Traveling Iraq Rural Area Near Najaf City Middle East 2020

I’m traveling in Iraq in this video Rural area of Iraq

Village paddy farming | my village show sankranti special comedy

Subtitles by TEAM247 INFORMATICS Chandu, nowadays you’re reading English magazines, what’s up? Nothing much. To improve my English, my professor advised me to read English magazines. But it’s too difficult. Be smart, man. Install U-Dictionary app. You have camera scanning feature in this. Scan the word with the camera and you get the meaning in […]

Farming (Minecraft Animation)

Hey dude, I got some seeds. Oh my god What are you waiting for? *cheers* Lets do it. Ahaa, Look out for this one. Ahahaha, Yes quite. Woah, this is hair raising stuff! *cheering* Ah, this is fun.

Thai Agriculture Technic commercial – Area Division

There are Mr.Red’s farm & Mr.Green’s farm Sugar-crane price is high this year Mr.Red decided to plant sugar cane ALL of his land. Mr.Green decided to plant them just only here The rest are for longan, banana, corn diging a pound, raising fish Vegetable garden, herbs and some standing timber Red is hungry he sells […]

Wheat Harvesting Methods Complete Process in India & Pakistan Agriculture farming

India and Pakistan are in the world top 10 wheat producers country mostly 4 methods used to harvest wheat in South Asia harvesting wheat is a really difficult process that requires? pretty good preparation and Decent timing wheat is grown all over the world It covers more of the Earth’s surface than any other cereal […]

Cricut- DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decoration

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel Avanti Morocha. Today I’m going to show you how to make this super easy Christmas decoration. Now let’s begin. For this decoration, you’re going to need a basket; I bought this one at Target for $3. You’ll need little Christmas trees, which can be picked up in any […]

Benefits of financial instruments from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

We would like to introduce you to the Smiths: James, his wife Anne, and their children John and Emily… …and this is their family farm… …and their rural village. The farm has been in the family for six generations, but the financial crisis has really hit home and the Smiths are worried about their future. […]

Tips and Tricks: Farming Guide for Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Heyho and welcome to my new video about Life is Feudal: Forest Village. Sometime ago I posted a tips and tricks video for this game. Later on I was asked by Dennis Gats if I could do some tutorial video for forming strategies. So, here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it. Over the last […]

Mawphu Agriculture

I am a resident of Mawphu village I will tell you a little bit about my village Mawphu village is located in the Sohra kingdom It falls under the control of the Sohra king The name 16 villages, in olden times referred to the 16 syngiars The syngiar is a bamboo pipe connecting the water […]

PINE NEEDLE & CHAGA TEA – How to make healthy forest tea

My absolute favorite tea is a mix of pine needles and chaga mushroom. And I’ve been drinking it a lot during this winter. It’s really healthy and it’s really easy to make. And the best thing of all is that it tastes like you drink the forest. I think that the combination of pine tree […]