The Battle of Tree – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

The Battle of Tree –  Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Friends Motu and Patlu has started a project name “Grow Trees and Save Earth”. Every human being should plant a tree in front of their house by their name. And make Furfuri town look full greenery. Thanks to Motu Patlu, we are proud of you. Oh my god! Help! Leave! Police! Friends this is my new gadget, this will help the tree to grow fast. And keep that tree healthy. Look this is my gadget. Hey Motu, my brother what have you done? Stop it, this gadget is not complete, some work has to finished. Look over there your gadget is working properly. Help!! Hey Motu, until and unless you don’t remove my gadget from the top of the tree, this tree will keep on growing. And the roots of this tree will destroy our houses. But how will we climb on such a big tree? This way! Let’s go fast Patlu, and remove the gadget from the tree or else that Boxer will not allow us to get down. How long I have to close my eyes? Now you can open the eyes. Oh my my such a beautiful tree! Where did it come from? This is our new home, whenever god gives there is no limit for it, what say friends? Yes whenever God gives there is no limit for it. My queen now cut the ribbon and inaugurate our new home. Friends from today onwards this is our new home, it is our duty to take care of our home. Look over there somebody is climbing and coming up. House is not built and thieves started coming. Friends! Attack! Why are they annoyed with us? Motu my brother, what happened? You had gone up, you should have got the antenna with you all. Big brother it is very difficult to touch that antenna. Look at our condition, those birds pecked us so badly with their beak. Hey, look around, what the tree has done to our place. Do something fast or else I will make you four suffer so much that you all will never forget. Small flocks of birds cannot stop us to reach the top. I got twenty years experience of fighting with the birds, let us go again. This time we will go well prepared. Yes, ok. Now listen you people are the first line of defence. So you all try to stop them and if you need our help let us know, we are also ready. Friends, enemies are coming to take over our house, attack!! Hey, now what is the problem with them? Leave!! Hey this my head not an apple to which you are biting. Hey this is my nose. Now what does your twenty years experience say about this? Take this! Have it! We climbed very high, got tired, here take this flying helmet, rest we will fly and cover it up. First line of defence got defeated, friends it is the matter of our home. let us show this human beings that whoever comes to fight with us, will be beaten by our beaks. Ok bow and arrow specialist ready? Ready sir! Fire!! Help!! Target is in the front, nothing will happen to him with the arrow, fire him with the canon!! Hey, this is a big army, all the attacks are well planned. Dr. Jhatka run!! Oh my lord! In my twenty years experience I have never come across such birds. Commando attack!! Now, what are they going to do? Mummy!! Help!! May all the medicines goes in your mouth! May day may day help!! Don’t ever come back, this is our house. Motu Patlu you are under arrest, see what you have done to this Furfuri town? We went to rectify this problem, there is a small antenna on the top of this tree. We went to remove that. You all don’t worry, whatever has happened, just because of us, and we will make it correct. Dr. Jhatka, get some other idea where we can go in full speed to the top and those birds cannot stop us. One idea is there, but it is very dangerous. To save Furfuri town, we are ready to face any type of danger. They are coming again, missile launcher ready!! Patlu, quickly remove the gadget from the top of the tree or else the tree will keep on growing. Sir there is a gadget on the top of the tree, they are going to take that. Because of that gadget, this tree has become so big. Come what may, we have to take care of that gadget. Go you all and don’t let this happen. Don’t allow Motu Patlu to touch that gadget. Where is the gadget? I think they are protecting the gadget, look there! Now to take gadget from them is difficult, Motu do something. Empty stomach my mind doesn’t work, you only think something. Idea! Help!! Somebody, stop this missile!! What are they doing? I think their missile has gone out of control. Motu be ready, hold it tight, ready! Yes ready! Somebody stop this missile, help!! Stop him! He has taken the gadget! Sorry friends this tree will become small again, please don’t mind. Fuel is over! Motu and Patlu you all both are very brave, we are very proud of you all.

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