Management of Contract Farms

When we partner with a grower at Cooper Farms, we don’t just stop our attention to that grower at the completion of the building. Part of our program at Cooper’s is to audit our growers to make sure they are following proper procedures, so as far as vegetation around the building, making sure rodents are […]

Farming Fish in Open Ponds

(lively music) – [Voiceover] Increasingly, the fish that consumers buy begin life in hatcheries, and are reared in ponds such as this one. Throughout the Eastern seaboard, a new industry has been developing, aquaculture, the raising of fish under managed conditions whether in net pens, cages, tanks, or open ponds. Private growers and government agencies […]

Agriculture, wetlands, water quality, and protecting watersheds

Mr. Speaker: Member, Saanich North and the Islands. Thank you Mr. Speaker. In recognition of World Water Day last week, I stand to ask about an issue that has long troubled me. For the most part, the ALR protects arable land from urban sprawl. But within its laudable and important purpose, it contains a critical […]

Monitoring Greenhouse Water Quality | Surveillance à effet de serre Qualité de l’eau

Hi, I’m Shalin Khosla, Greenhouse Vegetable Specialist, with the Ontario government. In this video we will show you how to sample and monitor irrigation water quality for greenhouses and container nurseries. There are five important sampling points to monitor water quality for nutrients, plant pathogens and water management. These are raw water, the production area, […]

Bay 101: Agriculture

Harvesting the crops in the fall it’s always a satisfying time because you’re reaping the rewards of the work you put in over the year. Farming’s been part of my family for generations Agriculture is a very important part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. It ranges anywhere from up in New York State, all the […]