervene, that’s why Bongo Bongo retreated away from its place of captivity and crept
to another distant, but equally dark place. As Link wakes up and goes about his normal
beginning-of-the-game routine, darkness has been festering in the Deku Tree and that is
why Link is summoned. However, the Deku Tree’s curse is actually
what attracted the appetite of a new evil, so the situation is far worse than it normally
would have been. Perhaps if Ganondorf’s darkness hadn’t
already began affecting the forest, Bongo Bongo would have looked elsewhere. As Link steps up to the plate to accept the
challenge, he has no idea what lurks within… And I think this would affect the story severely
for a lot of different reasons. Psychologically, Link has zero experience
across the board. As Ocarina of Time progresses, he’s introduced
to new dangers and creatures that he must overcome. But everything he faces at the start of the
game is still rooted in the natural world. Sure, he encounters giant skull-faced spiders
within the tree – which would definitely be absolutely terrifying, but not in a hopeless
kind of way. If it’s alive, it can be slain… But if Link is up against something he can’t
comprehend yet… As in, creatures from beyond the grave fresh
out of the gate, I feel like he’d really have to muster up that Triforce of Courage
to push forward. At least with Stalchild’s he had an entire
dungeon to go through prior to being introduced to these foul beings that prowl Hyrule field
at night. And even then, if he played his cards right,
he might not even encounter them since it’s possible to always reach his destinations
at first during daylight. So… Back in the Deku Tree. Link steps right in to see creatures manifested
from darkness. Depending on what you believe – whether ReDeads
are actual corpses or dark magic that animated clay, a pack of ReDeads could be staring down
Link right away. The first part of his adventure is met with
a blood-curdling scream, as the creature draws near to feed on him. This entire area because interesting to traverse
and navigate because Wallmasters prowl these hollowed interiors. Hanging from the top of the Deku tree, these
creatures would snipe our hero as he attempted to scale the interior making things more difficult. As Link progressed through these tunnels,
battling the normal foes and also the ones brought upon by the darkness, he’d eventually
be jumped by a Stalfos more than likely. I imagine the influx of dark energy would
draw Stalfos to these areas, as the general protection of the Deku Tree would be extremely
taxed. Battling a Stalfos or two this early on when
they normally wouldn’t be encountered until the Forest Temple might be a bit harsh on
our new-found hero. But if he somehow survived their increased
damage, he could secure necessary equipment before taking the plunge… Past the ReDeads… And into an area that is far worse. The lair of the Dead Hand. Imagine jumping down through giant spider
webs only to enter a room littered with hands trying to grab you. To top things off, the darkness has infected
the water turning it to a poisonous state, similar to water that is sometimes present
in dark areas. I feel with the Bottom of the Well, Link had
already seen some crap in his days, and at least with that you can see what you’re
getting into with the hands – having to initiate combat by drawing close to one. Landing in a room full of hands that immediately
grab your head as a dark, slug-like entity digs out of the floor would be one of the
most abrupt, startling experiences for a child. Fun fact though – the hands of dead hand can’t
actually hold you if you’re in water. As soon as the animation starts, it stops. Just thought I’d throw that out there. But that doesn’t mean Deadhand can’t hurt
you when you’re in water. Clearing Dead Hand in this room becomes a
lot more challenging due to the variance in height, and assuming the water is poisonous. If Link manages to do so, he’ll be able
to move on… But this raises another question: Would any of the Deku Scrubs in this area
actually stick around if the reanimated dead were now wandering the halls of the tree? Without the Deku Scrubs, technically Link
would have trouble opening the door at the end of the dungeon since the correct combination
of defeating them is what enables him to move to the boss room. If he somehow did manage to get past this
point… A brutal challenge awaits him. Fighting Bongo Bongo alone within the Deku
Tree would be bothersome enough for such a child, but fighting Gohma and Bongo Bongo
at the same time? Yikes. Entering this room and seeing two glowing
eyes would be an interesting turn of events. Bongo Bongo and Gohma honestly shouldn’t
have any quarrels with each other as they’re both fueling off the same evil energy. Queen Gohma is a manifestation of the curse
that Ganondorf put upon the Deku Tree, while Bongo Bongo escaped their imprisonment by
feeding off the dark energy that Ganondorf spread across the land. If anything, Bongo Bongo would have been drawn
to Gohma and it would have amplified its powers. It’s unknown if the giant drum in the shadow
temple was created through Bongo Bongo’s dark energy or if it was always there, but
that means our young child could either be stepping out onto the same, drum-based terrain
or tackling these monsters within Gohma’s normal chambers. If the drum was a manifestation of dark magic,
I wouldn’t be surprised if Gohma’s room transformed to represent the lair of Bongo
Bongo in some regards. Since Link would have retrieved the slingshot
within the Deku Tree, he’d still be able to use it to stun Bongo Bongo’s hands. Even doing so spawns Deku Seeds, surprisingly
– even though child Link isn’t normally supposed to encounter Bongo Bongo. Clearing Bongo Bongo with the Kokiri Sword
would take some time, and the fight would be pretty difficult since Link would have
to retreat to the grass in hopes of healing after taking damage, as Bongo Bongo can clear
hearts out easily. Not to mention, while dealing with this drumming
foe, Gohma would be sneaking around waiting to strike, and sending her minions after Link
as well. It might be wise to clear out Gohma first
since she only has 10 health, compared to Bongo Bongo’s 36, but that’s only if Link
can successfully avoid Bongo Bongo’s hands in the process, as getting caught can certainly
lead to death. If Link plays his cards right, although difficult,
there’s a chance he would prevail and nullify his need to go to the shadow temple later
on in his quest. The Deku Tree would of course still die, or
may have even died sooner while Link was inside him. Depending on what happens might make retrieving
the Kokiri’s Emerald a bit more difficult for Link since it’s unsure of where the
emerald was actually stored… But with the clearing of this dungeon, Link
would be ready for the rest of his adventure as a big portion of its stress was already
put upon him. Tossed amidst a creepy dungeon full of spiders,
zombies, and spirits of the dead – I’m sure anything else coming his way certainly won’t
shock him as much. Bongo Bongo taking refuge in the Deku Tree
would certainly shake up the timeline, but beyond that point things would progress normally. It does put a neat twist on the beginning
of the game though. But now that I’ve shared all that, what
do you think about this concept? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below! And with that… Thanks for tuning in for this dark reimagining! Perhaps you’ll enjoy some of these thought-provoking
videos. Thanks for watching guys and gals, and until
my next video – cheers!

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  • If bongo bongo was in the deku tree you wouldn't be able to see him because you need the lens of truth and you don't get those until after the water temple

  • Wait, the child and adult timelines are not different, but the same. There's no split. It's just link frozen and rewinded in time. ON the same timeline. He'd have grown and lived during those same adult days anyway.

  • If Link defeated Bongo Bongo in the Deku Tree as a child, what would he encounter at the bottom of the well as an adult?

  • Or how about this instead of two bosses have a bongo bongo possess gohma and making her into a giant beast basically you would have to avoid bongos bongos hands wow trying to beat gohma

  • Not to mention the mental whiplash for this poor kid seeing all these horrible things so close to his home and /inside his father figure/. like, shoot its not just having to fight the redeads and dead hand and bongo bongo and all the others, it's having them invade and infect the things that made him feel safe and happy

  • What if the giant dodango was still alive (the literal dungeon itself) not the end boss. How is it's head on it's ass-end? It's literally like entering a butthole going into this one to just this big black and brown hole in the side of death mountain.

  • I think it used ti live in the shadow temple before it was sealed. Also it may be the reason that the shadow temple and the well are similar it being a corrupting influence in both.

  • alright man here's the thing. I just got home from watching Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpiece of a film, Mirror (which i recommend any of you who are interested watch), and I am greeted by this 10 minute beast of a video. this is no ordinary problem, as i frequently watch videos of lengths far greater than 10 minutes. Hell, mirror was like an hour and forty minutes long, but I digress. The problem here is that ocarina of time is a shit game and is super dated. especially as a narrative experience. like link is a child who fights zombies and shit, and his whole character is that theres like a green girl from his village who likes him and also he took a long time to get a fairy. He doesnt have any motivation or growth, he just does what the buttons u press tell him to do man. anyway, Mirror focuses on a dying man's mind as he traverses his own thoughts and regrets about his past, his country, basically everything. I think u should make a video about what if bongo bongo was in Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpiece of a film, Mirror, which again, i recommend very highly. god what a great film. thank u and good day 🙂

  • I'm not sure Bongo Bongo would be able to escape. Bongo Bongo escaped when he did because Ganon was spreading his evil around freely, that means it takes a lot of energy to escape. Ganon wouldn't be able to do that early in the game because he was after The Ocarina of Time and strike at the biggest beacon of hope, the royal family, that means he has to be inside the castle. If he did too big of a bad thing people would notice, and the castle will be sealed shut. So Ganon has to do enough to try to get the sacred stones, small. Not enough for Bongo Bongo to escape

  • um no ganondorf wanted link to open the temple of time so he can steal the triforce so making it impossible for link to survive at the beginning would be counterproductive. second the re-dead were made to safe guard the dead belongings/relics same with bongo. lastly there are plenty of dark places bongo could' have went but going into a tree sounds like the dumbest move

  • 10/10 I would always play that version of the game if I could RN. Both ng is better than a more challenging version of the game I grew up playing.

  • If bongo bongo did show up in the tree with the other boss there would be a void where bongo bongo was supposed to be. So you'd have to replace him with a different boss. Making that boss much more challenging. I'm sure that starting the game off so challenging you wouldnt keep the same amount of challenge. That would be a boring game. So to make it harder you'd need to up the ante even more. As well as Making the monsters more scary and powerful Making zelda ocarina of time way scarier and harder. Probably ending up being a game for adults instead of children. Changing everything that Zelda franchise is now. Probably a horror adventure game.

  • Oh… I thought you meant "What if Bongo Bongo went to the already DEAD Deku Tree" like… Having Link return to his dead father figure and having to deal with this supernatural horror that has invaded their grave, perhaps encountering the deku shrub inside or even… Dead… If you want to get extremely dark. Gohma could also revived in a sense with her children appearing as enemies that appear suddenly from clouds of smoke, the spectral spider only visible with the Lens of Truth like Bong Bongo inside the boss room but can't actually fight you and instead spawns her minions at Bongo Bongo's command or something…

  • does anyone else feel like the minimalistic n64 Zelda was better than the super detailed games of today? I always imagined it was actually bigger and we were just seeing small glimpses.

  • I always wondered why bongo bongo went to the shadow temple myself.

    Although it wasn’t possible with the hardware of the n64, I feel it would have been neat if it escaped to hyrule field and could literally be anywhere in places you’ve already been to outdoors, and you still needed the shadow temple and well items to defeat it, so you still had to run through it.

  • What if dungeons of the same element were fused into one, bosses, items and all.

    For example
    Deku tree + Forest
    Dodango + Fire
    Jabu Jabu + ice cavern + water
    Under the well, + graveyard rooms + shadow
    Gerudo fortress + Gerudo Maze + Spirit

    And then reaching Ganondorfs boss room is some wierd combination of temple of time (allowing for time travel within the dungeon itself) + Ganondorfs tower + the collapsing tower .

  • "Battling a Stalfos or two this early on when they normally wouldn't be encountered till the forest temple, might be a bit harsh on our newfound hero."

    Master Quest: "I'm about to end this man's career."

  • Didn't Bongo-Bongo escape in the adult Link timeline, in the future?
    Young Link would've never met Bongo Bongo as he escaped in the future.

  • Now I really want Zelda Maker where the dungeon map is the same but we can put ANYTHING from the rest of the game in that dungeon!

  • Bongo bongo probably would have driven out queen goma from the deku tree. You'd basically be swapping bosses but you'd have a darker spider version of kikiro village. That would make sense with the spider cursed family in the village. Alt history with link is fun!

  • So you want Link to do all that with 3 hearts, no Lens of Truth, and never get the Hover Boots? :/ Also it wouldn't really be that dark, I mean, the monsters from the Shadow Temple are pretty spooky, but the real fear from that temple comes from the theme that it presents and the eerie music that plays the whole time. The bloodstained guillotines and the near gothic architecture. Replacing actual horror themes with grueling difficulty wouldn't necessarily make for a scary dungeon.

    Also Bongo Bongo probably went to The Shadow Temple, because it was looking to feed on the strength of other angry spirits.

  • Okay, so that is DEFINITELY an off-the-wall interesting (and scary as sh!t) idea, though, two things–
    1, the thumbnail says "this changes everything!" and in the end you say "the rest would be the same" which is slightly silly, but that you did this much is still quite good.
    2, at first I thought the timeline would be the same, so, after Bongo^2 wrecks Kakariko then he flies to the corpse of the G. D. Tree–which is dead, so the Shadow powers would cause it to mutate into something far more horriffic on the inside, and then to boot, like with how when the Forest Temple is still active, there are big Forest monsters in the town part of Kokiri–I thought you were going to give Kokiri Forest the castle town Market treatment, wrecking the place and dropping ReD's there in lieu of Big Babas (maybe even make it a stealth mission to get in…), culminating in a new offshoot of the Well where the entrance just happened to be at the first level.
    (Also hopefully the Deku Sprout was preserved by Shiek or someone.)
    3, Link would die in 1 hit from half of that, so like half the comments here, yes, Dark Souls

  • I wouldn't make it past the deku tree until I was 14. I was stuck on the deku tree ages 6-8, then jabu jabu 8-11. I was too scared of the forest temple 12-13.

  • Me:oh boy some good conte-

  • Ganondorf is also in the Great Deku Tree. The different timelines come from whether Link is doing an any%, 100%, or glitchless run.

  • 8:50 use a stick. Apparently a stick does the most damage. I'm not sure how that works? I heard speedrunners talk about that

  • So basically if Bongo Bongo broke out of the well early and went to the Deku tree instead of the shadow temple and somehow took some of the other enemies with him.

  • I can't get over how much you sound like Saberspark. You end every sentence like the same way most people end their paragraphs.

  • How about do that but change things up even more. Clear the whole game as child link (have access to hookshot and bow), aaaand have limited health. Say three to five hearts. If you can collect regular amount of hearts, all monsters and bosses have a massive increase in attack against you. Make dungeons more complex. I always found them too easy. I could traverse all easily except water temple, but after one play through, i could traverse it without any issues. I could beat the whole game with taking barely any damage. The only real hit was the double stalfos attack in forest temple. You beat one, then two show up. That was the only time i pretty much took any damage since i went head on without thinking strategically and waiting since you take one out, it can revive any time while fighting the second. Anyway, just a thought

  • Nice stuff man we definitely both had some crazy fantasies while playing this game I'm glad u were able to make those dreams come true

  • Can you imagine the absolute battle experience and power leaking off of a kid Link that just crawled out of that dungeon would be ? Fighting off a giant invisible foe as well as a spider, and the hard to defeat traumatising undead just on the way to go fight these two?

  • He pronounces the last word of every sentence like its the last grocery bad from the end of a very long driveway and just drops it down

  • Why did Bongo Bongo go inside the shadow temple?

    The testament to Hyrules bloody history, with the dismembered corpses of the royal familys prisoners.

    He went there willingly, after Impa, Impa the traitor of the Sheika.

    He went there for revenge.

  • I seriously HATE the way you finish a word, it's like you drag out the last pronunciation 3x as long as it should be. Stop it 🙁

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