BoH 31 – House Foundation Wall Forms

hey guys good morning welcome to the construction site today it’s Friday the guys are putting up forms for the foundation wall we’re almost finished a bathtub like premade forms for both we’re going to use these as passwords for the wall for the sanitary installation and different title has to pass through the concrete […]

Oliver Heath’s Happy Home

My name is Oliver Heath, I’m an Architectural and Interior Designer and specifically my work focuses on sustainability and health and wellbeing. We’re in my home, which is in Brighton, it’s a 1960’s house. I’ve done a massive sustainable refurbishment, so there was lots of thinking about energy use, but as well as that, there […]

How to Install Outside Mount Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Horizontal Blinds are easy to install, in this short video you will learn to install them. A screwdriver is all that’s needed to install your blinds; or for an easier installation you can use a cordless screwdriver or a drill with a 1/4″ Hex head bit. Before starting, carefully unpack your blinds and mounting hardware. […]

Custom Wood Blinds Headrail: Next Day Blinds

A concern that consumers sometimes have about wood blinds is a tendency for light to seep over top of the valences. We’ve addressed this concern with our premium wood blinds by varying the valence height depending on depth of the recess into which the blind is being installed.

How To Make DIY Shutters – Home Improvement Woodworking Series

This is the first of a series about DIY home improvement projects on a budget. Today I’m going to show you how to build these DIY shutters. For the free plans and details on this project visit or click the link in the description. So here is the before shot, now since this video […]

SHUTTERS drewniane okiennice wewnętrzne

Custom Wood Blinds | Window Treatment Ideas

Real Wood blinds give your windows a classic look. Featuring designer-tier options and a beautiful selection of stains, they make an elegant statement in any room. Wood blinds offer high-end style, without the price tag commonly associated with Wood shutters One of the best parts of Wood blinds is the selection of premium stains and […]

How to Install Window Blinds and Shades gives you a couple options to finish your window decorating project with a perfect installation. If you’d rather leave it to the pros, check out professional measure and installation services. You can kick back and get a perfect installation — at a price that can’t be beat. Consider yourself more of the do-it-yourself type? […]

How to Clean Faux Wood Shutters |™

Are your faux wood shutters dusty or dirty? Faux wood shutters are made of PVC, so they’re some of the easiest window coverings to clean. Let’s get started. Here’s what you need: warm water, a Microfiber cloth, vinegar, a mild dish soap, dusting Spray, and an Easy Clean Duster. If your shutters are dusty, swipe […]

Routeless Wood and Faux Wood Blinds |

Sometimes referred to as “privacy” or “no-holes” blinds, routeless blinds are an excellent choice when you require maximum light control in a horizontal blind. Because it is normal for a small amount of light to show through the holes, you may desire more light blockage and privacy, if so, order routeless blinds. Routeless blinds eliminate […]