Greenheart Timber Natures Best Wood for Tough Conditions

Greenheart Timber: Natures Best Wood for Tough Conditions Woodpecker Timbers Greenheart Timber Durability of the Greenheart Timber Marine Construction and Ship Building with Greenheart Timber Greenheart Floors Greenheart Floors – Healthier Alternative to Carpeted Floors Why to Choose Woodpecker Timbers? Woodpecker Timbers – Block ‘BR’ T’Huis’te Coverden, East Bank Demerara, Guyana, South America Share & […]

Nature’s Barcode™ timber product verification: Best practice due care

So you’ve worked hard to grow your business, and you don’t want to spend all your time dealing with regulations in paperwork. Let’s see how DoubleHelix works to bring you peace of mind, using a real life example. Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods, used in a variety of products. You might want […]

Amazing Outdoor Dining Room – Timber Construction

hey welcome back to another X family video hope you’re doing well hope you got a smile on your face today’s a beautiful beautiful day today we’re gonna make some wood chips out of all these branches which some of the branches are from what I cut up yesterday we’re gonna get after it you […]

How To Bleach Red Oak Hardwood Floors By Lenny Hall | City Floor Supply

What you can do is you can mix either one first, doesn’t matter. But you gotta mix equal amounts So you stir it around and you get about five minutes to settle in because you’ve got the two chemicals slowly just marrying each other on the inside. It does get warm and when you have […]

John – Timber Sales Manager

>>INTERVIEWER: Hi John, thanks for doing the interview today. Uh, can you explain what qualification you did as part of your traineeship?>>JOHN: So, in the early days, Tabma, I did a Certificate 3 in timber merchandising. Um, once I completed that, I then moved on to a Certificate 4 in frontline management.>>INTERVIEWER: Wow, yep.>>JOHN: Which […]

Forest Genomics

What can genomics do for Canada’s forestry sector? By studying the DNA of trees, pests and other organisms, forest genomics can enable the growth of healthy, productive and sustainable forests. So how could it be used in Canada? One, Tree Breeding. Breeders can now accurately identify trees that grow faster, have higher wood quality and […]

Assembling the Bow Timbers! (TALLY HO 51)

Hi, my name is Leo and I’m a boat builder and a sailor and I’m on a mission to rebuild and restore this 109 year-old classic sailing yacht Tally Ho. The bow of the boat is wide open at the moment because we took the old bow assembly out recently We’re replacing that with the […]

How to make a Celtic Chair out of FREE 2×4 timber

Hi Everyone! It’s Bongo here from thePoultryPeople channel…. and in todays video we are making a Celtic Chair, not a Viking chair but a Celtic chair. Ive decided to call them Celtic chairs from now on because theres been a bit of thing about them not being Viking chairs. Theres no evidence of them being […]

Germany’s Traditional Wood Construction – Wood Nails & Timber Framing

Do not climb on the wall. What? Yes, those wood sticks are designed for me to climb. I am climbing up there to say hello. Uh yeah, I am climbing there. Actually there’s a story behind those wood sticks on the wall. In the past, Germans didn’t have a metal nail. How did they build […]