LEVOLOR Trim+Go™ Aluminum Blinds – Features & Benefits

– LEVOLOR Metal Blinds are a practical and economical solution for any room in your home or office and can be conveniently cut in-store for a precise fit. The 8-gauge aluminum slats provide maximum durability that is easy to clean and maintain. An integrated color-coordinated headrail pairs durability with sleek style. Routing design offers increased […]

Window Treatments for Bay Windows | Interior Design

So a bay window is an interesting anomaly, because it’s not really a full window in the normal context. So a lot more things go into thinking about it. You can address the inside of the bay window or just the outside or both. Some people just address it as a regular window and just […]

How to Shorten LEVOLOR Trim+Go™ Faux Wood Blinds

– How to shorten LEVOLOR Trim + Go Faux Wood Blinds. Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need: Metal tape measure, tape, flathead screwdriver, scissors. Extend your blinds and mark your desired length with a piece of tape. Next, remove all the slats below the marked slat. Cut all horizontal cords below marked slat. Repeat […]

Video #27: Custom Window Treatments – Exquisite Curtains & Ideas in Long Beach

So we are back in Long Beach today. At Mrs. Alloua home and we were here last week to show her some curtain fabrics and we also showed her some window treatment ideas and color options. Yes, last time we spoke to Mrs. Alloua she said she was going to paint the downstairs warmer colors […]

Oliver Heath’s Happy Home

My name is Oliver Heath, I’m an Architectural and Interior Designer and specifically my work focuses on sustainability and health and wellbeing. We’re in my home, which is in Brighton, it’s a 1960’s house. I’ve done a massive sustainable refurbishment, so there was lots of thinking about energy use, but as well as that, there […]

Best Window Treatments for Light Control | Blinds.com

An important function of your custom window treatment is controlling the way light comes into your rooms. If your most important consideration with window treatments is light control, here are some options to consider. Do you need to block the light completely for a media room, nursery or bedroom? Honeycomb Shades are available in room […]

How to measure the height for your DIY café style shutters

Measure height for café style shutters For the height, measure to where you would like your shutters to stop. This can be any point on the window you desire. Either here, in the glass area or to a natural break point on the window such as this.

Decorate Your Home Today with Budget Blinds’ Window Coverings

beautiful boy shutters that and value to your home its all in the guide motorized window coverings that a create a mood at the touch of a button we found it in the guide find custom window covering ideas and inspiration point of views Budget Blinds free design guide it’s filled with a variety of […]

How to Measure your Window for Mini Blinds

At Blindsgalore, we make measuring your windows for mini blinds a cinch. Please feel free to also check out our guide and a worksheet at Blindsgalore.com. First, you’ll want to decide whether you want an inside mount or an outside mount. An inside mount is installed inside the window frame itself and offers a clean […]