Australian Sheep Breeding Values Lynley Anderson | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

“klopp klopp klopp” There’s a lot interest these days in Australian Sheep Breeding Values, we’ve got producers talking more and more and wondering what it’s all about, and thinking more about objective measurement of the animals rather than just the way I look. You guys have been doing a lot of measurement for many years, […]

Red-eared slider turtle seized | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

I would like to thank the Pho Quang Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Marangaroo for their assistance in retrieving this Red-eared slider turtle. It’s the only known turtle we had at large in Western Australia and it’s extremely important that this species does not establish in the wild. This exotic turtle species is quite easy to […]

Amazing Shipping Container Cafe with timber facade

Coffee. Some say it’s the nectar of the gods! Me… it just gets me out of bed in the morning. My name is Luke Stephens, I’m from Port Shipping Containers, and today we’ve got a Shipping Container Cafe. Now this one is going out to the desert, so I thought we’d have a quick look […]

From City Life to Cattle Farming | Farmer Stories

I’m Jane Sale from Yougawalla Station. I live here with my husband and two young children. We part own and manage Yougawalla and Bulka Station here in the Kimberley. It’s probably one of the most isolated stations in the north west of Australia. We have a wonderful life out here running our cattle. I came […]

Sarah Jackson Soil Heat Bank | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

It’s been observed that paddocks with higher stubbles have an increase frost induced sterility and therefore sometimes also a decreasing yield. So part of the project has been to look at the effect that stubble has on the soil heat bank The soil heat bank is the amount of thermal energy that is stored in […]

Cotton Bush Biosecurity education initiative | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

I’m Jonelle Cleland I’m the executive officer of the Peel Harvey biosecurity group We’re really ecstatic to have the Serpentine Jarradale Men’s Shed, on board, helping us out with our education project. This projects about raising awareness of the cotton bush which you can see around me. This is a highly invasive weed of the […]

Asian Market Success | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

Asian Market Success is a three year, $6 million project funded by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program. Managed by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Asian Market Success is designed to boost the confidence and capacity of Western Australian agrifood businesses to invest in accessing and developing high value, premium export markets in […]

Laura Dorman MyCrop Wheat App | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

My Crop is an interactive tool developed with support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Department of Agriculture and Food WA to bring crop diagnostics to the paddock. With disease, pest and nutrition issues accounting for a major proportion of production costs, using the range of My Crop online tools and smart […]

Bravo™ New apple name announced | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

This is an apple that has been in development for twenty years. It comes from the same breeding program as the Pink Lady™ and having now tried one. I would say it is the best apple I’ve ever had and it is a true blue Western Australian product. We’re very excited about it and we’re […]

SIBI: Farm laneway system case study | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

Sheep work for us hasn’t been hard for 20 years, I mean we’ve gone out and looked at all the sheep handling equipment that is out there and have implemented on farm and for us sheep work is no harder than putting in a crop. My name is Andrew Slade, we farm in Mt Barker […]