Welcome to Cane Garden Bay, in the British Virgin Islands! (BVI) CARIBBEAN

Welcome to Cane Garden Bay, in the British Virgin Islands!  (BVI)  CARIBBEAN

Today finds us in Cane Garden Bay in the
Northwest side of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands Cane Garden Bay has always been a
favorite, and home to many things first of all it has one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the BVI and it’s also one other favorite spots
among the surfing community when the North swell builds when that happens is not a time we want
to be here in the Anchorage but right now is a nice time, it’s calm water and
we thought we’d come in and take a little flight around and have a look! Cane Garden Bay is also home to some of
our favorite establishments we’ve been coming to for years and bringing charter
guest year after year they always love it you’ve got Myett’s Beach Bar & Grill down
on the end at the beach with live music almost every single night You’ve got Quito’s Restaurant and Happy Hour bar and you can hear Quito and the Edge perform live several times a week and you’ve got Rhymer’s and many many more!
So when you’re in the area don’t forget to stop by and see Cane
Garden Bay it’s definitely worth a visit!

18 thoughts on “Welcome to Cane Garden Bay, in the British Virgin Islands! (BVI) CARIBBEAN

  • Rick – We met briefly last week in Port Purcell as you were hopping into your dinghy and my charter was just starting.  We made it to Cane Garden our last night and it is now one of my favorites stops on Tortola.  Your footage of the bay is fantastic!

  • Ive been waiting for a new video , just
    Shoveled 4 " of snow out of my driveway so i can get to work tomorrow

  • Thanks for the nice summer footage again!
    And cool the drone came out of the sea this time and at the ending footage also,
    so it is working proper, hope it is next time spotting some fish ! 😉 

  • Whoa…is that a tiny surf break @ 2:40ish …I see (a right break) …I'll bet it's nice when the swell is up… Nice work as always Rick! Keep them coming !!Spring is almost here up hear in the Chesapeake bay and I'm ready!!  

  • Rick, new subscriber that loves the channel. Looking at your boat, do you have solar panels near the stern? It looks like two panels on the canvas roof, and a wind powered gizmo maybe to charge your generator? We have an African grey, a timneh, she knows about 70 words and is a blast to have. I'm ready to retire….would love to do what you're doing.

  • Howdy Rick, nice little message you put together… Coincidentally I watch a young guys video in a DJI drone group on FB just a bit earlier tonight… This guy was flying over a river in NY, the city was on one side of the river & a park where he was flying from was on the other.
    In this video I could see he was well over 500' AGL… and I do believe for drones the FAA is proposing 400' as the max altitude since fixed wing aircraft are limited to a minimum of 500' AGL. Helicopters are in a world of their own, kind of…
    I posted a note asking 1st… Do you ever see planes or helicopters in the area you are flying… Mind you the city is right there across the river & in his video he is over halfway across the river… He responds… No, never… (What a bunch of bull I thought to myself) I mentioned the FAA current Recommendations of 400' & he just snubbed me… Its arrogance like this that will harm we flyers & potentially kill people… I'm thinking how are we going to reel people like this in since they have no concern for others safety & apparently have no common sense… So what now… Transponders, (electronic serial numbers, ESN's) or? We're going to need something for checks & balances & sooner rather than later…

  • Beautiful. Reminds me of where we live on Lake Okanagan in Beautiful British Columbia. There is just about everything here that makes this a holiday resort area except for one thing. we do have winter and that is the time to think about a holiday to the Caribbean, thanks for the video. Looks very inviting.

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