WeGrow 2019, Paulownia, Paulonia, Kiribaum, Kiri Tree

WeGrow 2019, Paulownia, Paulonia, Kiribaum, Kiri Tree

At WeGrow, we place the utmost importance on ecological sustainability. This thinking applies to the management of our plantations as well. We can, for example, completely dispense with herbicides for crop management by using horizontal touch-operated mulchers. The hybrid varieties of the Kiri tree, specially bred for sustainable wood production, can reach a trunk diameter of up to 40 centimetres in Spain’s warm climate. This wooden disc comes from a 6-year-old Kiri tree from Spain. In comparison, this slice comes from a 12-year-old German Beech tree. With an average weight of only 300 kilograms per cubic metre, Kiri wood is one of the world’s lightest types of wood. Kiri timber is particularly sought after by those industries where weight-savings can lead to a cost advantage. These include ship and boat building, vehicle manufacturing for road and rail, motorhomes, caravans and other lightweight construction. Our WeGrow group of companies has specialised in the sustainable production of Kiri wood. With harvest cycles under 8 years, our sustainable Kiri plantations offer a forward-looking supply concept that brings economic benefit while protecting the environment. Healthy and sustainable growth that is what WeGrow stands for.

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  • was hat diese fremde Spezies in europa zu suchen? wo ist der ökologische benefit? auch nur Monokultur ohne Insektenfutter

  • Well, after checking your website, I wouldn't say your plantations are in northern Spain. Only one of them is on the northern half of Spain, and even so, it's more of a Mediterranean weather than the Atlantic one in northern Spain.

    Which begs the question whether this tree would actually be that productive in the actual northern coast regions of Spain (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country). What we got here are massive eucalyptus plantations, and I wonder if a tree like this would change their minds about it if it's worth it. For starters, eucalyptus are harvested once every 15 years or so.

    But that would only be if it's any better than eucalyptus from an ecologycal point of view, I mean, if it's not invasive and its water requirements are not that high.

  • Problem is it’s so light that you can’t use it structurally or for anything with much use. It’s too weak, but it does have uses in other sectors.

  • GMO trees. They were all the rage 30 years ago in the southeastern United States. You should see a stand of them after a hurricane. Or a tornado. Toothpicks. Most people that planted them eventually bulldozed them and burned them. You still see random patches or rows of them that people keep as novelties. I think a few woodworkers use it for lightweight furniture.

  • Was passiert mit den Resten des Baumes die in der Erde sind, also wurzeln und baum stumpf? wird danach dort nicht mehr angebaut?

  • Почему китайцы не выращивают ее а везут лес из России. Родина центральный Китай. В Австралии тысячи фермеров разорились на попытке промышленного выращивания. Деревья,являются низкорослыми и не могут быть проданы.

  • you have these wood rolers that make scheets of wood from logs maby there very good fore organic gardening anti weed layer u have to try this

  • So zerstört man auch noch das letzte bisschen natur… was soll unsere einheimische fauna mit dem schitt da anfangen.. gehört verboten sowas

  • Rechtliches für den Kiri-Baum

    Aktuell (2018) noch nicht als Forstbaum zugelassen

    Befürchtungen einer unkontrollierten Aussaat oder durch Wurzelausschläge konnten bis jetzt noch nicht restlos abgeklärt bzw. ausgeschlossen werden.

    Als Kurzumtriebsplantage (KUP) auch ohne Forstzulassung möglich (Österreich)Vor Pflanzung unbedingt Rücksprache mit den lokalen Behörden halten!

  • These folks grow them and I am busy trying to eradicate them. Invasive species in VA. Spread like weeds and grow so fast they need to be controlled. Glad they like them in Europe.

  • Minek kivágni a 20 -30 cm törzsvastagságú fákat? Nem bírjátok kivárni, hogy megnöjjön? Böszmeség volt elültetni is ,ha csak elpazoljátok, pont mikor vastagodna akkor metelitek ki! Úgy néz ki, hogy az idiótaság nem csak nálunk van jelen (lehet népbetegség lesz). Sinterek!!!

  • I would love to see these trees growing in Brazil, here we have warm climate and plenty of rain, how well it would adapt in Brazilian weather

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  • Be even greener.. get a load of goats to keep that foliage down, free mowing, free milk, cheese, meat etc.

  • In the US any lumber company that cuts one tree on public land needs to be required to plant six trees to replace it, even have them replant areas where trees were cut decades ago by some company that's no longer in business. If this had been done decades ago our forest would be much the same as they were when we colonized this land.

  • Interessante Sache aber eine Buche (Hartholz) mit diesem schnellwachsenden Baum zu vergleichen ist glaube ich nicht realistisch. Ist der Kiri Baum ein Hartholz ?

  • you mention spains climate . what about a more northern latitude .England or Ireland perhaps ?

  • When will we learn that nature abhors a monoculture. Man this is he's so smart and then has to learn the hard way.

  • When you ll hear all time buy buy buy is good is perfect look I did it and it s wonderfull ,,, think and think and thinkkkkk haard ,,, otherwise someone will take advantage of youuuui

  • Amazing video i like the technology they are really doing a grate job that is why Germany is one of the strongest manufacturing country.

  • What is the name of this tree, and plz make vedio with English subtitles, also how to get these plan sapling in India. Any contact information of management there plz.
    How much hard is this wood, can it be used for making window frames , as other woods get bend because of sun light.

  • Can it grow in Kashmir ? where climate is not so warm if yes then how we can get these trees here for planting ?

  • Yeah! Let's propagate a rapid growth exotic plant species out of its natural environment.

    But let's do it in someone else's country, so we won't have to deal with the problem when it becomes invasive

    It is sooo sustainable

    Very clever!

  • Your plantations outside Germany should be banned. Screw your own country up, leave others alone.

  • Dear I see sand me your address & contact number plzzz available 10kg seed

  • Thank you for preparing the chop and drop for when actual creative, abundant fun ways to manage the land arrive. In case you don't understand, monocultures are not good for the environment 🙂

  • Хай йому грець! Це тобі не Карпат вирубувати… Тут працювати треба!

  • OK, impressive growth, but still a giant area of large scale monculture with no biodiversity and shreddered inhabitans when mulching. Economical growth until extinction. We can do it.

  • My required 10kg seed Jaipur Rajasthan India contact +91 7727065370

  • Молодцы! Вы высаживаете лес, а у нас его безжалостно вырубают 🙁

  • I would like to know if you sell Pawlonia seeds, here in Chile I have bought seeds but they are of very low germination, almost to say null, or failing that sale of already germinated plants. I consider Pawlonia very important for what it represents in the future. Please answer me.

  • Would you sell seedlings to Ireland.
    I have bought 10s of thousands of seeds via post from abroad but had no luck germinating.

  • tolle Sache aber ein paar Bretter Paulownia Holz in Deutschland kaufen – unmöglich. Was ist los? Wäre dankbar für nen Tipp wo ich ein paar Bohlen für Surfbrettbau bestellen könnte

  • There is just one…one only…bad thing about this wood! Ones you harvest it, ones you take wood off you can;t use soil under it for nothing!!!! This wood suck up everything good and leave useless soil!!! That's why production of this can destroy good chunk of planet!!!

  • I'm a forest manager by profession here in the UK, and have already sown, grown to sapling stage and planted out P. elongata and P x shontang with Euclyptus nitens etc in lowland Cornwall. Seeds mainly from Romania. Doing nicely, will be monitoring, and we may get some timber to turn to Cornish surfboards! They need protection from deer browsing in the establishment stage. Paulownia are also N fixing, so good on reclamation /former mining sites. As for weeding, that is only required during the establishment phase, totally pointless beyond that and a waste of time and money, plus decreases biodiversity (bad forestry practice). We don't want serried ranks of trees in rows with no understorey or ground layer, it is called tree farming at its worst.

  • Молодцы немцы, умеют работать! Классный бизнес организовали!👌👍

  • От начала и до конца в одном месте весь цикл выращивания проходит и высаживают неподалёку! Очень грамотно и скрупулезно дело поставленно на поток! Молодцы.👍👍👍

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