DEATH SPRITES: Creating a Frog Haven & Ant Hell

“Now where in Ant-Man’s quantum world am I?” the ant wondered, as she waved her antennae through the air, trying her best to smell what lay beyond. This all appeared very strange to her. Everything was just so unfamiliar. She thought she’d memorized these Hacienda del Doradan lands like the back of her pre-tarsus, but […]

Scolari’s Good Eats, Le Garage, La Mar: Check, Please! Bay Area reviews

Announcer:  A KQED television production. ♪♪ ♪♪ Sbrocco: I’m telling you right now, I am hun-gry. Sbrocco: Hi. I’m Leslie Sbrocco. Welcome to “Check, Please! Bay Area,” the show where regular Bay Area residents review and talk about their favorite restaurants. Now, we have three guests, and each one recommends one of their favorite spots, […]

How Black Americans Were Robbed of Their Land

My dad’s land was taken, and that’s how I see it. Over the course of the entire 20th century, we know that black farmers have lost about 12 million acres of land total. We are just being forced out. They’re trying to force us out. These cases of dispossession can only be called theft. Okay, […]

Kraken vs. Kraken (Breeding of the Water Beasts)

In this Ant Room, which we call the Antiverse, we’ve watched the evolution and growth of many ant colonies whom we’ve come to love. We’ve seen new ant colonies be born, even ant colonies showing up uninvited, and have said good bye to ant colonies whose journeys sadly came to an end. But with these […]

Urbex History – Abandoned Dream Mansion’s Tragic Deaths

As we traveled week after week down small farm tracks or trails over rolling hills and mountains through valleys and woods one location States sharpen our minds standing out as our ultimate goal among the lost mansions of Scotland today we take you deep into the highlands to this amazing rarely visited seldom photographed and […]

18th Century Glass | Windows at Ticonderoga | Bull’s Eye Glass

Hi I’m Rich Strom I’m the director of education at Fort Ticonderoga and I’m standing in one of the windows of this enlisted men’s barracks here at Fort Ticonderoga. The enlisted men’s barracks was built by the French in 1756 to house up to 380 men. The enlisted men’s barracks today houses much of our […]

Elana’s Maternity Experience at Plantation General Hospital

(slow, calm music) – I am 28 years old. I am a teacher. I love kids. I wanted to be a mom my whole life and there’s no perfect time to have a child but in me and my husband’s life this was just the right time. My doctor told me that he did not […]

Famous People Who Destroyed Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds

While most ordinary people may be given a second chance after making a mistake, some famous folks were axed or demoted after their split-second bad choices and scandalous behavior. From Brian Williams to Paula Deen, here are the stars whose careers went up in flames in just a few moments. Brian Williams In 2015, one […]

Who was Pablo Escobar?

WHO WAS PABLO ESCOBAR? Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s ambition and ruthlessness made him one of the wealthiest, most powerful and most violent criminals of all time. Pablo Escobar was on Born December 1, 1949 in the city of Rionegro, Colombia. His father was a peasant farmer, his mother an elementary school teacher. Pablo was […]

LIFE WITH WARREN JEFFS: One of Warren Jeffs’ ex-wives opens up on life with the sect leader

(Briell Decker) So this right here is Warren’s room Very small He wanted everyone to think he was humble (Matt Galka, reporting) Briell Decker showed us around one of the mansions that used to belong to Warren Jeffs – the polygamist FLDS church leader and convicted felon Decker also used to be married to Jeffs […]