#2 vlog : Short Vlog (Farm House) in Bandung

hello guys… this (today) is the 2nd day in Bandung…. now.. I want to breakfast our plans later will go to Farm House Bandung after that lunch and.. we go back home instead you want to find clothes? dad this is so cute if it’s time to shopping, she is expert I mean slower not […]

Traveling Iraq Rural Area Near Najaf City Middle East 2020

I’m traveling in Iraq in this video Rural area of Iraq

I Ran A Farm For A Week 🤠

*runs in spanish * Okay, I’m gonna close it hello, hi, hola, privyet My older sister is hella rich and boujee so her and her her family just left on a vacation to Hawaii She kinda owns ten acres of land with like hella chickens and hella cows. And she was like, “Hey Peniel, can […]

Avatar Mountains! Zhangjiajie National Forest

We have a very late start this morning because I am slow. We asked for a good place to eat and the woman at our hostel was like “I’ll take you there!” So she brought us here, so we are going to eat here. I don’t know what Sizzling Crystal Powder is but it sounds […]

Caving in a Leprechaun Forest – Epic Ireland

Dave, you okay? Hey everybody Dave here coming at you from Killarney again It is roadtrip time. We’re renting this minivan with five other vloggers and bloggers. We’re going to drive up towards Galway I think we’re doing caving today, Actually. Here is our crew. This is Crystal, say hi to YouTube Hi, Kaleigh Vrithi […]

VLOG – Cook With Me & My Christmas Tree!

this is the look today y’all pull the bear status like do I don’t look like a polar bear right now and I pulled out my amazon bag that I showed you guys in my Amazon haul video if you guys have not watched that yet you have to piss this is like the cutest […]

Durshet Forest Lodge Resort Nature trails | #UrIndianConsumer | Marathi Vlog

“Music: www.bensound.com”

Glass or Perspex In Greenhouse? I Foodie Gardening Y1E48

Hi guys. Welcome to another episode of Foodie Gardening. I’m back down at the allotment, it is the first time I’ve been down here since last week and we’ve lost more glass out of the greenhouse. I think now because the wind is probably getting through the gaps that broke last week. That’s like creating […]