Rustic and Farmhouse-Inspired Interior Decor Ideas

A video for those who are dreaming to gorgeous home interiors with exposed wooden beams, rustic kitchens, stone floors, farmhouse sinks, wooden benches and many decorating accessories that make a decor warm, cozy and inviting. Here, you’ll discover more than forty decor ideas for a rustic and farmhouse- style home interior. You’ll be amazed by […]

Cattle breeder relies on seed from KWS | KWS World of Farming

The Río Negro province is the gateway to Patagonia. It gets drier with every kilometer from Bahía Blanca to Patagonia. The vegetation changes visibly: Bushes, many shades of brown, and then suddenly, you arrive at the Río Negro, and it seems like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Lush green, huge poplar forests, […]

잠시 쉬어가는 힐링타임 Break Time with Natural Dog (나는 자연 강아지다)

Today I came to the farm house where I visit sometimes on the weekends It’s located in the small town and has similar altitude with the city where I live in Actually, I came to see this cutie She lost the owner and wandered around the mountain then decided to stay here as our surprise […]

Scania Winter 2020

We are at the winter drive, in Trysil, Norway! A great set of unique trucks are here today How often do you get the chance to drive a tow truck as a journalist?! A R580 8×4 but then as a tow truck! We actually have two V8 engines, because behind me there is another one.. […]

How to Help Farmers Without Giving Them Any Money | CROWDE

Hi, my name is Yohanes Sugihtononugroho. I’m CEO and founder from CROWDE. There are three major sources of finance in Agriculture: banks, middleman and loan sharks. Banks never considered these farmers bankable and the second one and the third one are the worst. They are always giving an unreasonable interest rate like 30% a month, […]

Tiny House With 915 S Main St, Ada, OH 45810 | Living Design For A Tiny House

Tiny House With 915 S Main St, Ada, OH 45810 | Living Design For A Tiny House

World’s Tallest Timber Building “HoHo Tower” Begins to Take Shape in Vienna

Hello! Welcome to Vienna. We are currently at the HoHo wooden highrise. Presently the world’s tallest wooden highrise with a height of 84m, and 24 stories. It consists of five components. It is a hybrid construction, with a reinforced concrete core and the exterior is cased with prefabricated wooden panels. In the background you can […]

A clear solution for farmers – Catchment Sensitive Farming Overview

we all want to know that our water is safe to drink, bathe in and that our rivers are thriving environments for wildlife Catchment Sensitive Farming is a scheme that gives farmers support and financial help towards improvements that can make our water cleaner and safer Catchment Sensitive Farming works it works by working voluntarily […]


Hello, Good Friends. I painted our kitchen table before, but back then. how to make massive with sheer tumbling cream? it was a coloring I made to videotape. Get the espresso coffee colors, I don’t like rusty coffee much, the reason is .. Because they both have redness. Dark brown wax gives the color I […]

Captivating Tiny Home with Views in Mt Washington | Living Design For A Tiny House

Captivating Tiny Home with Views in Mt Washington | Living Design For A Tiny House