River Birch – Betula nigra – How to Grow River Birch Tree a Pest Resisent Birch Tree

River Birch Betula nigra This is a native american birch. It grows very well in the eastern half of the united states has a wide range all the way from basically the Mississippi River and… Illinois southeast into the carolinas and north… even into Connecticut it’s native. It’s a great plant for the home landscape […]

GTA 5 Easter Egg | Solving “The Only Tree With No Leaves” (Mysterious Tree in GTA 5)

hey trex staying safe in the woods my name is axtrex and today we will be unveiling brand new Easter Egg of GTA 5 and let me tell you guys that no one has till now referred to this easter egg which i’m going to show you guys today and i’m saying this because i […]

Let’s meet under the tree: Ariel Schlesinger, “Untitled”

along the way when I was explaining the idea I noticed that I again and again was keep doing this gesture of putting one tree on top of the other tree. we’re gonna have one tree that is planted alive coming from the ground and a second tree that went through some accident and found […]

I Spent the Night in the Forest with No Supplies & It Was Creepy AF (Sleep in the Woods Challenge)

(dramatic music) – So I’ve been doing a lot of these I Spent the Night … I know, I know, I’ve got a spot. This spot is huge. Just don’t even mention it. I’ll hold the camera this way so you don’t have to look at it. (laughs) So I’ve been doing a lot of […]

🎄Budgie’s holiday tree! | Paper Holiday Craft

Pruning Apple Trees

[music] Renae Moran: Hello. My name is Renae Moran and I’m the tree fruit specialist at the University of Maine. We’re here at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Monmouth. We call it the Highmoor Farm. Today we’re going to have a demonstration on pruning apple trees. It is the dormant season, the best time of […]

The Clues: Tree | Season 2 Ep. 7 | THE MASKED SINGER