THIS IS HOW MY FARM WORKS! – $100K on a quarter acre

THIS IS HOW MY FARM WORKS! – $100K on a quarter acre

100 thoughts on “THIS IS HOW MY FARM WORKS! – $100K on a quarter acre

  • Hey guys, the most common question is, what is our net profit. It's changed over the years and it used to be way higher during the years I used to work full time on the farm. It's still around 50%, even with me working part-time on the farm. Over the last 2 years, our net profit was 75%. Hope that clears that question up.

  • Gross…. so you are Netting -$10K. Economics 101, when some one refers to Gross profit, they don't want to tell you the Net profit because it isn't there.

  • Based on your stats you might as well just get a job if you're only generating $100k before wages, land costs(Its not free, someone is still paying for it), watering, materials, fertilizer… so on and so on.

  • u can use hydroponics and aeroponics. and also dont forget to use Black Soldier Flies larva to make fertilizer. and also some fish pond or chickep coop to eat those larvae if u dont like too much of that flies

  • Curtis stone I've been really Interested in doing something like this I would like to use an acre of my land to be productive but I'm currently in a high desert landscape southern California any recommendations

  • I don't understand. 100k 75% profit. 75k, 2 Full time employee's and 1 part time. So $30k, $30k, 10k? How is that a livable wage?

  • Love what your doing, but really your pulling around 100k from 5, 1/4 acre lots? Nice that locals are getting some decent veggies though.

  • 50 feet of land generate 1600 dollar a season, NOT POSSIBLE, unless you sell your own veggies, Retailer will buy the cherry tomato for10cent a kilo and will sell that for 2 dollar .

  • If you want to increase you yield, you need to stop thinking about your land in a 2 dimensional way..if you use it in 3d, meaning have vertical beds, then you could triple the yield.

  • I live in a suburban area would I have to go through the red tape of zoning permits, inspections, HOA permission. I have 1/2 acre in which I only want to do a very small plot nothing serious.

  • Wow, I can't even fathom how this could work here in the US.

    1. First and foremost you'd need a neighborhood nice enough to keep your crops protected from vandalism and thievery. Guaranteed the cops in most neighborhoods would NOT be pleased at being called for a farm burglary unless you're in that "nice" neighborhood.

    2. In a neighborhood that nice odds are you'll have a homeowners assoc, and 100% guaranteed they would absolutely not allow a commercial farm and *probably not allow a personal farm half that size.

    3. How would you keep the crops from attracting pests to you and your neighbors? You definitely couldn't use anything smelly (obviously), or poisonous (other family pets and kids)…

    So good for you! But you may as well be talking about how to create gold out of lead….

  • This is awersome but I am wondering how it works with zoning laws and city council rules and regulations, unfortunately all around the country, so many cities have strict rules on what you can do on your land. Stupidity, I think ( but I haven't really research this so I might be wrong) in many places what you do would only be allowed in an industrial area or a rural area correct my if I am wrong.

  • I looked at this video with trepidation I thought it would have cows stacked up ten high … well done for growing organic .This will really give people great ideas .

  • 2 fulltimers for $100,000 'Gross' sales.
    What's left after expenses and tax… naah, better stick to my job.
    But thanks for sharing.

  • Did you go to school/university/college? I want to work in agriculture but I’m in high school and don’t know where to start after graduating

  • So your taking advantage of people by not offering cash instead veggies and a clean yard? Lmao your wrong in so many ways. Your taking from there personal space and limiting there activities. Lmao tight ass is what i call you.

  • Curtis I've watched a few of your videos and I want to say thank you for the information and the end depth look at starting a small scale grow operation. I was interested in taking your online course but I live in the states and wanted to know if the legalities are the same and the process of starting this kind of business. I grew up on a farm did just about everything as a kid growing up got into the family business managing properties and eventually went behind the wheel of a commercial truck which I continue to do as of now. Very excited to buy some property and of this year probably in northern part of Texas north of Dallas. Keep up the good work hope to get a reply when you get a chance thank you

  • What strikes me more than anything, as a fellow market gardener, is how efficient and thoughtful this is. He has figured things out, in terms of reducing work, maximizing yield while maintaining organic quality. Little things like his salad trimmer, washing systems, earth storage of greenhouse heat, which he readily shares here, along with the thinking that lies behind his techniques are a huge gift to the rest of us. In addition, he is providing a model of using urban land that is not currently in use for food production. Huge benefits from this depth of design. Because I live in Newfoundland, the challenges of climate for gardeners and growers are much more extreme than in Kelowna, BC. However, most of his techniques will work here, mainly by using greenhouses and row covers to start plants early and harvest them late. Thanks so much!

  • This type of agriculture isn't regenerative at all. Look up the 'Ruth Stout method' for conserving your soilbiology (no plowing & minimal effort). I also don't see room for beneficial insects or polinators (no flowerbeds). Where are the grazing animals, that graze covercrops/weeds instead of blowtorching them, and fertilize the soils with their manure, whilst trampling covercrops (that form a carbon shield to protect the soils)?

  • I'm curious about you professing to be organic.How do you get passed as organic when u use other peoples land,Did you have to have the soil tested for contaminants as who knows what was put or sprayed in or around this land you are borrowing.From what I've heard to say "organic"u have to provide proof from a legal company that writes up a analysis of the soil ?I'm interested in a similar type garden market type business and was interested in what approach took?Thank you.

  • Is this a HOA neighborhood? If so, do you need a permit? I live in Texas and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as fas as getting informed.

  • So this is that video that's the most concise, and gives the overview of the operation, but hasn't taken that many views. Great stuff. The summer setup for microgreens the one I've been looking for.

  • I had this on in the background so I didn’t hear where you are from. From the way you say “out” and “house” it sounds like you are in Canada?

  • This is great Curtis has always inspired me right from his early beginnings. I’ve set my goals to make my allotment a production model. Then I’ll upscale on a different plot. It takes a big commitment in money to start up though.

  • I’m slightly concerned in seeing them bagging leaves with bare hands… I feel like somebody out there could file some lawsuit if they get a stomach bug or whatever and try to take down this awesome business!

  • i wonder what the neighbors here would think. I like to grow herbs and ornamentals. I also have chickens. My daughter in law wants to grow food. She also has chickens. We are on the same land, I rent from them. We have been talking and talking about how to approach all this. This weekend we plan to work on our coops, both are making them bigger, hers because her chicks are getting bigger & winter is coming. Me because I want to board up my run and have a bigger coop. I have a pen I move around that they spend the days in. We are talking about putting up a fence so they can be out of the pens. It will need a net on top due to hawks. We'd let them out in the morning and lock them up at night.

  • I'm pretty sure I can't have a greenhouse in my neighborhood, but.. about 1mile or less down the road is a house with 10 Huge almost abandoned looking greenhouses. Maybe they would rent a few to me..😉

  • Good luck with trying this in Nashville without getting subpoena to court. Just parking my work vehicle at nights in my driveway, simply because my tags were “commercial” I got a letter, then another, then I couldn’t park on my backyard, then I just bought land an hour away and I couldn’t be happier! We started with an acre, now we own almost 14 acres.

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