Greenhouses Increase Income in Mozambique

Several small farmers are learning to get profit out of their land; they are financed, receiving equipment/assets and they are learning how to do more and better. iDE is responsible for the idea that is changing the lives of many beneficiaries. From this organization, thousands of farmers found what they never had: an opportunity to […]

Small Home Interior Decor with Big Style

More than eighty modern small home interiors in this video that can be an important source of inspiration for anyone who wants to renovate and redecorate his own living space. Here, you’ll discover smart and beautiful designer ideas for small home interiors such as: entrance hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, stairways, bathrooms, kitchen/dining combinations, modern open […]

Ingenious Skills Making Timber Mouldings & Most Satisfying Woodworking Tools


Agriculture ITALIA 🇮🇹 // FIN du ROAD TRIP

Today I find the company TAMBURINI They are at work with a John Deere 9470 RX Tractor And a plow ER-MO 6 body with wheel Imagine you come with that to the plowing contest of your village, quietly. I just doubled the FENDT 724 tractor with its 4-axle CROSETTO trailer. I followed him I arrived […]

Ingenious Skills Making Timber Mouldings & Most Satisfying Woodworking Tools


Abertay scientists develop world’s first climate-positive gin

The James Hutton Institute in Dundee approached us quite a few years ago to collaborate on projects looking at legumes – that’s peas and beans – as sustainable sources for the brewing and distilling industry and subsequently we engaged a PhD student Kirsty Black to look at aspects of legumes for this sector of Industry. […]

Resin River Cast Kitchen Table EP-8, Finish Table Back Side and Assemble it with Legs Structure

Sawadeecrap to my fellows carpenters out there! Creative Thoughts Series Resin River Cast Kitchen Table This is the 8th and final episode of this series in today video I’m dealing with the back table part and the final assembly connecting the table legs Before jumping into it I really hope that you are enjoying my […]

Rustic and Farmhouse-Inspired Interior Decor Ideas

A video for those who are dreaming to gorgeous home interiors with exposed wooden beams, rustic kitchens, stone floors, farmhouse sinks, wooden benches and many decorating accessories that make a decor warm, cozy and inviting. Here, you’ll discover more than forty decor ideas for a rustic and farmhouse- style home interior. You’ll be amazed by […]

Cattle breeder relies on seed from KWS | KWS World of Farming

The Río Negro province is the gateway to Patagonia. It gets drier with every kilometer from Bahía Blanca to Patagonia. The vegetation changes visibly: Bushes, many shades of brown, and then suddenly, you arrive at the Río Negro, and it seems like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Lush green, huge poplar forests, […]

잠시 쉬어가는 힐링타임 Break Time with Natural Dog (나는 자연 강아지다)

Today I came to the farm house where I visit sometimes on the weekends It’s located in the small town and has similar altitude with the city where I live in Actually, I came to see this cutie She lost the owner and wandered around the mountain then decided to stay here as our surprise […]