Regenerative Agriculture – Better Pork

From a very very young age all I ever wanted to do was be a farmer. That was it. It was never any other option for me. I left school and university and went back and worked on the family farm with my brother and my dad and mum and that was all great. But […]

Christmas in the Forest – Audiobook – Chapter 1

[Music] Christmas in the Forest – Written by Edward Alan Kurtz. Narrated by Gregory Deihl. “CHAPTER 1: The Pine Tree” Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful and special forest. Of course, there were lots of trees in this forest, but there was much, much more. There were large areas of heath as […]

Top 10 Scary Objects Found In Basements

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Honestly i for one never venture into any basement slash attic type of areas. Its just never a good idea, like never in life has it been a good idea. Not in films, […]

The Amazon Soya Moratorium – Forest Solutions

To understand why the Amazon is so special you need to be here. To experience the Amazon is something incredible. No only because it’s huge, it’s vast, it’s by far the largest tropical forest on the planet… …but it’s still wild. The light is beautiful, the trees are beautiful… It’s amazing, it’s a combination of […]

The advance on Schmidt | Hell in the Hürtgen Forest | Part II

In the first episode we left the 28th infantry Division right after their initial attacks on the 2nd of November around Hürtgen, Vossenack and Simonskall. The attacks to capture Schmidt and the nearby water dam hadn’t gone completely as planned. To the north, the 109th Infantry regiment was able to capture one of its two […]


Hey everyody! I’m slothastic and welcome back on this new video. Remember my lion king family tree remake? Well if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it to understand what is going on in this video. So, not too long ago, I asked you if you would like to know more about […]

Visiting the Sapporo Agriculture College, Hokkaido University

Hi everyone welcome back to Sapporo, the largest city (population of around 4 million people) in Hokkaido. I am on the campus of Hokkaido University, and what I wanted to share with you here is this bust of Dr. Professor William S. Clark, who was the founding faculty– president of, I guess not faculty– founding […]

Supreme Revenge: Linda Greenhouse Interview

Let’s start with where you are and where the judicial world is when the word comes that Robert Bork may be the nominee of Ronald Reagan in his nearly last year of his presidency. Well, to back up a bit, so Justice Powell, the swing justice of his time, announced his retirement. That took people […]

Official trailer: FAR FROM THE TREE by Andrew Solomon

When I was born deaf, my mother cried. She really did not see a future. The doctor said he would never amount to anything, his mental capacity would be little to none, and you should probably give him up and think about adoption. I really didn’t even know that something was going on, that there […]

Built On Agriculture Part 2 – The Institutions

(woman) Manitoba was built on agriculture and the family farm. [fiddle pays in bright rhythm] At the turn of the century, agriculture was the reason that the Manitoba legislative building is this huge beautiful building, because it was booming, we were going to be the Chicago of the North. [drums, guitar, & melodica play in […]