DIY ❄️ Ribbon snowflake 🌟 star 🌟 for Christmas tree (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #632

Hi. Today I will show you how to make snowflake out of ribbon. Detailed list of all needed items is in the description of this video. Cut 2 strips out of ribbon. 5cm each. Cut another 2 strips. 6cm each. Cut 1 strip. 8cm. And the last one. 10cm. Fold the strips in a half […]

Automatic Vent Opener in the Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

A few years ago I made up some vent openers which use windshield wiper motors. They work well for the small greenhouse, but the frames have had some structural problems in strong winds. For the dome greenhouse I’m using linear actuators to operate the vents. The actuators have a lot more lifting strength and can […]

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Garden Wall / Table Decor UNDER $10!!

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the midnight crafter today’s craft is a farmhouse DIY wall decor or possibly you could even stand it up I actually have it standing up right now um kind of like a window with little flower baskets in it or little flower buckets so adorable you can modify it […]

How to measure the height for your DIY café style shutters

Measure height for café style shutters For the height, measure to where you would like your shutters to stop. This can be any point on the window you desire. Either here, in the glass area or to a natural break point on the window such as this.

What is a z frame shutter mount?

A Z frame is used for inside mount installations and sits like this. This front lip wraps around the recess like this and is a great frame to cover up uneven walls and give a neat installation. If you have a window sill that protrudes, like this, we can make the bottom frame with no […]

How to measure the divide point for your tier on tier window shutters

Help Me Understand Measuring tier on tier divide point When ordering tier on tier shutters, we need to know the position you would like your panels to divide. To get this dimension, measure from the bottom UP to the point of where you’d like the panels to be split. Remember, you don’t need to worry […]

Tolleson Drapery & Curtains Blinds Shades Shutters in Tolleson, AZ

whether you’re in the market for elaborate multi-layered window fashions or practical budget-minded option window prose is your one-stop solution to custom window treatments custom window treatments we hope you will quickly see and feel the different approach we take with helping you with your window treatments project we are trained to help you find […]

ENVIROBLIND | Residential Rolling Security Shutters (

Residential Security Shutters from Enviroblind “Crime in progress – police radio” “Storm coming – weather radio” Whether it’s from the unfortunate realities of today’s world, or the powerful forces of nature, when it comes to protecting your home and family you can rely of the strength and security of security shutters from Enviroblind. In today’s […]

Window Shutter Glossary – Tier and Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters cover your entire window. The upper panels can be opened independently of the bottom giving privacy on the bottom and maximum light at the top.