Planting and Managing a Forest Orchard

this area as planted in the spring of 2015 it was cleared in fall 2014 so this is a part of our forest that we’ve decided to do something a bit unique with for us and to use it as a demonstration site for agroforestry so this is a fairly young site and we’re continuing […]

Challenges with a Polycultural Orchard System

there are however a few different challenges or potential challenges with a polycultural system like this one possible challenge is scaling it up the complexity of the system might make it difficult to scale up to many many acres cost might be a second challenge for growers who are looking to implement a polyculture there […]

Pest Management within a Forest Orchard

so one of our challenges is dealing with pests on this site and that covers a large range of animals right now for us deer are very important as we are in the middle of a forest we have a fence surrounding the entire orchard that was put in by a student and that has […]