Want more birds in your backyard? Plant these native trees.

today we’ll be talking about how trees support bird habitats hi I’m Helen Yoest with be better naturally we teach homeowners how to build better backyards for birds bees and butterflies and we do this naturally through sustainable gardening when suburbia first started we were looking for the perfect residential tree for our Lots most […]

Trees Eat Us All: A Tribute to Bill Mollison (1928-2016) from Charlie Mgee

Designer, you’re now a recliner So long and thanks for the yield and your tools left behind have all sharpened our minds to keep growing the change in the field The future is looking quite shady under all the ideas that you’ve grown and to look out the window at food in the ground gives […]

The Most Important Action You Can Take Now: Help Plant These Trees

In my younger life, I was going 180 miles an hour in the wrong direction. The universe put me in a situation, a near-death experience, where I would listen. And I did. They said you need to change your ways, and we have work for you to do. And this is the assignment that I […]

Fruit Trees and High Tunnels with Alyce Lunde

I’m Alice Lundy. Uh we are located in Rowlett North Dakota, we’re just south of the Canadian border about 30 miles Close to the International Peace Gardens this was my husband’s farm originally. He grew up here When we retired we moved back and we have been growing Vegetables out here in the garden for […]

Three Christmas Trees | Christmas Songs for Kids

There are three Christmas trees. Christmas trees. Christmas trees. There are three Christmas trees. Let’s chop one down. Chop, chop, chop. Look out! There are two Christmas trees. Christmas trees. Christmas trees. There are two Christmas trees. Let’s chop one down. Chop, chop, chop. Look out! There is one Christmas tree. Christmas tree. Christmas tree. […]

What If Everyone Planted a Tree?

Save our Forests! | National Forest Policy 2018 Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Namashkar, friends! Our government is bringing: They have recently released a draft for it. Some of the things in the draft are so bad that they will severely threaten the forests of our country. It simply means that our forests are being sold to big companies and industries. Let’s know what it is. So, friends […]

250 Million Trees planted! Big step to stopping climate change | Eden Vlog #15

Pruning Low Limbs on a Tree

As a homeowner we certianly recognize the benefits of having shade trees in our yard, yet one of the challenges we all have as those trees grow is the fact that you can’t really work underneath the tree, you might have trouble growing grass. I’m just gonna step right over here and I’m of average […]