Life In The Trees With The Treehouse Masters

Petrified Wood – 15 million-year-old Petrified Tree

Hello Young People. Petrified Wood. Out hiking today near Vantage, Washington. In the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. There’s a petrified tree right there. Still standing! Fifteen and a half million year old tree. It’s been standing here for that long. It was petrified underneath a lava flow that was fifteen and a half million […]

Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees

(cat meowing) – [Shaun] A lot of people see a cat up in a tree, they’re just like, “Oh, yeah, that thing’ll get down here in a couple days.” – [Tom] Hi sweetie, how long you been in this tree? But what they don’t realize is that sometimes they don’t. I’m Shaun Sears. – And […]

Enchanting Cabin In The Forest

ever since I was little I’ve dreamed of escaping to a beautiful little cabin somewhere in the middle of a gorgeous forest and here in the Pacific Northwest I have now met a builder who is constructing incredible homes that not even my childhood self could have dreamed of [Music] hey Jacob what’s up Bryce […]

Special Forest Products on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Welcome to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. As a special forest product harvester here are some key points to remember on your next visit. Knowing the types of permits offered and most importantly what they allow you to do; where you can and cannot collect special forest products; understanding sustainable harvesting procedures, which means ensuring […]

Unmanned BLM Drones at the Horning Seed Orchard

“So, we’re out here at the Horning Seed Orchard demonstrating the capabilities of unmanned aircraft for a project trying to count cones on the trees out here. Well, the orchard approached us looking for a faster and more effective way to count the cones, make their job a little simpler, and higher quality counts.” “Yes, […]