🤔WRONG COLOR? ENTIRE New HOUSE PAINT REVEAL | Large Family Fixer Upper Empty House Tour!

(mellow music) – Okay friends, I know I’m gonna have to register a trademark of this hat because this whole week that we’ve been moving, I have made all my videos with me in this hat. Anyway, I can’t believe it. So, the painting is done at the house, the kitchen painting is done, all, […]

Trip to Farm House in Al Ain | Hans Krishnan

hello friends how is everything? its been a while since we met the reason is , I started working again due to that I get very little time these days that’s the main reason why the vlogs are delayed so, today, Iam after i joined the new job they are having a farm house party […]

Decorating Our Christmas Tree!

Durshet Forest Lodge Resort Nature trails | #UrIndianConsumer | Marathi Vlog

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What is up everybody its ya boy ddogg vlogs here with another insane adventure. Today’s adventure I’m joined by Carlo again we’re here with this giant well I can’t say giant but it’s a pretty big Victorian looking house we’re in the middle of nowhere we’re gonna go check it out hope you guys enjoy […]

The Sacred Voodoo Forest in Togo

if you clicked on this video just because of the thumbnail welcome to the best Travel Channel on YouTube [Music] [Music] if you’re wondering what the hell I’m doing naked in some forest in Togo I’ll explain but we need to go to ours back in time our journey here in Togo starts in the […]

Montauk & Costa Rica 2017 – Vlog#46 | Aimee Song

A little afraid that I’m gonna have a nip slip So basically we’re zip lining today I just set off the alarm of my hotel room Camila are you excited? Yes baby! Ícaro are you excited to not have Camila for the weekend? We’re headed to New York! I’m so excited to be up at […]


Previously on journey to home won the round seat with the handle in the front I Think we need like two more pieces Today is Friday Oh, sorry. I’m vlogging. So these Konya with a new lamp that I had to put in the nursery This is my old lamp that was in my room […]

WE’RE GOING TO THE APPLE ORCHARD (Family Fun) | Zenna Harajli

hey hey it’s a beautiful amazing day hope you guys are having an awesome day I hope you guys are smiling today is Sunday Funday a family and I and you guys we are going to the apple orchard haven’t been there in like two years I hope you guys are ready and I’ll see […]