Trees That Never Lose Their Leaves! | Science for Kids

It’s winter where I live… …and a lot of trees have lost their leaves! The leaves turned brown, or yellow, red, and even purple and then they fell off the trees. But some trees are still green! In fact, it seems like these trees don’t ever turn brown — they stay green all of the […]

Passive solar greenhouses in Mongolia to defy cold winters (short version)

Urban Exploration: ABANDONED Livingston Farm House

Walking down this long road here Lets go check it out Here we are at this one after going down the road Scared the hell.. out.. of me.. great now dust is flying That must be all th freaking stuff the cats are laying in This place smells like cat pee in here it is […]

Wolves Hunt Caribou In Quebec’s Northern Forest | Wild Canadian Year

“I knew that the only way we find and keep up with wolves was by using a helicopter” “Justin was along to try to film the action from the ground.” “To find the wolves, we first had to find the caribou” “with the help of caribou biologists in Quebec, we were able to quickly find […]

The Winter Greenhouse, grow in -40’C (2018)

Imagine taking the heat from the sun in the summer, storing it, and then using it to heat a greenhouse in the winter! Heating a greenhouse costs so much in Canada in the winter that it’s cheaper to truck food in from 1000’s of miles away. Trucked in food is chemically ripened and tastes horrible. […]

How to Plant Potatoes! 🥔🌿 // Garden Answer

hey guys how’s it goin Laura with garden dancer today I want to walk you through the process of planting potatoes it’s really easy and it’s actually one of my favorite vegetables to plant because everything happens underground so you really don’t know what you’re gonna get until you go into harvest and now is […]

How to Treat & Prevent Fire Blight in Your Organic Orchard

Hi, I’m Tricia, an organic gardener I grow organically. For healthy and safe food supply. For a clean and sustainable environment. For an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Fire blight is a severe disease that can affect pears, apples, and crabapples. While there’s no real cure for it you can prevent it and I’ll show you […]

Homestay Inside Orange Orchards -Mirik -Experience West Bengal -Sweetest Part of Incredible India

Mirik is a picturesque tourist spot nestled in the serene hills of Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India Mirik is famous for its high-quality oranges These are grown in Mirik Busty, Murmah and Soureni Busty Mirik has become a popular tourist destination for its climate, natural beauty and easy accessibility At Mirik Busty Ecotourism is […]

Succulent Tips for Beginners // Garden Answer

Hey guys, Lor with Garden Answer. In this video, I want to share 10 tips on planting and caring for succulents, and this information is going to be geared a little bit more toward beginners, so kind of a Succulents 101. And I know that there are a lot of different ways to do things […]