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Forest and Nature Walks | For Your Health

Hi everyone I’m Heather and I’m Bill and as most of you know this is our second channel. Which is and as many of you probably do know we just started this up not too long ago. And a lot of our original inspirational videos are still over on my beauty channel which is […]

Nudo de leñador – Timber Hitch – Volta da ribeira

Forest Wildfire

For the Southeast United States, 13 States we do a lot together. There’s a southern group of state foresters, and we work together and we are known as the wood basket of the world. More wood is produced out of our 13 states in any other region in the world. 87 percent of the Southeast […]

Backyard Modern Greenhouse, Grow house, or Aliens? 🌱🏠👽

We’re not professional contractors. In fact, we’ve never built anything of this size. The closest we’ve come is building a chicken coop a few months earlier. Before that, nothing. We considered building one from existing plans but decided to do our own because we already had this existing slab to fit it to. We know […]

Why You Should Recycle Your Christmas Tree | One Small Step | NowThis

Over 27 million real Christmas trees were bought in the US this year. And when the holidays are over we’ve got to do something with them. But trees, they’re big and they’re heavy. Imagine 27 million of these. Not only that, trees are biodegradable so they should be ending up in nature, not a landfill. […]

Tree hay animal fodder – silvopasture agroforestry – traditional sustainable agriculture (uk)

Right what we’re doing this morning is them just trying to illustrate one of the age-old practices of feeding tree hay to animals not hey tree home and this was a practice which was done all over Europe and it’s still done right over as far as Nepal where you cut trees deciduous trees in […]

Camden Central Pond Tree Planting

I love trees for many reasons. I also like to bird watch and trees provide habitat. for many species including birds. And so in our urban area we need that habitat diversity. Trees make our lives better. I mean I’ve always loved trees. I remember when I was a kid, I lived right right next […]

How to Build: Redwood Terrain in Minecraft! (Redwood Forest 2/3)

What’s going on everybody, it’s the one and only 1kwa. And we are back once again with another how to build tutorial. This week I’m joined by Pluto and we’re gonna be teaching you how to build a Redwood Forest in this three part series. Yesterday we showed you how to make the trees and […]