The Aquaponic Greenhouse – Funding

The Aquaponic Greenhouse – Funding

Hello! I’m Rob Torcellini and welcome to Bigelow
Brook Farm! We’re about to start on a huge new project and need your help to meet our
I have purchased two used 26’ wide greenhouses totally nearly 200’ in length. My goal is
to construct one aquaponic greenhouse and have it functioning for the fall of 2016.
Over the years, I have created hundreds of free videos on YouTube and I will continue
to produce these videos to help educate and maybe even provide a little entertainment.
  However, these videos are very time consuming
to produce. Depending on the complexity of the editing and number of diagrams for each
video, it can take between 1 to 2 hours of post-production work per minute of completed
footage. Typically it’s 5-8 hours of editing. Even though our YouTube subscriptions and
views continue to rise, the ad revenue continues to dwindle.
  We’ve joined the crowd funding site Patreon
to help raise funding to continue producing videos and provide the needed revenue for
the new aquaponic greenhouse. For a very small pledge you can gain early viewing of our videos,
access to our premium web site containing spreadsheets, diagrams, and frequently asked
questions, or have a permanent advertisement embedded directly into a video which can’t
be blocked, reaching 10’s of thousands of targeted viewers. The Patreon concept is very simple, you just
pledge a small payment for each video that we release. If it’s a slow month, no payment
is made. If we produce a bunch of videos, you have the ability of capping your total
contributions per month.  
As always, our videos are still free to watch, but with your support, you will gain access
to additional insider knowledge about our operation. Not only will I produce videos
about the new greenhouse, but I will continue to produce videos about the geodesic greenhouse
and other farm activities.  
Thanks for your time and generosity over the years and I look forward to sharing our new
greenhouse experiences with you.

12 thoughts on “The Aquaponic Greenhouse – Funding

  • I have been watching your videos since you started on the greenhouse.
    I like the work you do and the videos you make. Does this mean we wont see the new greenhouse videos or other videos unless we pay?

  • We gotta get you some sunglasses to help with all that squinting, Rob! We'll spread the word to our followers as well. Looking forward to more updates.

  • The reason why revenue is going down is because of ad blocker. I use it to prevent videos and ads from playing automatically. Its very annoying. I disabled ad blocker for you tube so i can support my favorite channels. The problem isnt ad blocker the problem is popups and videos and ads that automatically play. As more websites use ads and videos that automatically play more people will download ad blocker. They do it to try and increase revenue and i guess it works for them because they keep doing it but eventually it will backfire.

  • I'm giving you up to $5/month. It's all I can spare at the moment but I've been with you basically since the beginning and you're videos and insight and ingenuity have always dazzled and inspired me as to what is possible when sound engineering and good ethics for the environment come together.

  • im broke but i will do something. i will like and comment on your videos to help you out a tad bit. love your videos and keep up the good work

  • Isn't that just amazing, revenue inversely proportional to the number of subscriptions and views? Perhaps Google should be supplying us Adsense "partners" with some KY while they screw us in the ass. I wish you much success with Patreon. Still need to get out that way for a visit.

  • I've often wondered how the YouTube deal works. Do the posters of the video get revenue if the ads are skipped or watched? I've thought about letting the ads play if that helps generate revenue. I have benefited tremendously with yours and many other's videos and would definitely like to help out.

  • Hi Rob, thanks for all the videos, I hope you keep it up.  My favourite way to support content creators online is to send them Bitcoin so here's $5 worth! @ChangeTip

  • Best of luck to you & I hope you can get the support you need with this.  You make great videos & have been one of the gardeners inspiring my journey.  I totally know what you are going through with the ad blocker issues and falling revenue from the YouTube platform.  Here's to hoping that we all make it through!  
    Oh and … I can send you some sunglasses if you need them, got plenty of extras around here!  Blessed be!

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