Illegal Marijuana Farms Endanger Wildlife on California’s Public Lands | National Geographic

So two teams coming off separate points on the ridge, press out with it Okay, right where we’re at right now is what would be considered the lion’s den of marijuana cultivation in California or North America? This is also a prime area for a lot of threatened endangered species There’s a marijuana garden about […]

Managing Your Timber – WATER BARS

NARRATION: Water bars are one of the most basic and effective ways of controlling erosion on a timber harvest, and they are surprisingly simple to construct. Basically a combination of a trench and a mound is built diagonally across a road or a skid trail to divert water into the leaf litter or vegetation where […]

Australia Fire | Why Australia Is Burning | How to Stop Forest Fire | English | Sasha’s Vlog |

oh hi guys I’m your Sasha Leona here hope you’re doing well what’s today’s topic today’s topic is a little serious topic so without wasting much time let’s get into to the video a few days back I was watching some news channel and everywhere there was breaking news about fire fire and fire So, […]

🐶🐨 Detector Dogs Find Koalas Surviving in Burnt Out Forest | WWF-Australia

“Yes!” “Aha!” “We’ve got fresh scats. Very fresh.” “Yeah, here!” “You got it?” “Just there!” “Good girl Missy!” “Wow!” It’s fantastic. And it’s great to see that koalas are surviving some of the fires and they can recolonise the forest as they grow.

Visit to HOPE Eco-Farms in Aylmer, ON

Earlier this year, I visited HOPE Eco-Farms in Aylmer, Ontario, which is a co-operative of Amish farmers that raise free-range hens. This is a flock of 500 hens that are kept out on pasture in a moveable tent. When the weather is comfortable, the tent door is left open so the hens can access the […]

Beautiful Bavarian Forest National Park

Hey everyone! Dana here, and we are up and out of the house and on the road at a pretty ungodly hour for a Saturday morning, but that’s because we are now off on a day adventure to the Bavarian Forest National Park. We made it! It took us about two hours to drive from […]

Nowt but a fleeting thing: a young farmer’s fight for survival

We’ll get a crack on and get them tied up and then we’ll get a cup of tea, yeah? Yeah. I’m nowhere near as hard a man as Dad is. I’ve got nowhere near his work ethic. When it’s as intense as running a dairy, an old-fashioned dairy, it’s too much, it’s too much for […]

Equipment Tour! – It’s Finally Here!

oh darn you Birds got a poop on everything this is awesome this is the first real thunderstorm we’ve had come over us good thing I just brought the drone in it was up in the air a second ago they’re dumb oh yeah he’s gonna hit us hard Wow I don’t know how much […]

Worlds Biggest Farm Tire! What Are We Up To?

you guys remember when I said something big was coming something special I told you guys about it’s here good morning everyone it’s Monday morning a little bit due out it’s very cool right now which is good that’s why I got a sweatshirt on the cool weather helps the peas they like the cold […]

Managing Your Timber – SELECTING A LOGGER

NARRATION: With your timber inventoried and marked by a professional forester, and solid contract in hand, you are ready to select a logger. This is the most critical step in managing your timber sale. The outcome of this decision will be visible for generations, so it is important to get it right. Fortunately there are […]