Visiting Oxytree plantation (Csemő, Hungary) in September

I welcome you all from Csemő. On this 7,7-hecatre of land, approximately 3500 Oxytrees are growing at the moment. These trees were planted last year: in the mid-summer and at the end of the summer season in 2014. As the different growth measures of these trees show, we do need to take the planting season […]

1 Acre Home Orchard in South Florida Yields Over a Thousand of Pounds of Tropical Fruit a Year

This is John Kohler with delivering another exciting episode for you! We’re here in Davie, Florida to check out a 1 acre residential property where he’s growing lots of fruit trees. So instead of like his neighbor on the other side, he has a nice large lawn, and no food growing. Mike over here […]

Simple Sentence Trees

Welcome avid learner of linguistics! I thought it was about time I made a video about syntax. So here’s something very basic: How to draw simple sentence trees. Let us first take a look into what we would need for such a tree. When we draw tree diagrams and syntax, we can classify pieces of […]

PP&R How to Measure Trees

Welcome from Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry. This video will teach you how to accurately measure a using common household items. You will need: a measuring tape, a thumb tack, a piece of string, a marker, and a calculator. The standard way to measure a tree is “diameter at breast height” or DBH. DBH […]

How to Treat & Prevent Fire Blight in Your Organic Orchard

Hi, I’m Tricia, an organic gardener I grow organically. For healthy and safe food supply. For a clean and sustainable environment. For an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Fire blight is a severe disease that can affect pears, apples, and crabapples. While there’s no real cure for it you can prevent it and I’ll show you […]

How to Grow Lime Trees from Clippings – Easy way to grow Lime Trees

Today I’m going to take some clippings from my lime tree. I like to take a few clippings every year, and I basically root them and they make little lime trees of their own, and then a year later they actually make great housewarming gifts or birthday gifts. So let’s get started. You want to […]

Kemiri Sunan Plantation in Flores

PT Bumi Agrindo Sejahtera presents Kemiri Sunan: Plant for Biodiesel Fuel The world population has reached almost 7.4 billion people in 2015 and is expected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050. This growth in population is accompanied with status upgrade to middle class in emerging countries and this will boost the growth in global […]

Learn about fruit trees with Orchard People

Hi! My name is Susan Poizner and I’m the director of Orchard People, a fruit tree care and consulting company here in Toronto. Welcome to Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard. I co-founded this orchard in 2009. And when we planted these beautiful fruit trees we thought growing fruit was going to be easy. Well actually, […]

How TO Draw Scenery OF Tree Plantation Step By Step{very Easy}

Draw Scenery OF Tree Plantation Step By Step

How TO Draw Scenery OF Tree plantation With Color Pencil Step By Step/tree plantation school project

How TO Draw Scenery OF Tree plantation