Beijing halts U.S. agriculture purchases as trade war with Washington escalates: Report

meanwhile China has reportedly halted imports of American agricultural goods in response to president Trump’s latest tariffs increased proposal according to a report by Bloomberg Monday the Chinese government has asked a state-owned enterprises to suspend purchases of US agricultural goods sources also say privately run Chinese crushers that received retaliatory tariffs waivers and American […]

Family Builds Beautiful TINY HOUSE Homestead on Their Farm

This week’s video is brought to you by Humless solar power on the go. Hey guys, are you ready for another tiny house video tour? Well, today I’m going to show you the inside of the stunning tiny house, which is parked on a homestead run by a family with two young children. The inside […]

Anne of All Trades: Farm-to-Table Bowl Turning

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley Harwood and I am here in Seattle visiting my good friend Anne of All Trades. If y’all aren’t familiar with Anne, she is an amazing woman She’s a woodworker, she is an organic farmer, and a YouTuber, and just an all-around inspiring person. So Anne and I have a few awesome […]

Life In The Trees With The Treehouse Masters

Petrified Wood – 15 million-year-old Petrified Tree

Hello Young People. Petrified Wood. Out hiking today near Vantage, Washington. In the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. There’s a petrified tree right there. Still standing! Fifteen and a half million year old tree. It’s been standing here for that long. It was petrified underneath a lava flow that was fifteen and a half million […]

Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees

(cat meowing) – [Shaun] A lot of people see a cat up in a tree, they’re just like, “Oh, yeah, that thing’ll get down here in a couple days.” – [Tom] Hi sweetie, how long you been in this tree? But what they don’t realize is that sometimes they don’t. I’m Shaun Sears. – And […]

Enchanting Cabin In The Forest

ever since I was little I’ve dreamed of escaping to a beautiful little cabin somewhere in the middle of a gorgeous forest and here in the Pacific Northwest I have now met a builder who is constructing incredible homes that not even my childhood self could have dreamed of [Music] hey Jacob what’s up Bryce […]

Special Forest Products on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Welcome to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. As a special forest product harvester here are some key points to remember on your next visit. Knowing the types of permits offered and most importantly what they allow you to do; where you can and cannot collect special forest products; understanding sustainable harvesting procedures, which means ensuring […]

Unmanned BLM Drones at the Horning Seed Orchard

“So, we’re out here at the Horning Seed Orchard demonstrating the capabilities of unmanned aircraft for a project trying to count cones on the trees out here. Well, the orchard approached us looking for a faster and more effective way to count the cones, make their job a little simpler, and higher quality counts.” “Yes, […]