Farmhouse Mason Jar Wall Art | Michaels

Make the trend Michaels + Darby Smart Use Washi tape to help Cut out your letters Put them in place Pounce on your paint Put your lanterns together Mark your spot Add your hooks Alphabet Stencil, Pencil, 2 Mason Jars, Scissors, Mason Jar Hanging Lid, LED Lights, Washi Tape, Foam Pouncer, White Wash wood plant, […]

This Deli Is Making Vegan Takes On NYC Classics || Fork Yeah

We’ve been very excited by how receptive people have been to what we’re doing.You know, I think we’re in the prime spot for this kind of idea, being in the Lower East Side.I think people were, whether they were meat eaters or not, were just hungry for that classic deli.The inspiration came kind of naturally. […]

Extreme Ripped Jeans Trend On Orchard Road | ZULA Tries | EP 5

What do you guys think of my jeans? Uhm… It’s quite weird. The original jeans is actually this one… Hi, my name is Shanice. And in this episode of ZULA Tries, we’re going to be trying out extreme cutout jeans. Now last week a colleague of ours sent the ZULA team this link to this […]