LeanAgri | BharatAgri- Best Agriculture Krishi Expert App and Agri Doctor App for Farmers

Hello farmer friends, Wassup! … Want to know the secret behind this green farm? Ahoy! It is the magic of BharatAgri! BharatAgri came into my life and my destiny changed. It is true magic! 3 days in advance Weather-based dynamic advisory Through chat and call resolve your doubts & get timely guidance of Agri Doctors […]

Chris Trump: Korean Natural Farming in a nut shell

Hello. Let me give you Korean Natural Farming in a Nutshell. Forgive me. I’m a nut farmer and that’s a nut joke. But really, Korean natural farming, if you aren’t one of the initiated or don’t know about it, is kind of ambiguous. So let me break it down. It is an attempt – one […]

Census of Agriculture PSA – Be Counted

Hi I’m Sonny Perdue. As a former farmer and AG businessman I know the value of the Census of Agriculture. It helps us to tell the story of U.S. Agriculture and to make the right policies that help rural America succeed. So be counted. The Census of Agriculture is your voice, your future and your […]

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Farming Global Nemesis: Telethia Plume – UNDER 50 SEC BATTLE!

I have the party to keep Telethia Plume’s attention from being entirely on me. Unless you have reflect protection for them though, don’t have them board their skells! You need to lock onto Telethia Plume’s chest as it must be destroyed twice. The aura (blue art) is lit. Hit it to stave off the weather […]

Farmers’ Markets: Advice from Market Masters

[music] New vendors should come to markets. They should come and check it out because each market has its own vibe and its own personality. You need to know what’s going to work well with you because all growers and all vendors are going to have their own personalities as well. Also are you the […]

How To Paint Over Varnished Timber – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

Everyone seems to have that trusty piece of timber furniture that just needs a bit of love. It’s always looking tired and worn out. So, why not paint it? Sadly, a lot of people are put off by this because of varnish, but don’t worry, you can paint over varnish, and I’m going to show […]

Top 3 Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Home Décor Trends | JCPenney

Hey everyone! I’m going to give you a guide for how to achieve 3 top trending decor styles: The Minimalist, The Casual Modern & The Farmhouse. And, make sure you subscribe to the JCPenney Channel for all kinds of other makeover tips. First up, the farmhouse. There are a few statement pieces that no farmhouse […]

DIY Antique Farmhouse Chalkboard Chicken Pig Cow Stencil

Start by using Spray Repositionable Adhesive on the back of your stencil Give the spray 30-60 seconds to get tacky before pressing to the center of your project Use a ruler to measure the sides of your stencil from the sides of the mat to makes sure it’s centered Press down your stencil and then […]

Nature’s Barcode™ timber product verification: Best practice due care

So you’ve worked hard to grow your business, and you don’t want to spend all your time dealing with regulations in paperwork. Let’s see how DoubleHelix works to bring you peace of mind, using a real life example. Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods, used in a variety of products. You might want […]