The Democrats’ “progress” from slavery to the new plantation

The Democrats’ “progress” from slavery to the new plantation

Student: I’ve seen that there’s in
some way a false equivalency. You’re talking about this notion of,
“You work, I eat.” But in the former scenario of the slave, that’s depriving someone
of social mobility by basically taking all their labor for the benefit of someone
else, whereas in the latter scenario, I assume you’re referring to various
welfare programs, taxes, etc. D’Souza: So take the first one. You’re
talking about the fact that, in slavery, you’re saying, there’s an open ripoff.
One guy stealing from another, taking his hard-earned labor.
And where’s the analogy with the welfare state in which people are
begin given certain guarantees? The analogy is like this: in the plantation,
the slaveowner, who is the master, is using force to compel another guy
to work against his will and taking fruit of his earnings. We should never
forget that in a democratic society, the majority is in exactly the same
position. In other words, in a democratic society… Imagine if there are 100
people in a room, in this room, and we take a vote, and let’s say our
vote is this: here’s a hard working guy, and our vote is 95 to one to
take his savings and distribute it among all of us. First of all, politically, that’s
very attractive, because a lot more people will benefit. The only guy
we’re penalizing is one guy. So this was the FDR-LBJ model.
The FDR-LBJ model was like this: the Democratic Party has to get to
a majority in order to perform the ripoff. To get to a majority we need votes,
so let’s get these ethnic constituents… Notice that, by the way, the Democrats
never try to persuade these ethnic groups individually. The don’t go black guy by
black guy and say, “Vote Democratic.” The whole idea is to get them all to do it.
“Let’s get them as a group.” And the effect is exactly the same.
You’ve got some other guy who doesn’t want to pay. That’s the key thing.
He wouldn’t give voluntarily. That’s why you have to tax him, that’s why
you’ve got to extract the money out of him by force, because he’s not willing to
part with it. It’s his own earnings. He’s going to try to hold
onto it. You have to take it. So even though the force in our society
is disguised, it’s there. It’s real.

47 thoughts on “The Democrats’ “progress” from slavery to the new plantation

  • Socialist libtards are a plague in normal decent Society they are helpless. They are entitled they think what you have they should be entitled to as well And these are the very people that are causing problems in today's world

  • The real slave masters are the Unions.
    They make way more than anyone else doing the same jobs, they drive up inflation and debt and you pay for it.
    This is why you're shopping at Walmart for Chinese labored products.
    The unions don't have the numbers to get the votes so they pander to the blacks, the disease spreading gays, abortion supporters, teachers and other divisions that they invent, like illegals, gun control.
    Climate change is about their Unions benefiting from laws that force you to buy their green energy products, making you a slave for them.

  • I think we got to do a vote take away welfare food stamps Section 8 housing. Everybody needs to work. Therefore the population would reduce because people would stop popping out kids they couldn't feed or take care of. People of America are becoming more and more lazy because of the Democrats offering free stuff, so they vote for the worthless welfare socialist Democratic Party. It's lease the hard-working decent taxpayers

  • Is socialism that the worthless welfare socialist Democrat Party want to bring in, would mean that we would all stand in line all day for a loaf of bread. It's quite obvious the ones that want socialism are too stupid to do their research. They're actually anti-American.

  • Real News: 1)Praying Medic 2)Blessed to Teach 3)You Are Free TV 4)Spaceshot76 5)McAllisterTV 6)Justinformed Talk 7)TruthnotFictionMatters 8)Lionel Nation 9)War Drummer 10)Victurus Libertas 11)OmegamanRadio 12)Sheila Zilinsky 13)Project Weeping Angel 14)The Common Sense Show 15)SGTreport 16)Deception Bytes 16) Michael Trimm

  • I have a lot of respect for Mr D'Souza. No idea is above criticism or scrutiny, and he is always able to convincingly defend his positions. The sign of a good and competent mind.

  • Only a really sick person would take away welfare and bash one of the greatest presidents FDR. Unemployment was historically the lowest in history. Trump models his policies after FDR, the true American System of Economics, iis about the general welfare clause in the preamble to the constitution, with no fixed pie and no limits to growth; most people want to work for a living. The idea that entitlements are taking away someone else's money is such BS, a

  • There is a group of whipper snappers at every school that think they can upset Dinesh”s argument with their government issued knowledge. It’s very comical and sad at the same time. Trump 2020!

  • Every one forgets the real reason for LBJ's welfare plan, it's not taught in our schools or mentioned by the CMSM. LBJ was a racist of the worst kind. Voted against the CRA's of 1957 and 1960 as a Senator from Texas. The blacks that worked for him had a choice,you could be called Chief or [email protected]&er, never your name. The Welfare act of 1964 was all about segregation. Their own schools, neighborhoods,etc. They could keep all of this in exchange for their vote and their souls. The final blow to the black family in America was AFDC. This offered more money to the household if no man was at that address. From 1948 – 1964, the poorest 20% of Americans experienced economic growth,welfare, and the Democrat plantation, brought that to an end. No form of tax cuts or redistribution of wealth can fix it. Welfare needs to be reformed but the Dems. want to keep the plantation at all costs.

  • Thank you for pointing out that we have devolved into a Democracy. "Democracy is the road to Socialism." – Karl Marx.
    I personally would like to see a strengthening of our Republic with it's inalienable rights, not to be voted away by a pliable mob.
    Anyone remember the pledge of allegiance…."and to the Republic for which it stands? The Constitution makes absolutely no mention of a Democracy, yet guarantees a Republican form of government in Art4 Sect4.
    Democracies and Republics are fundamentally different.
    The mission of the Republic is to protect and maintain individual rights by consent of the governed, while
    a Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
    Baa aaa aaa aaa aad deal for the sheep, no inalienable rights to keep the wolves at bay.

  • I can understand wanting to help those who literally cant work… like the old elderly guy who uses a walker to get around, shaking with every step. However, I'm a bit disgruntled when I see people who are perfectly capable mooching off the system. It doesnt take a lot of effort to do a YouTube search that has hundreds of videos showing people who are perfectly capable bragging about being on welfare.

  • Majority vote: end dsouza followers by noticing all the giant right wing money to confuse potential Dem voters, oh, and let's make it too hard for them anyhow to register firmly enough with work day slave day temp jobs to actually get to a poll on election day. Vote Bernie!

  • Superb answer, that said, force is necessary to extract some level of money from people in order to do some things even beyond infrastructure, common external defense and common internal defense (even a modest level of environmental protection is clearly warranted). Beyond this I would strongly support a limited level of welfare for the truly unable to work. However, in all western developed countries Government has so exceeded it's proper function that cuts of 50% are needed urgently in all non military and police/fire fighter functions. Currently the "poor" in the USA die of obesity, drugs and violence. A 50% cut for all the so called poor would actually improve their lives; combined with the opening of many more large permanent institutions with bars for those claiming to be insane segregated by sex of inmates; and I mean BINARY chromosome based sex, not the gender crap.

  • The Bible teaches us if we are to eat we are to work for it, if at all possible. Too many handouts are given out in our nation with no incentive to work for our food. It's so sad that lots of people chose to be dependent on the government to take care of them. They are slaves to the government.

  • Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.

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