Castleblack Cannabis (Marijuana Farm / Ganja Farm), Islington, St Mary, Jamaica

Castleblack Cannabis is a Marijuana Farm (also Ganja Farm) located in Nutfield District, Islington, St Mary, Jamaica (Caribbean). Residents in Islington, St Mary, are embracing a multimillion-dollar marijuana industry investment in their community. Castleblack Cannabis is in the licensing phase of business and is expected to be a fully operating ganja farm. The plantation is […]


[Whistle] [Grandstand background] St. Pauli, St. Pauli, St. Pauli [Fan chants] [Drumming] [Cheering] [Whistling] [Whistling] You fail, you realize you aren’t capable of some things you have to get back up and deal with it. You have to analyze You have to work on it. You have to improve. That’s what life is about. That’s […]

Test driving a new Scania S 730 timber truck in Norway

My name is Stig Ødegaarden. I work as a fireman full time. I’ve driven timber trucks part time since 2003. I used to be a full-time driver, but then I became a fireman so now I drive part time. I’ve driven Scania trucks the most. For many years I’ve driven Scania. I’ve also driven trucks […]

Timber Frame on a Construction Site – BSG Byte (2019)

Fire is a hazard on construction sites in general but on timber-frame sites the buildings are more vulnerable to fire because the precautions for the finished building are not yet in place. As timber is a combustible product, the fire risks on site are increased and these risks need to be managed and controlled very […]

Sawing in Scotland with Scottish Timber | Wood-Mizer Customer Spotlight

The UK has a history with its empire of importing its timber and not making good use of its own and neglecting the management and general husbandry of its own woodland, especially deciduous woodland resources. My name is Jim Birley. The company is Scottish Wood and we are in Fife, west Fife, central Scotland. We […]

BITCOIN FARMING APP! Paano kumita ng $15 gamit ang cellphone!

Am now at my account and as you can see i am now receiving 0.00223347 btc! And if i will convert this to Philippine Peso… I earned P782 for free and without investment! Take Note: this amount is not fix and it may go up when bitcoin price goes up. So if you want […]

Structural calculation for a timber structure – EdiLus Example #06

insert and model the structural members directly in 3D model any type of structure and even transform a DXF/DWG CAD drawing to a easy to use magnetic grid use the snap aids to insert structural members with great precision obtain all structural calculations together with colour mapped diagrams …stresses, strains and stress diagrams easily customise […]

Farmstar – Satellites au service de l’agriculture

Farmstar – Satellites for agriculture “Farmstar” is a service that enables farmers to manage their wheat, barley, triticale and rapeseed crops. Maize will be added in 2019. Farmstar uses satellite imagery to measure variables in the field on 20 x 20 meter areas. This information is linked to agronomic models, weather and farm specifications. This […]

No Till Farming Presented by Tobin No-Till

[Tobin No-Till Seeding Technology] My name is Noel Tobin, I am the Managing Director of Tobin No Till we design and manufacture disc planting machines in Central West NSW. It’s a great pleasure to bring you my thoughts on No Till farming. My observations are formed purely on what I see farmers doing. I have […]

Supporting Legal Timber Trade – Ecolor

My name is Cristian Holobuic and I’m managing the sustainability policy in Ecolor and the related supply chain. We are a furniture producer for IKEA located in Cluj the central part of Transylvania. The EU Timber Regulation helped us map our supply chain and secure that all the legal demands are met During the development […]