Rustic and Farmhouse-Inspired Interior Decor Ideas

A video for those who are dreaming to gorgeous home interiors with exposed wooden beams, rustic kitchens, stone floors, farmhouse sinks, wooden benches and many decorating accessories that make a decor warm, cozy and inviting. Here, you’ll discover more than forty decor ideas for a rustic and farmhouse- style home interior. You’ll be amazed by […]

Compliance with standards or extra benefits – The different planks | KRONE TV

Today we will talk about the planks. However we don’t talk about Latte Macchiato but rather the planks in the sliding roof of Profi Liner and Co. First of all let me tell you that the material of the planks is irrelevant for the Code XL. Whether you use wood, aluminium or steel: it doesn’t […]

Narrated D&D Story: How Farmer Brown Buried The Goblin Horde With His Lethal Shovel

[Channel Teaser] How The Farmer Buried the Goblin Horde With His Lethal Shovel I’m DMing a game of 5e on tabletop simulator, basically running a one-off to help some first timers have a good look at how the game works. So they roll a half-elf ranger, gnome bard, elf wizard, human rogue, half-orc fighter, and […]

CTA’s Ride the Rails: Blue Line to Forest Park Real-time (2019)

Periodically, information about the CTA and/or the line will appear on the screen. If you prefer to experience this video without this information, please turn off Youtube’s closed captioning. The West-Northwest route was created in 1958 and renamed to the Blue Line in 1993. It runs 27.2 miles and consists of 33 active stations and […]

Solidarische Landwirtschaft SOLAWI Vertragslandwirtschaft am Beispiel Selbsterntegarten «Mis Gmues»

Beautiful Scandinavian-Style Houses, 50 Exterior Design Ideas

More than fifty Scandinavian-style houses in this short video. You can discover here beautiful exterior ideas from Homes with a traditional look to Scandinavian homes with a modern look. All these architectural gems are nestled in the middle of a magnificent landscape and are surrounded by gardens, landscaping areas and and wooden patios and decks. […]

Hay Day: Meet the Farmer! S2E1: Andrew from Indiana, USA

HAY DAY MEET THE FARMER CHALMERS, INDIANA, USA I’m Andrew Greene, and we are in Chalmers, Indiana. It’s a very, very small town. We don’t even have a stoplight here. We’re lucky we have a gas station. I work ten or eleven-hour days, and not really great times either. From eight in the morning to […]

Wolverine’s Berserker Rage – Forest Fight Scene | Logan (2017) Movie Clip 4K

Move out! Let’s go, let’s go! Run! Run! Corre, Jonah! Run! I want you to breathe. It’s just a flesh wound, baby. There she is. We got her. Back it up! Contain her. Get behind me! You took all the medicine. It’s wearing off.

10 Garden Block Wall ideas

A garden isn’t just about compilation of beautiful plants and flowers. The landscape design will obviously be a component that can’t be separated as it can help portray the whole idea. Having an uneven ground is one of the reasons many homeowners end up creating a garden block wall. Garden block walls or retaining walls […]

Riyadh Season Magic Forest 2019 | King Abdullah Park | Dancing Fountain Riyadh – Glow Garden

Hello Friends, i hope everybody is having an amazing day actually they started a winter season which they name as a Riyadh Season they have alot of activities and events in this Riyadh Season i have selected one of the event which is called Magic Forest which is located in King Abdullah Park so actually […]