The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 6: Mocking Up the Pantry

(rain splashing) (car starting) (upbeat classical music) (car door slams) (phones ringing) (store customer chatter) (upbeat classical music) (cat purring) (kissing) – The purpose of this is to see if what I think will suffice for shelving, will actually suffice for shelving. Yeah. Lets try it. (elevator music playing) (saw buzzing) – [Paige] I did […]

The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 4: Rebuilding the Pantry Wall

– [woman] Brandon. What are we working on this week? – The pantry. – [woman] What are we doing to the pantry? – Making it? – [woman] Rebuilding it! (laughs) Why don’t you follow my cues? (laughs) – You didn’t give me a cue. – [woman] I did. (laughing) I asked you what you were, […]

The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 3: 3-Day Weekend

– It is Friday night, just before we are going to spend two weeks working on this kitchen, so we are finishing up the fireplace. We just have a couple more rows to do, so we’re gonna do that quickly, so that tomorrow, we can tear into all of this. Yes, I do, have an […]

How to Cane a Chair | Weaving a Caned Chair Seat

(bright piano music) – Hello, and hi. Whenever I see something that’s kind of technical, and maybe kind of old-school, and definitely handcraft, I have this need to figure out how to do it. So one day I got it into my head that I should try to figure out chair caning. People have obviously […]

The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 2: From the Window to the Wall

(triumphant music) – Breaking news story today from a home in rural Kentucky. The Farmhouse Vernacular Investigation Squad have a new case on their hands in the form of a turn of the century original kitchen. It appears that the kitchen in this 1905 folk-Victorian house has been savagely destroyed by several previously renovations. Initial […]

Victorian Christmas Decorations | 1901 Christmas Decorating

(festive atmosphere music) – Hello, merry Christmas, happy holidays, all of that fantastic stuff. It is that glorious time of year where I get to take an unreasonable amount of greenery and put it in my house, claiming it as decor. Of course I am talking about Christmas decorating. Seeing as I live in a […]

The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 1: A Table to Die For

– I am literally laying here, on my bed, staring out the window, waiting for this thing to arrive, because it has been two months since I bought it, and it is literally 30 minutes away. And it is almost here, and I can’t even remotely deal with this right now. I don’t know if […]