How To Water Your Miniature Greenhouse

Hello this is Russell Smith with Grow it Now garden products we’re here with you today for another exciting episode of tips and tricks. The question I had come across my desk was I don’t have a drip system so how do I water my plants when you have the miniature green houses over them. […]

Deep Town: Everything about Greenhouse

hello friends welcome back. I hope you are enjoying the contents on my channel there are many buildings present in deep town and one of them is the greenhouse as the name suggests greenhouse is used to grow different vegetation in a controlled environment. so join in and let’s learn more about the greenhouse. please […]

Recycling Water for Agriculture

Hi and welcome back to Your House. I’m Representative Chris Hansen and I’m standing here at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River to talk about one of the most important subjects in Colorado, water. It’s the lifeblood of our economy, it grows the crops that we need to eat and to […]

Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

Humans love meat. Steak, fried chicken, bacon, pork belly, and sausages are just the best things! Eating meat has become so trivial that many people don’t consider something a proper meal if there’s no animal involved. Which is pretty amazing, since only a few decades ago meat was a luxury product. Today, you can get […]

Mapping Greenhouse Gases on the Great Lakes

We’re Oceanographers in this lab and particularly we study ocean chemistry. Now this project that were working on here it’s, it’s not in the oceans it’s, it’s in the largest liquid freshwater environment on the planet that being the Great Lakes system and and what better place to do that research then at the University […]

Digital Agriculture

TEXT: As our world grows, researchers are working to make agriculture more sustainable. One solution is digital agriculture, the use of sensors and data systems to grow crops more efficiently and ensure food safety. At Cornell, Professor Abe Strook has tackled the challenges of digital agriculture by developing plant-inspired technologies that could help conserve a […]

Vertical Farming – Does agriculture need to change?

The world is facing some major problems food security, water security species loss climate change Vertical farms have been proposed as part of the solution to these global problems But is it just another overhyped technology, with great claims but lacking in practical application? this video and go to explore these global problems, in context […]

Introduction to Sustainable Irrigation – RUVIVAL Toolbox

Irrigation is the practice of applying water to crops additional to rainfall. Irrigated agriculture has helped provide food supplies in areas, which would otherwise not carry sufficient yields or cater to specific plants. Water in irrigation is commonly sourced from freshwater sources, which are groundwater aquifers and surface water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, springs […]

Brought to You by Water: Go Green Agriculture

Water is truly the lifeline for everything that we do. I’m Pierre Sleiman the CEO of Go Green Agriculture. We are in Encinitas, where we started our company. We grow leafy greens – from butter lettuce to romaine lettuce to watercress. So basically, we grow organic produce 365 days a year in pure water. Thanks […]