Juicing Raw Cannabis for Highest Health Benefit

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com, today we have another exciting episode for your guys and you guys that are long-term viewers actually probably know where I am already before I even say anything because I got my [inaudible] suit on, my [inaudible] suit on, and I’m all suited up to head into the […]

Christmas Tree for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Free Stories with Wow English TV

Ah! Ah! Oh. He-hey! Hello! Ah-ha! Look! What is it? Ha-ha-ha. Yeah! It’s a snowman! He-he-hey! Wow! A snowman! He-hey! I can help. I can help! Okay, Maggie. Help me finish the snowman! Yeah! Let’s use Maggie magic! Hey, look! Oh-oh-oh! Wow! He-hey! The snowman is finished. Yeah! But wait a minute. What’s missing up […]

Sci-Fi Short Film “Tree House Time Machine” presented by DUST

Charlie… Charlie… Charlie! (Screams) Shut up, Puck! About time! Do you know how many times I had to sing that? I was this close to sending the National Guard. Why are you torturing us? You know why! I was sleeping, that’s all. Like you guys should both be doing. Well, my parents don’t love me […]

Agriculture at Hadlow College

So this course fitted in well to what I wanted to do as a career choice as an Agricultural Engineer. We get a good idea of what it would be like in the workplace, it covers all aspects of what you might face in a job. You have fun at the same time as learning, […]

Tree That Legally OWNS Itself and has a KID

We are an educational channel covering interesting topics in entertaining ways. Subscribe! We are glad you are here. Believe it or not, there’s tree that actually owns itself in Athens, Georgia. According to the legend, this tree has a legal ownership of itself and all the land within eight feet of its base. It even […]

Best Action Movies Full movie English Army of One Joshua Tree Action Adventure movies full Length

114 there’s hot. Wake up, Ed. Leave me alone, Prince, I’m dreaming. There a cop on our tail. I know we got a cop on our tail, we always got a cop on our tails. Part of the territory. Now, let me go back to sleep? This is a bike cop and he’s pullin’ us […]

A walk in the forest with Kirikou and Nanook

This is A Kind of Adventurous Life. Hi! My name is Kirikou, and today I’m going for a walk in the forest. Ah. The forest ended here. So I’m just going for a walk in … I’m just going for a walk. I think this walk would be more fun if I had a friend […]

Alternative Agriculture at Bowery Farms | JEOPARDY!

(electronic music) – [Alex] Today we feature these categories in the Jeopardy round. Alternative Agriculture at Bowery Farms, where they are looking into indoor farming. Interesting subject. – Alternative Agriculture at Bowery Farms 200. – [Alex] All right, Sarah, get us started. – Indoor farming can consume 95% less water than traditional methods and doesn’t […]

Learn Forest Animals for Kids | What Is It? Game for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning

What is it? What is it? I don’t know. What is it? What is it? Hey, let’s go. What is it? What is it? Please, show me. Are you ready? One, two, three. It’s a fox! Cool! What is it? What is it? I don’t know. What is it? What is it? Hey, let’s go. […]

SAM & AUDREY’S WEDDING: Summer Wedding in a Beautiful Greenhouse

So six months ago this handsome specimen and I tied the knot. Oh my gosh, what was I thinking. No, just kidding. It was probably the best decision of my entire life. And what we wanted to do is share our wedding photos with you. We’ve really appreciated all of the support you’ve offered us […]