How To Build & Lay Timber Decking

Welcome to my trade tips. Now there is many ways you can improve your home and add value to it, one great way is to construct your own decking area. Now thanks to Silverline’s wide range of hand and power tools. It has never been easier to do it yourself. The first stage of the […]

Vaughan – Timber Truss and Frame Trainee

Hi Vaughan. Thanks for doing the interview today. Can you tell me what qualification you are doing as part of your apprenticeship? A Cert III in Frame and Truss. How did you find this job? I went through the Careers Adviser at school And then, they got me an interview with TABMA. Filled out paperwork […]

Cooking In Good CO Ep:2- Farm House Omelet with Breck Lager Sausage

Hey guys, I’m Nate Gravina, executive chef here at Farmhouse at Breckenridge Brewery. Welcome to another edition of “Cooking in Good Company”. In today’s edition of “Cooking in Good Company”, we’re going to be celebrating our new omelette bar that we’re starting at Farmhouse at Breckenridge Brewery. Today we’re going to be putting together a […]

Farming Simulator 20 – Launch Trailer

Farming Simulator is back on Nintendo Switch & mobile Grow your own farm anywhere you like Drive over 100 authentic vehicles & tools Raise your animals Ride your horses Take part in tons of activities Farm like never before

D.I.Y. Timber Pavers – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

I’ve got this beautiful garden space, but what would really set it off are some timber pavers turning the garden from this to this. Let me show you how. These are all the tools and equipment you’ll need to make some timber pavers. The best thing about this project is there are no hard and […]

Building A Room With Your Own Hands | DIY 2019-2020

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Want to create the modern farmhouse look in your kitchen. In this video I’m going to share five suggestions of things you can aim to include in your kitchen to get that modern farmhouse look and feel We have built and designed many kitchens over the years for our clients and I’ve started to notice […]

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[commercial] Enjoying the healthy red ginseng tea (subs by kstyle680) listening to nature Able to do many different styling Deep Forest Suna’s Hair Salon Grand Opening 50% off event Contact: 070-0000-0000 Reserve now! if you set up a reservation, drying will be free Welcome to Suna’s deep forest hair salon that is blended with nature […]

NASS PSA Dr. Mike Strain, Commissioner, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry

Hi, I’m Doctor Mike Strange encouraging Louisiana producers to respond to the Census of Agriculture. Local and national leaders use the Census to make decisions that directly impact your business your community and your industry. By participating in the Census you help show the nation the value of your contribution to our country and to […]

Timber Clean | Timber & Decking Cleaner

Sweep your decking with a soft headed broom to remove any surface dirt or leaves Dilute 1 part Timber Clean with 2 parts water and then pour it onto the decking Scrub it into the surface, so that it begins to froth up Leave it to settle for 5 minutes, before giving a second coat […]