Laura Dorman MyCrop Wheat App | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

My Crop is an interactive tool developed with support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Department of Agriculture and Food WA to bring crop diagnostics to the paddock. With disease, pest and nutrition issues accounting for a major proportion of production costs, using the range of My Crop online tools and smart […]

Bravo™ New apple name announced | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

This is an apple that has been in development for twenty years. It comes from the same breeding program as the Pink Lady™ and having now tried one. I would say it is the best apple I’ve ever had and it is a true blue Western Australian product. We’re very excited about it and we’re […]

SIBI: Farm laneway system case study | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

Sheep work for us hasn’t been hard for 20 years, I mean we’ve gone out and looked at all the sheep handling equipment that is out there and have implemented on farm and for us sheep work is no harder than putting in a crop. My name is Andrew Slade, we farm in Mt Barker […]

ASBV refresher – understanding ASBVs | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

Hi, i’m Melanie Dowling, Sheep Genetics development officer for the DPIRD, Agriculture and Food, WA. Today’s video is a quick ASBV refresher. Whether we are a human or a sheep, the way we look and behave is a combination of our genes, passed on from our mum and dad, and our environment that we were […]

Sheep Industry Business Innovation project | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

With 10 million dollars of funding from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program, the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia has commenced a four year project to support the state’s sheep industry. The Sheep Industry Business Innovation project’s aim is to assist the sheep industry to be internationally competitive while at the same […]

Managing Mediterranean fruit fly in backyards | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

The fruit fly in Western Australia is an enormous problem for commercial fruit producers and is also a menace to the backyard fruit growers. It renders fruit inedible and it’s been with us since 1895. Mediterranean fruit fly is about the size of a housefly its brown in colour has got patterned wings quite an […]

Human dimensions of biosecurity management | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

So I’m Tanya Howard a research fellow with the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre coming out of the University of New England in New South Wales. Today I’m presenting a talk that was developed for the Australasian Wildlife Management conference in 2015 just this week in Perth. We wanted to come over and share these […]

2015 WA’s Signature Dish winner Jerolina Rankin | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

So Jerolina you won the big competition yes how did that feel and what’s changed since you won it. It was amazing, I think what change, it opens many opportunities that I wouldn’t think it’s possible before I’m having to be able to network with other chefs out there and be involved in events like […]

Invasion curve animation Biosecurity Council of WA | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

Every West Australian can help protect our State from pest and disease threats that impact on businesses, industry, the economy, the environment and our lifestyle. Western Australia has an enviable biosecurity status, free from many of the world’s worst pests and diseases – a reputation that opens doors to opportunities, especially trade. This reputation is […]

The Western Australian Sheep Industry | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

Western Australia… recognised around the world as a producer of safe, high quality food and fibre products. An industry that is both vital to our State’s economy and one that places a high value on our overseas markets. Western Australia is a significant producer of red meat dairy, wool, grains and horticultural products. All grown […]