Challenger | State Farm® Commercial


but check out how tall this room goes check below Steve what is wait hang on don’t move I’m out of here oh let’s go welcome to my room thanks so much for coming check this out this is my room that share the love broom best room ever we got Carter behind the camera […]

RIG BUILD 79 SERIES: Agricultural to Aggressive ► All 4 Adventure TV

This looks a little flash for Jase. Sports cars? Where’s the fourbys? Look at this thing. That’s wild. I went to see Alf; he was at the Brisbane 4×4 Show. My name’s Alf. I am the general manager of Vogue Industries. And I saw his 200 series Landcruiser, and I liked what I saw. And […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Christmas Tree for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

He-he-hey. And the last bell goes… here. Oh-oh, perfect! Oh, hey! Hello boys and girls. Hello. Are you excited about Christmas? I am. And I’m decorating my Christmas tree with tinsel, bells and baubles. All of these are decorations. Hey, say it with me. What are they? They are decorations. They are decorations. They are […]

Forest Floor by Robbie Synge | Now & Next

(WOOD CLATTERS) Yeah. – Hmm… – Kind of. It’s a bit wobbly. (LAUGHTER) (DRILL WHIRRS) (GIGGLES) (BIRDSONG) All right. (SOFT GROAN) (BIRDSONG) (EXHALES) (BIRDSONG) Yeah. That’s it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh! Phew! Yeah. (WHEELCHAIR BEEPING) OK. Yep. – Good? – Yep. – Oh. – Oh. Back one’s gone… That’s it. Oh! It’s all right. It’s all […]

HOW TO PAINT EASY | Sunrise on Winter with Birch Trees in Acrylics

hello everyone my name is John Magne Lisondra today I’m gonna teach you on how to paint this wonderful landscape painting it is a sunset or (sunrise) on a winter landscape with some birch trees on the right side and please don’t forget to subscribe we haven’t subscribe yet and hit that bell button if […]

Rare Plant Survey on Thailand’s Tiger’s Nose — Plant One On Me — Ep 137

– [Narrator] In the last episode of “Plant One On Me”, Doctor Piyakaset showed us the botanical wonders of the Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens. From the rare limestone plants, to the towering palms of the tropical rainforest house. But you learn so much more about a plant when you can observe it in it’s natural […]

Christmas Tree Song for Children + MORE Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

Ohhh, where is it? Ohhh. Oh hey. Hello boys and girls. It’s nearly Christmas and I am looking for my Christmas tree. Because it’s that time of year again that we put up a Christmas tree. I can’t find mine, can you see it? Aha, I think it’s there. Behind the sofa, oh Yes, here […]

Homesteading | self sufficiency | Backyard greenhouse aquaponics overview

Hello guys. Today, I’ve a new video. I am with Tom who is a good friend of mine. He’s an aquaponics enthusiast. And today, we are here. He built an aquaponics system inside a greenhouse. So thank you so much Tom for welcoming us. Oh, you’re welcome. Thanks a lot. So I have a few […]

“Everyone’s Racist Sometimes” | Romesh Chats To James Acaster

Netflix recommended you to me today. Oh, really? Got an e-mail. “Got a documentary for you to watch.” I was like, “Oh, a documentary? I can… Oh, no. “Not going to learn anything from that. What were you like as a kid? As a kid? I think everyone’s naive as a kid. It didn’t matter […]