Women in Agriculture on succession

In our generation for me and Aimee to be taken on the farm to run, both of our family farms together then that’s quite a big change but in Shetland we’ve been really well supported because we have like well-established farms and both our families and the community has been really well supportive of like […]

Ag Literacy Corps: Changing Roles of Women in Agriculture

Hello, I’m Madeline Schultz, and I’m the Women in Ag Program Manager at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Today, I’d like to talk to you about women’s changing roles in agriculture. Now women have always had an important place in agriculture. In 1938, the Farm Security Administration estimated that women earned 40 to 50% […]

2016 Southern Region Women’s Agricultural Leadership Summit Wrap Up

[ Background music plays throughout the video ]>>Krysta Harden: Women have been involved in agriculture forever. It’s just how we recognize, how we talk about it, how we appreciate, how we value their contributions. It is not something that’s new.>>Narrator: Today, 30% of American farmers are women and about half of agriculture firm employees are […]

Tina Gross – Innovating New Directions for Agriculture

Growing up my dad had two gardens, so you know I was always into agriculture in a sense, so that put me in the mindset that I didn’t want to marry a farmer, which never say never. So I married into the farming life. Well mainly my background is healthcare, so I managed a medical […]

Reshaping The Landscape: Women Impacting Lee County Agriculture

From the earliest days of American agriculture, women have been a cornerstone of everyday farm life. Because of recent shifts toward globalization of markets and an increased focus on operational efficiency, production and marketing; women are now more engaged than ever in the core business of agriculture as farm operators and strategic decision-makers. According to […]