A Fair Climate: Gender Equity in Forestry & REDD+

A Fair Climate: Gender Equity in Forestry and REDD+ If we don’t have this forest, then we will not have food. If we can preserve the forest, we will have water. We will have food and a lot of things from the forest. Nearly half a BILLION people across Asia-Pacific rely on forests for their […]

Visible Farmer Episode 4: THE ACCIDENTAL FARMER / Ketut Bassett, organic farmer, Carnarvon WA

Hi, I’m Ketut Bassett. A biodynamic organic farmer.We grow more than 20 types of tropical fruitand I truly love what I do.– Very clever. –– I can’t do that. –I grew up in Bali doing rice with my family.– You have to teach me how to do a cart-wheel. –As a young girl, no, I […]

Cutting cane for 2,000 hours: migrant sugarcane workers, Marathwada | Maharashtra

Usha Ashok Pawar, Chhaya Shyam Pawar and Lata Vishnu Pawar At what time does your day begin? At 4 a.m. What’s your daily schedule? We cook food in the morning, have breakfast and go to the fields by 6 a.m. We directly come back at 6 in the evening What do you do once you […]

women working in a tea plantation in Kerala as seen by Louis Malle in 1968

Wednesday, April 11. Once again we stumble upon the ghost of colonial England. These young women work in a tea plantation at an altitude of 3,000 feet in the mountains of Kerala. This 12,000-acre plantation belongs to an English company, who operates it along purely capitalistic lines. The plantation’s employees live and eat here. Their […]

Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 – Official UN Video

And now let’s turn to a young woman who has chosen to lend her voice to this very important solidarity movement. She’s a leading British actor, an advocate for gender equality in her own right. She’s been involved with a promotion of girl’s education for several years. As part of her humanitarian efforts she has […]

Ridiculous “Obama Plantation” Prostest Held In Front Of White House

why do you know to randall terry missus and all of their former crazy tree this is a holdover level there’s a higher breaks in the crazy tree non-preserved albert it is a smaller group was the honest but there is a very well-known pro-lifer denny’s doesn’t have a national stage they’re going back to […]