Tree Care: The Art of Pruning

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  • How do these cuts heal up? If u never went back to see, u'll never know if what you do is working correctly. Even an amateur like me knows that many old methods have changed the last 15 years, and not painting your tree is one of them. You did show us how to correctly prune a tree with collar areas, thanks. When the Emerald Ash Borer arrives, $5 worth of Imidacloprid per year (2.80 grams per DBH) will keep your Ash from going "Extinct". Then when EAB crashes in 6-9 years, stop treatment. luck!

  • Wow that tree looked awful afterwards. Ever heard of compartmentalization? It's the process that a tree does to heal itself. When you spray it inhibits that process.

  • If you think the tree looked awful afterwards, what do you think it would look like in 5 years if all those low branches kept growing outward?
    They were all way too low, they had to go.
    Its just too bad the lady didnt notice they were too low years ago when they were little branches..
    I hate the way the top half is leaning but it grew that way for some reason, and I dont know how it can ever be helped now.
    I have seen low branches like these on other older ash trees continue to grow out out and up over a house roof, and then when the drought hit CA and the people decided not to ever just drip water around the tree base for 5+ years ! And then the tree got weak and that huge low growing branch broke off and fell through their roof into the house..
    Yet another reason to not allow trees to continue to grow low branches..
    Some trees just naturally grow up and make nice canopies..
    Ash trees are not as good at this in my experiences, as say the Oak trees that grow wild in parts of San Antonio, Texas, for example..

  • he did say the tree would look beautiful,….. he just didnt mention from miles away, dude doesnt have a clue, outdated, full of it, poor tree

  • When somebody starts with "we're going to do some drastic pruning", chances are already high he's going to do more harm than good. About the only time I can justify "drastic pruning" is when a tree is a safety hazard. The spray-on tar is just the final nail in the coffin… Is this really supposed to be an educational video?

  • Would dressings are no longer recommended except for very specific cases where a known pest is known to attack a specific tree at that specific time of the year. Generally they trap moisture underneath and encourage rot.
    Raising the crown of the tree was a good idea, but personally I would've focused on structural pruning first to create a strong leader. Naturally this would also entail reducing the lower branches to stunt their growth. The next year I would've done the crown raising. Separating the pruning doses reduces water sprouts. You generally don't want to take over 30% of the canopy of a young tree at any one time.
    Proper watering is the best way to prevent sunscald, although white latex paint can be used, avoiding pruning wounds. A more aesthetically pleasing solution is to plant a rambling plant under the tree, like an arizona grape ivy or wisteria. Make sure not to choose a vigorous species and keep it in check.

  • The cuts were proper but be careful making one cut on such large limbs. try piecing it out to avoid tearing of bark.

  • Terrible practice of pruning, he done that all wrong and painting the cuts is pointless. This video must have been made in the 60’s!?!?

  • My friend Lenard an Nola I known them for over six years. I have been caring for there Landscape & garden. I enjoy nature an growing.

  • The comments have me laughing so hard! 😂
    My man, you did a good job on this video though👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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