Timber Industry, Cal Fire Agree Forests Are Too Thick

37 thoughts on “Timber Industry, Cal Fire Agree Forests Are Too Thick

  • BULL SHIT !!! Calif Municipality are in charge of all that shit !!! FAKE ASS KPIX NEWS DEMWITS !!! 1% of all that money actually goes to the guys doing the field work !!! The other 99% goes to FAT POCKETS administrative Aholes !!!

  • RIGHT HERE ASSHOLES >>> A municipality is usually a single urban administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and state laws to which it is subordinate.

  • Well the tree huggers stopped the logging, the geo-engineering & chemtrails, the fluoride in the water, yea, I'd say the whole State has been mismanaged for a long time. Look at our roads, our schools, our budget deficit & the screwed up laws/regulations. These people are eugenicist criminals & the main stream media is just as guilty for covering it up.
    Lashing out at the truth only shows your ignorance.

  • The stable genus knows little of what he speaks. I thought the feds owned 95% of CA forests. Bare in mind Trump’s party cut funding to forest management. .

  • It's still forest mismanagement regardless of who's in charge. You guys just word it different to deceive the public.

  • Trees are good. They give you oxygen. They provide habitat to deer that you hunt for sport. They provide food like berries and spices like rosemary or sage. It’s been a drought and the combination of PG&:E. Second time this year PG&E are the culprit and no one is blaming the actual beings at fault.

  • California's drought lasted 7 years, and it might happen again. is the State prepared for that?
    how about next year when we have another forest fire, is the state prepared for that as well?

  • More towers and line spreaders in high wind areas, less PG&E caused fires. PG&E is playing minimalist infrastructure for maximum return on lines through highly dangerous areas where geography and wind produce intense turbulence around towers and lines. More towers, more line spreaders that prevent lines contacting, more regular maintenance, would save lives. The fact that foreign investors through procurement of stock are then offering bonuses to PG&E executives to take risks with lives of the actual customers… I am not a fan of a utility monopoly allowed to play not just both sides of a fence but play every field. The PG&E customer is a crop they harvest for those more economically powerful in the short term for the executive, the investors and board of directors telling them that the risk of burning down an entire service area and destroying over 7000 paying customers was just fine, because long term it's better to have the political leeway to do as such and have very low maintenance and infrastructure costs for power delivered farther into the central valley. PG&E is not responsible to California only to any random person with enormous amounts of money who wants more, no matter where they are on the globe, they need to be broken up. The lucrative business of providing California with power to work and grow should not be treated as disrespectfully as the board and investors of PG&E have done, they should be kicked to the curb for their opportunistic abuse of California.

  • When they showed the forest did you see all the dead trees in that 1 shot, now picture a whole forest there must be millions of dead trees still standing and rotting away

  • The President's message, though very poorly timed, is on point. Now, as a tree dwelling Californian I challenge other tree dwelling Californians to purchase home wood chippers…took us over six months to finally be able to order one. Evidently Ace Hardware only orders one per region per season. No joke.
    Great idea for a California holiday season party: chip and sip. Put on your snazziest flannel…chip some brush then sip some mulled wine.

  • Why don't you let people harvest Deadwood out of the forest? Instead of "protecting" every single leaf and Twig because the yellow-bellied liberal Roach makes its nest in the leaves 18 times a year we need to protect everything. California charges a lot of taxes but has crappy roads so I definitely believe that they miss manage the force also not to mention accidentally register illegal aliens… California is fucked up from the floor up. Stop looking for handouts from Trump you don't love Trump and Trump don't love you handle your own business.

  • Where does California use the billions they get for Forest management? If it's federal land why is Cali asking for more money?

  • We have a home in the mountains and only 2 yrs ago allowed residents to thin their property without going through permits and red tape to do so. There was a no-cut state/county policy for decades in our area because law makers were persuaded that cutting would impact some salamander or toad habitat….. Since the fires over the past few years, now they mandate we cut which is now a major effort due to the overgrowth. Bottom line, they will never take responsibility or dedicate resources to help prevent future fires in residential areas.

  • Gov. Jerry Brown (like Tom & Jerry) is a hypocritical, lying 🐖 pig, one second he defies the Federal Government as far as "ILLEGAL ALIENS", he and his screwed up constituents want to leave the Union, their whole fucked up outlook on life and morality, one second they're thumbing their arrogant noses and the next they're begging the Federal Government for help, more money, "Please Uncle Sam bail us out again, we don't want to pay for our crimes…", I think Jerry needs to mobilize all his protected ILLEGAL ALIENS, tree huggers, and eco-freaks and get their asses out there fighting the 🔥 fires they created, my sympathy for them is very limited, actually I'm hoping Kim of N.K. or San Andrea's fault line relieve us of CA's lunacy and madness…. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • It's all of the above. However, the state and feds waste all that money on stupid worthless projects instead of hiring masticators, doing prescribed burns, allowing timber sales (it all ends up in smoke in the end!) Ca has unique weather, so it doesn't mean they are doing anything too different than other states, it's just that they have to work much harder. Other places like the east coast has humidity, they don't have the threats as we do on the west coast.

  • California is insulting because they mismanaged the Forrest because of regulation.
    You can not tell these liberals anything.

    California does not want to obey federal law and I do not want to pay for their lawlessness.
    Let them do what they want but don’t ask for our support.

  • Trees are too thick? Trees help with mudslides… so then they dont occur as much. Sounds like they want an excuse to cut down more trees.. I am not a tree hugger… though I also have some sense to know we need trees. Also, if someone has a fire dont be stupid and not put it out. Don't make a fire in an area with dry brush. Put a fire ban on where it's to dry or when it's to dry out. That's the real management. People don't fallow it. Make sure the fine or the penalty is harsh enough they don't want to fall to such a punishment so they wont mess up as often. Govern the areas more. Common sense is a factor too.

  • I don't agree with so called best management practices. Strait up logging, clearing and selective cutting. Than, have younger people replant, so they have pride. In my area, the loggers have suffered so much, the divorce rate since 08 is 98 percent,and most lost everything, a short squeeze. Furthermore, look at lumber stock price avg 333 from 1980,almost like apples per box 27.50. However, the tech companies have enriched themselves. It's probably their power load that was another cause. Lastly, give the woods farmers health care and public pension funds, they really earned it.

  • Change construction codes where water containers are built per each house with hose system or automatic system to shoot water.
    Cut down trees following strict Forest Management techniques.
    Forest has been burning for millions of years.
    It makes me sick that Brown blames the Climate and never assumed responsibility of the death toll.

  • California, mismanage the forest, naw, we don’t have sanctuary cities, democrats threaten to nuke gun owners, Mad Maxine attack cries, Feinstein trading secrets with Chine, Pelosi and her sex traffickers, illegals in the government, on, and on! The biggest sting operation has begun, we all know this is an attempt by the DNC to accuse the President, the finger points squarely at California, Fed hire, California denies them!

  • KPIX, get this video over to CNN and the late night show hosts. If wealthy San Francisco has sidewalk excrement issues unresolved, it's a sure bet California is a slacker state, and that goes for the ghost town of Paradise.

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