#2 vlog : Short Vlog (Farm House) in Bandung

hello guys… this (today) is the 2nd day in Bandung…. now.. I want to breakfast our plans later will go to Farm House Bandung after that lunch and.. we go back home instead you want to find clothes? dad this is so cute if it’s time to shopping, she is expert I mean slower not […]

NEW ACTION MOVIES 2016 FULL MOVIE Magical Forest and Animals -Tropics in europe (Special #4)

“Plants and animals of Europe” is intended for all nature lovers. wild growing species of animal plants, occurring in Europe up to the Urals, inclusive. Currently, there are about 10,000 species of ferns in the world, which is a small number compared to their prehistoric diversity (it is believed that there were about one million […]


okay sharers today we are still looking for Steven he’s been missing and I don’t know if you’ve seen my last vlog but in my last vlog we go to look for him in the abandoned force and it is so scary Carter and I really didn’t want to go back in there today but […]

Farmer’s Ready for the Cybertruck ?

Good morning today guys Supposed to start snowing here After a while, but still got to go in and do some office work. But today I thought I’d do a little bit different video I’ve been seeing a lot of news about the New cyber truck if you guys been hearing about this Thanks for […]

Amazing Outdoor Dining Room – Timber Construction

hey welcome back to another X family video hope you’re doing well hope you got a smile on your face today’s a beautiful beautiful day today we’re gonna make some wood chips out of all these branches which some of the branches are from what I cut up yesterday we’re gonna get after it you […]

Unheard of Chinese Street Food You MUST Try | Farmers Market in China 2

Building A Room With Your Own Hands | DIY 2019-2020

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but check out how tall this room goes check below Steve what is wait hang on don’t move I’m out of here oh let’s go welcome to my room thanks so much for coming check this out this is my room that share the love broom best room ever we got Carter behind the camera […]


So Lizzy Sharer are you ready to do the 24 hour box fort challenge tonight? we’re challenged you don’t know huh you didn’t tell her no we don’t you’re doing the Haunted box fort challenge again it’s gonna be even more scary this time yeah yeah because not only be doing at 3:00 a.m. in […]

I Ran A Farm For A Week 🤠

*runs in spanish * Okay, I’m gonna close it hello, hi, hola, privyet My older sister is hella rich and boujee so her and her her family just left on a vacation to Hawaii She kinda owns ten acres of land with like hella chickens and hella cows. And she was like, “Hey Peniel, can […]