Vintage Mop Head Christmas Decor Angel Doll – Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY

in this video I’m going to show you how I made these two cute little mop head angels so if you want to learn how to make them well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the Midnight Crafter and tonight I have a vintage craft for you some of you may remember […]


Alright, so we’re inside the 77 C10 here. And like I’ve mentioned in other videos, it is a 3 speed column shifted transmission. So I just wanted to make a video about how to shift one of these old transmissions. You don’t see these hardly at all anymore. So if you’ve ever wondered how it […]

Wooden Farmhouse Shelf DIY // Part 1

I found these IKEA shelf parts in the trash and thought why not build something new from it add some legs close gaps and paint it white so here we go! at this time I noticed that it would be a shame to paint these legs white so instead I will make a copy but […]

Wooden Farmhouse Shelf DIY // Part 3

Now we are basically done with the build, but before we start with the finish I will add some trim at the top the shelf. We will create the trim with a profile plane – by the way does anybody of you know proper way to sharpen this profile here? Let me know! You can […]

Wooden Farmhouse Shelf DIY // Part 2

Hello everyone so in the last video we built the main part of the shelf! The normal IKEA shelf boards are held in place by these pins but I reduce the dimension of the shelf from that what a normal IKEA shelf is and now we have the problem that the IKEA boards do not […]

Modern Farmhouse Furniture Restore Ep. 1 of 3

Hey guys! I’m super excited about today’s episode! I have a client of mine who has had this old church pew just collecting dust in her garage for who knows how long Either way, she loves this piece and wants to incorporate it into her modern farmhouse Let’s go check it out! Oh my God! […]

Making Cane Syrup the Old Way

This is Billy and Barbra Turner, course I was raised here on this place that we’re on now. Been cooking syrup with my dad all my life from the time I was a small child on up till he got to the position of age that he could no longer do it, and we took […]

Farmhouse / Shabby Chic and Totally Dazzled Memo Board Dollar Tree DIY

though Christmas is over you still might need again for Valentine’s Day a birthday a hostess gift and in this video I’m going to show you how to make this really really nice metal folder it’s elegant and shabby chic and perfect gift if you want to learn how to make it follow me what’s […]

How to Install Farmhouse Style Door & Window Trim on a Budget

Hey everybody, and welcome to our Youtube channel today. Well, its a cold and rainy winter weekend outside and Heather and I thought well, what could we do in the house? We don’t have much going on. So we decided to renovate this upstairs landing/hallway in our house. We are going to do a two […]