Yoga With Blocks & Straps : How to Do Half Moon Sugar Cane Yoga Pose

CINDY MASTRY: An even more advance version of Ardha Chandrasana is Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana which is half moon sugar cane, sometimes called the full moon. Faith is going to help me demonstrate that. And we’re going to demonstrate using the block so it takes a little bit of the balance. She still has to be […]

Ardha Chandrasana to Sugarcane Pose Tutorial with Nichi Green, EkhartYoga

Hi I’m Nichi from, In this short class we are going to be exploring sugarcane pose, another version of Ardha Candrasana. Come in to Ardha Chandrasana first starting on the left leg. Bend your left knee and take your hand about a foot in front of you, you can always have a block underneath […]

Cauvery Calling How to Be Part of the Solution? – Sadhguru Spot

This two-hundred-and-forty-two crore trees looks like a big number. But we have billions of people on this planet. The best thing to do is everybody should start their own fundraising platforms We will give an appeal in Bangalore, Chennai other places for the youth to come. This is a battle plan. Okay? A lot of […]

ALIGN – Yoga for Mental Health – Nicole Postma

Hi my name is Nicole Postma and I’ve recently joined the team here at Yoga by Sarah as a member of our new ALIGN program. The ALIGN program is designed to support those individuals struggling with mental health. This program uses yoga as a tool to help individuals understand the connection between their body and […]