The LONGEST Timber Rattlesnake I Ever Handled!!

The LONGEST Timber Rattlesnake I Ever Handled!!

well we’re on the snake hunt our friend
Seth over here and we are in some new country well we’re in the middle of
nowhere and just look at all these rocks just
trying to find some new locations trying to find some places that nobody else has
hunted it’s been really hard to find new places lots of snake hunters in the
state now but I can’t disclose this location
all right on the hunt look for more look snaky but need more sunlight all right
Seth caught one it’s pretty nice one right in these rocks here I’ll come over no that’s the same one he’s just coming
up this way it’s were these snakes like to go they got lots of thick brush in
here then get underneath these rocks right in this low brush perfect snake
habitat I’ve never been here before brand new place you can see it’s pretty
well hidden oh my word look at all these rocks
that’s crazy come to a dead end that end my friend it’s all open all the whole way through
here comes a big one missed them so much room there three stand over here oh right there okay you know oh yeah
look at that I don’t big fat okay go yeah got scale rot look at the size of his head that is a fat fat fake that one might go
50 inches think? I want to tube him yep yeah that is a big snake now man that’s a big one yeah that’s a
really long snake let’s see let’s check to see if it’s a male or female 21 or
more of these sub caudal scales is determined that it’s a male so we’re
gonna count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
he’s got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 rattles that’s a really good color I mean this
is a black phase you can tell it has a black head but it has a lot of yellow in it
yeah you want to measure here yeah you can just hit the start button yeah well
okay you’re right we just measured it that is a 52 inch rattlesnake 52 inches
but he does have a little bit of scale rod if you look right there on the top
of head I don’t know if the camera pick up but some of the scales look a little
bit moldy looking well technically Seth caught the snake yeah there was
another one that was almost just like it it got away from us but we elected to
let this one go so 52-incher to live another day another day look at the
size of that snake man that’s a beautiful snake and not
seeing anything else you’d think you’d see a lot more snakes but only a few
places I’m not seeing any snakes underneath there just to show you you
could play on on these rocks a lot and not see any snakes and then all of a
sudden BAM I said just goes to show you that you could play on these rocks I see
up there play on these rocks for quite awhile and not seen any snakes and all the
sudden find a whole bunch of them didn’t get skunked yeah it’s almost too hot out
for the snakes we figured if it was maybe first thing in the morning but
it’s afternoon and it’s hot humid snakes are gonna be under the rocks more than
they are sunning themselves by this time gonna be promising than this we didn’t
see anything there yeah we struck out a new place this morning but it’s kind of
cool-looking and come to this second spot looked out well maybe they’ll come
back out we’ll head back out yeah alrighty got snake skins all over the place here
and we weren’t even sure what was back in here
we just took a gamble and walked back to the top of a hill and see if we could
see anything word of mouth led us here so we didn’t
know what was here though we just took a walk through the woods thought we’re
gonna get lost and found it yep I just walked right past this one Seth spotted
it let me see if I can get the camera zoomed in on there
okay yeah there I tried to at least that’s tight yeah pretty color pretty
color oh wait they’re not rattling today are they very much okay he’s coming back
right back to where he he’s coming right back to where he went as you guys know
they don’t always rattle and you can see that they’re trying to get away and
we’re not out to kill the snakes we are hunters and you know we might keep one
to eat some of the guys they might even keep them as a pet but we’re mainly
we’re mainly out here just to explore some new places and just to see some new
scenery in get out of the house take a good hike through the woods we’re
sweating pretty good and it’s just awesome to be out here and see these
snakes and explore the scenery in the rocks and the caves and stuff like that
you find and explore and but you can yeah you can smell them like Seth said a
lot of people it’s not like it’s not a cucumbers no it’s a it’s a it’s a
distinct musky smell that the snakes have and you can kind of smell it when
you’re in a really good snaky area and experience snake hunters know what I’m
talking about but like I said it’s you know these snakes aren’t trying to go
out there and attack people they’re just trying to get away and that one there
hey he’s right back to where he was yeah he’s he didn’t go very far you can
see he’s already right back he’s right back to where he was just
caught I’d like to come back your first thing
in the morning yeah we might need to come back here in the morning sometime
well we’re right over here where we found the first one so we’re gonna check
it out sneak up on them see if we can catch
them again there’s a black phase little one we’re going quick way down in there yep oh oh there’s one
there’s a big one where right there there’s that that one that that’s a
different one oh my word that’s a monster that’s a big
snake yeah it’s good yeah it does have a little bit of scale lot on its head too hold that one real quick I’m on a
tube it okay yeah yeah look at how long that thing is yeah
we’ll get a measurement on them all right we’re gonna measure this snake
real quick 24 sub caudel scales 11 inches and 35 and a half oh wait a minute no 37 37 37 and
11 is 48 yeah that’s right 48 inches yeah it is a nice snake black phase more
yeah the black phase have a lot of yellow in them here yeah there seems to
be a lot more black phase and yellow phase in the state and my experiences
and in the past I’ve already tagged out on a beautiful yellow phase so my yellow
was bigger than this so I don’t want to keep a black face smaller than the
yellow so we’re just gonna go ahead and let this guy already bigger all right yep through our experiences
we’ve I personally have seen about 25% yellow-phase is usually the standard a
lot of people love that yellow colored and that’s usually the snake that most
people keep so a lot of people let the black ones go now here that black phase
had a lot of yellow color through the body but a black phase has a black head
black eyes that’s the main indication even the yellow phases will have black on
their tail on the tips of the tail but a yellow phase will have yellow eyes and
yellow heads so that’s the main way that you can tell the difference and good
coloration but there is some of that scale rock that we’re seeing more and
more of and hate to see that on some of those snakes but hey if it you know
let’s just sneak live another day somebody release it because the scale
rot that’s always good thing too because you know we’re not out to kill all these
snakes we want to see these snakes and we love seeing snakes get up to 50
inches so yep got to be managed and proper management we want to get the
snakes to maturity and it takes a long time for them to get to reproductive age
and that’s why flippin rocks and moving and destroying habitat you don’t you
don’t see us flipping over rocks and breaking tree limbs and stuff like that
we want to leave them in their natural habitats a different one yeah okay that
actually looks like a decent snake yeah why don’t you catch that one
that’s not a little baby he’s back there isn’t the same one you just caught quickly just move quick let’s put them
under this rocks okay yeah like I said they want to get away and
get far away from your quick you

100 thoughts on “The LONGEST Timber Rattlesnake I Ever Handled!!

  • Its fall.
    Deer season is here. Time to see John and Danielle use the flinters,hear Rube say "Ohhh, yeahh!" and see Shane almost hypervintilate over deer like it was his first!
    It's that magical time of year…deer,crisp mornings,camp and good friends. Keep em coming guys! Been here since almost day 1. Looking forward to seeing Toth and Trevor too!

  • He got away from me REALLY how many times did you play with it I think you brought the snake with you and that's where the hunt and the video began.

  • Hi I was wondering if you could help me out. I live in North Ga. About 80 miles south of Murphy NC . About 12 years ago we had a very long hard cold rain in the middle of summer. I was in the middle of switch buildings and moving all my shop eqpt. So I have most of it all stored up on my front porch. my friend that was helping me late that night had to go to work in the morning so around sun up he went to the house to get cleaned up. I told him the key for the front door was in the coiled up extension cords inside the big cabinet. He was gone about 40 minutes and came flying back into the parking lot side ways with the brakes locked up. He got out and was yelling about a snake. So I went home about noon and eased up to the front porch looking through my windshield into the cabinet. Well sure enough there he was. He was coiled up in 4 big complete coils. His head was almost the size of my fist. And I wear a 3 x glove. He was and im being very accurate at least 2 times the size of the one you caught at the 12 minute mark in this video. This one I say was at least 7 ft maybe more in length. I went into the house via my back door and got my deep sea fishing pole. I got about 8 ft of 50lb test fishing line and tied on a big 8 inch rappala lure on and slung it into the cabinet from the side. Every time I did that he would start striking the inside of the cabinet and ratting very loud. After about the 5th time i finally got a few into him. I gave a good pull and he started to come out. So i walked out of the porch and just pulled him out a little. This cabinet was about 7 ft tall and 3 ft wide maybe 28 inches deep at the lower half and it angles in to about 16 inches. As he came out he extended enough of his body and just ripped the hooks right out. Then lowered himself down and towards the back of the porch where it meets the house. I grabbed a sling blade and jammed into his body grabbed something heavy to put weight on the handle and took off running. then on a See stayed ridged like that and lowered him self down and angled back towards the house. I dont know what rattle snake it could be. I looked up which ones you would find in North Ga. and the only one would be a timber rattler. I also read where 58 inches the biggest one anyone ever documented. he ended up getting that sling blade out of him and was gone when i came back from my terror run out to the street. What I want to know is have you seen or ever heard of a Timber rattled being that big., Like i said he had to be 7 ft long and his head was almost as big as my fist. What i can tell you for sure is the strike marks all over on the inside of that cabinet were just under 3/4 of an inch wide. I just cant see me having one on my front porch that big. Seeing as how what the record was. And that one maybe double the size. it was almost gray more than it was a tan color.

  • We have blacks and yellows in Alabama but I also see a lot of grey and sometimes blue phase….I have seen more colors of timber rattler in Alabama than you would possible….we have diverse terrain maybe that has something to do with it……mountains in the North and in the South coastal plains with everything in between…..Alabama is the most diverse state east of the Mississippi and maybe the entire country for wildlife so if you get a chance check us out.

  • Do you find that males or females are on average larger. does the direction the slope faces seem to make a difference in how many you see.

  • Lip'm is what I always did. And share a little my potted meat wid'm…day like att. Useta try and git'm a little fired up by hockin a little my chew backer in dere face. Giggle, giggle. Typin this with my nose.

  • Beautiful animals!! Really appreciate the way you guys respect them and their habitat.You have much to teach the "rattlesnake roundup" idiots.

  • they have been slithering for 5 million years and will be long after humans have vanished… not turning a rock will make no difference.

  • I live on pack mtn. In north caroluna, you may want to check it out one day, I have seen rattlers that are longer then the logging roads are wide, bigger around than my leg, absolutely unbelievable huge snakes here man, but No one has ever snake hunted around here, mostly eastern diamondback, timber rattlers, and cane break rattlers, but they are much larger here than you see other places, maby I shouldn't mention it but if I was a snake hunter I would want to check this place out for sure,

  • The scale rot you speak of could very well be Snake Fungal Disease. If you you have a state biologist you can speak with it is something you need to share with them. It's a devastating disease and can wipe out entire populations of Timber Rattlesnakes. I sincerely hope that it's not.

  • In truth, rattlers are not dangerous when left alone…but us humans, the most dangerous animal on the planet, can never leave anything in peace, including one another.

  • What is the decline of the Timber Rattlesnake since 1960 in Pennsylvania . In the UK our only poisonous snake the adder has declined by at least 90 percent since 1960. It's good that you are still finding large snakes. Thats a good indication at least in that area the Timber is doing very well. Please protect these sites.

  • Timber rattlesnakes are beautiful. Are there 2 different subspecies? Some look to have more black than yellow

  • Don't know if you've ever been to juniata county, central PA. But we have lots of rocky territory nobody hunts. Ever interested let me know.

  • Saint Mary's is a good place
    Another place is pen view mountain in by blairsville pa
    Have a guy who is a forester hes always seeing them over that way
    But he s a logger

  • Hogwash .. I live in Mitchell Co North Carolina… I have caught Timbers in my back yard over 6 feet long and 5 inch or more round …I milked one with a small stick in the back of my truck ….

  • You know, I’m not quite sure what it is about your videos but I can’t stop watching them! Great job! Remember to stay safe out there!

  • I killed one when I was a teenager that I almost ran over with my motorbike that was 54 inches long. I smashed it's head with a big rock and mounted the skin to a board for our camp as a reminder that they are out there. It was in the medix run area.

  • Your boys accents, sound close to mine…lol The biggest Timber Rattlesnake I've ever seen here in Boyd Co., North Eastern Kentucky was when I was trail riding with a friend in Rush KY, the front of the pack of a 4 or 5 of railbuggys had come to a stop in front of us, we got out of our harnesses and out of the buggy, to see a rattlesnake so long its head and rattlers were on each side of the trail, and I'm not talking a rough ATV trail, I'm talking you can run a stock truck down this trail ….big snake! That was around 1998, so selfies, and smart phones hadn't been invented, so I don't know if anyone got pics ….one of the first ran over it, with bead locked , carved, low inflated wide tires, and I guess it killed it…..right then….I dont know what them boys did with that….I would have took it to the taxidermist…if I was into snakes, or for historical for the area……

  • That's one thing about hawgs…they will ketch rattlers,copperheads n' th'like and eat'em, same as a hawg'll eat ANYTHING…
    They say their lard pertecks 'em, and their trotters and forelegs ain't got much vascularity fer th'pizen t' affect..
    Hell, a snakebite don't mean any more to a derned hawg than a drunk on bad moonshine does to a hillbilly..

  • Really great video. One small mistake would mean certain death out there. I handle non-venomous snakes with ease and they seem to sense that I like them because they don't make much of an effort to bite. I have an eastern rat snake living around my house. It seems perfectly comfortable crawling right over top of me while I'm under my car working on it. I recently found 2 baby snakes. one was an eastern rat, and the other I'm not sure yet. But hey, I become adrenalized when faced with a copperhead. A sure death with untreated full envenomation bite. Slow death too!

  • Takes Timber Rattler 7 years to start baring young. At one time you rarely seen one in Appalachia mountains. Was raised in them, people killed them out of fright ignorance. I wouldn’t even eat one even though very good. I’ve seen them over 7 feet & read can grow to 12. I don’t think makes a realistic pet either & would discourage people from such a danger. Like playing with fire then some. Have a toxic reaction to a bite never hospital. My brother can just get stung by honey bee & would kill him. Always fascinating to watch though. Nice filming, stay safe fellows.

  • My wife watched this with me, she said the only thing that would be smelling is the shit in her pants if she saw one

  • O hell nawl… props to y’all bc I couldn’t do that 💩…. I closed my eyes AND SAW THIS STARTED PRAYIN LORD PLZ DONT LET THAT SNAKE. ITE HIM when he picked that 52 inches 😂🤣😂🤣😂 y’all boys got sum real balls ain’t no way I could do that. And I LOVE ANIMALS

  • Yup, know that smell well. As a youth in ok, I loved fishing, I ended up right in front of a moccasin den in a river bank, I noticed the smell really quick and looked around. I saw 6 lounging around in front of the den. Big boys. Biggest cottonmouth I ever had to kill was 6'8". As big around as your partner's bicep.

  • I don't like the way you handle snakes bro should be more careful you stood on the snake to put it in the tube

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