🇶🇦 Qatari farmers trying to find new ways to increase production

Farmer’s Market in Hanalei, Kauai, HI – KVIC-TV, myKauai.com [Event]

As you explore Kauai, you’re bound to find one of the many open air markets, just like this one in Hanalei. A quick visit gives both locals and visitors a chance to find the best in island crafts and fresh island grown produce. What are you looking to find? Flowers and fresh veggies. Have you […]

The Principles of Organic Agriculture

Grow Organic, Eat Organic, Stay Healthy

Massive Greenhouse Will Allow This City to Grow Produce Year-Round | All Good

THIS IS HOW MY FARM WORKS! – $100K on a quarter acre

Vertical Farming Explained, with Dickson Despommier

As of this moment WHO and the population counsel estimate that about 50 percent of us live in cities. And the other half, of course, lives somewhere else. The other thing we can learn from NASA of all places is how much land those seven billion people, half urban, half rural, actually need to produce […]

Organic Farming along the Mighty Mekong

A long stretch of road linking several provinces of Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam forms the backbone of the so-called East-West economic corridor. The population living along the corridor is among the poorest in the countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion, or GMS. Agricultural production is generally low hampered by the expensive traditional farming […]

Aquaponic Urban Farm Grows Vegetables through the Winter Snow

This is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com today I have another exciting episode for you; I’m here in Cleveland, Ohio. Yes that’s where the Cleveland 351 Ford Motor Engine was made; I had a friend that had a Mustang with a Cleveland 351. Anyways, this is the first time I’ve been in Cleveland and I’m having […]

Growing Food in the City – Urban Rooftop Farm in Downtown Toronto

>>ARLENE: we are at a quarter-acre rooftop farm at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. We produce ten thousand pounds of food each year that goes to the farmers’ market and to our CSA customers and it’s distributed to the food room as well which is where students can get food for free. When we started […]