Meet the Maker – Max Bainbridge of Forest + Found

I run a studio practice with my partner Abigail it’s called Forest and Found we both have our individual practices but we tend to a lot of the time exhibit and curate our work together we’d love to do public installations and things where there’s a real engagement with a public audience I currently produce […]

Timber Frame on a Construction Site – BSG Byte (2019)

Fire is a hazard on construction sites in general but on timber-frame sites the buildings are more vulnerable to fire because the precautions for the finished building are not yet in place. As timber is a combustible product, the fire risks on site are increased and these risks need to be managed and controlled very […]

The Woodpecker Ep 115 – I’m showing how I made my timber frame trusses

Hi, on The Woodpecker today. I’m showing Caroline how to make timber frame trusses. I’m pretty shure you all remember that two years ago, I made all my trusses. To make them, I’ve used several types of tools. I’m far from being an expert in the subject, but I can say that I manage to […]

Japanese Timber Frame Blacksmith Shop gets Yakisugi (焼杉) Board and Batten Siding

Shortleaf pine, air dried one year Wedging the Nuki beams tightly. These provide the buildings lateral bracing and give a place to attach walls. Reading the knots is an easy way to see where the top of the tree was. Note the diagonal knots, all pointing up from the tree’s heart. In this method we […]

Anne of All Trades: Farm-to-Table Bowl Turning

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley Harwood and I am here in Seattle visiting my good friend Anne of All Trades. If y’all aren’t familiar with Anne, she is an amazing woman She’s a woodworker, she is an organic farmer, and a YouTuber, and just an all-around inspiring person. So Anne and I have a few awesome […]

Reconstituted Veneer by Timber Products Company

Reconstituted veneer is a repeatable wood, meaning that when it is reconstituted to look like a certain species, that it can be used over and over and over again and it looks identical to the one they made the first time. If you order today and you order a year from now, that reconstituted wood […]

Electric Fractal Timber Art

What happens when a specialty Tasmanian timber meets high-voltage electricity? Detailed fractal patterns. John Egleston of Launceston in Tasmania has been fractal burning timber for just over a year. So I remember I was in year 11 woodwork class and I was just researching on the computer about different things I could do to the […]

Amazing Modern Agriculture Machines That Are At Another Level 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾

Amazing Modern Agriculture Machines That Are At Another Level 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾

Clamp any angle with this jig | How to

today we’re going to share with you guys a quick tip on how to join two pieces of wood together when they’re at a weird angle so we did some research found a couple different ways and we’re gonna combine the ideas and show you here so it’s hard to clamp things together when they’re […]