Farmer-Centered Design: Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture | SkollWF 2018

U of A System Division of Agriculture – What We Do

Welcome to the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture! The Cooperative Extension Service and the Agricultural Experiment Station work together to find and deliver smarter ways to live life. It’s research and extension on a mission: To help all Arkansans live healthier, build stronger families and communities; and grow food more efficiently to meet […]

Cameroon: L`AGRICULTURE (Agriculture)

I am Ondombo Nkodo Christine In the community of Mva`a, agriculture is diversified We will show you a cocoa plantation, Okra plantation and pineapple plantation Cocoa is a cash crop For the populations of Mva`a II It is the main source of income It is thanks to that revenue that parents pay The school fees […]

Let’s Go Plant a Tree (The TREElogy Part II)

(Music Starts Playing) Let’s go plant a tree! Come along and work with me. We must do it right, you see for the tree to survive and sway in the breeze. So let’s go plant a tree! Let’s go plant a tree! Let’s go plant a tree! It’s fun. Don’t you agree! (Music) First, you […]

Discover Minnesota 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge

Hello, and welcome to Minnesota. 4-H. We’re so glad you’re thinking about joining us to help inspire youth to be creators, innovators, and leaders We’re here at the University of Minnesota to help you better understand what participating in the science of agriculture challenge is all about and to hear directly from some of our […]

The View from Here: Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector

[Upbeat guitar music starts] Female narrator: The outlook from Canadian farms continues to be very positive. Farmers are more efficient and innovative than ever… …using increased precision and automation. And they’re taking significant steps to protect the environment. No-till practices are up 16% since 2011… …preserving soil and water on 48.2 million acres. Net greenhouse […]

Homophobia and Transphobia Hurts Everyone

Comme un bruit strident Comme se faire pousser avec un aiguillon à bétail pour suivre une même direction Comme si on vous disqualifiait d’une course avant même qu’elle ne soit commencée Ne jamais se sentir en sécurité Comme si on devait choisir qu’une partie de soi-même Trop petit pour un tour de montagnes russes Comme […]