Beijing halts U.S. agriculture purchases as trade war with Washington escalates: Report

meanwhile China has reportedly halted imports of American agricultural goods in response to president Trump’s latest tariffs increased proposal according to a report by Bloomberg Monday the Chinese government has asked a state-owned enterprises to suspend purchases of US agricultural goods sources also say privately run Chinese crushers that received retaliatory tariffs waivers and American […]

White farm murders in South Africa – Race hate, politics or greed? | Foreign Correspondent

(REPORTER) Apartheid tore South Africa apart. Some say the white oppressors are now the persecuted. White farms are being robbed and farmers murdered. – Not only do they kill but the way they kill. They torture you. – The government says they’re crimes like any other, in a society where poverty breeds violence. – There […]

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest 9 CE | Germanic tribes Vs Roman Empire | Total War: Rome 2 cinematic

The Battle of Vossenack | Hell in the Hurtgen Forest | Part I

At the end of October the American First army had been able to breach the infamous Siegfried line at two places. Aachen was finally captured on the 21st of October 1944 after heavy fighting. The small village of Roetgen, at the edge of the large Hürtgen Forest had been reached as early as the 12th […]

Tree That Legally OWNS Itself and has a KID

We are an educational channel covering interesting topics in entertaining ways. Subscribe! We are glad you are here. Believe it or not, there’s tree that actually owns itself in Athens, Georgia. According to the legend, this tree has a legal ownership of itself and all the land within eight feet of its base. It even […]

How the Netherlands Led a Food Revolution

The Netherlands is a small country. It’s so small, you could fit it into the U.S. two hundred and seventy times. But it’s big when it comes to making food. Remarkably it has the second largest agricultural exports in the world, mainly through being able to produce vast amounts of food on tiny plots. The […]

The advance on Schmidt | Hell in the Hürtgen Forest | Part II

In the first episode we left the 28th infantry Division right after their initial attacks on the 2nd of November around Hürtgen, Vossenack and Simonskall. The attacks to capture Schmidt and the nearby water dam hadn’t gone completely as planned. To the north, the 109th Infantry regiment was able to capture one of its two […]

The Currency Shift that Really Matters to Agriculture | CoBank Knowledge Exchange Brief

On August fourth, China allowed its currency to weaken to its lowest level in 11 years. This move has significant implications for the global economy, interest rates around the world, and whether the trade war has now become a currency war. But for U.S. agriculture, concerned about exports to China, it’s the relative movement of […]

Return to the Ardennes Forest – Panzer & GI relics dug up