Locus AG UN COP25 Climate Change Conference Roundtable

I just wanted to say that we’re actually a B Corp and we’re very proud to be here. Just focused on what we’re talking about today, we are a company, we’re only three years old, but we’re building nature-based solutions, non-GMO, organic, but built in a way that’s very cheap for farmers to use, but […]

Bumbu Original Spiced Rum Review

– In this video, I am talking Bumbu Spiced Rum, so if you want to know all about it, what it tastes like, what it smells like, what recommended highballs, mixers, work very well with this, and cocktail serves. Stay tuned. (sound of drinks being shaken) (sound of drink being poured) Hey Spiced Rum fans, […]

Out Of Nowhere | The Unknown Forest And The Surprising Finds

HELLO HUNTERS I’m in an unknown forest. All I know about this place is, that it was used for (“modern”) military exercise… I expected a little less vegetation. First target. It’s just a piece of foil. Hmm… I think it was a musket ball. It’s a bullet. A bottle top… Next bullet. A piece of […]

Ford Focus ST TDCI Estate Tackles the B500 in The Black Forest, Germany

Ford presents Europe’s greatest driving roads Location #5 Germany Starring the Ford Focus ST TDCI Estate Filmed using professional drivers in a controlled environment Always obey local driving law The Black Forest high-road… …or the B500 Schwarwaldhochstrasse… … as it’s known locally… … is not a long road. It starts just outside the spa town […]

Tree Traversals | GeeksforGeeks

Hello friends! And, welcome to another tutorial on GeeksforGeeks. In this tutorial we are going to cover the tree traversal techniques. In simple words traversing a tree mean to read or process the content of a tree-node exactly once in some order. Now since tree is not a linear data structure like an array or […]

Planting a tree or shrub

To plant your tree or shrub well, first select the perfect spot for it to grow. Check how large the plant will grow when mature. Dig a hole that is four to five times wider than the clump of the plant you are transferring. Prepare a blend of planting soil mix, compost or organic soil […]

George Washington Carver: “I’m a Peanut, Let Me Be!” | SUNG HISTORY

George Washington Carver what a fine friend of the farmer! I’m not a fan, if you’re asking me I’m a peanut, Georgie let me be! Born into slavery he rose above that station. Showing bravery go and get an education. Some people work through college to pay the bills. He farmed 16 acres of fields […]

Babaeng Naka Survive Sa Amazon Forest Ng 11 Days | Jevara PH

Hello there? Are you okay out there? In this video we will talk about a girl who fell 10,000 ft. to the Amazon Rainforest from a plane crash We will find out how she survived the fall and how she survived the Amazon Forest for 11 days If you are new to my channel please […]

Subsistence into commercial agriculture in Mto wa Mbu

Hey everyone, I am in Mto w Mbu, Tanzania and I’m on a tour of a local banana plantation, or a banana farm actually. This is a great example of subsistence agriculture and what I wanted to show you was a few images here of the way people live in subsistence agricultural communities. And this […]