10 Ways We Might Colonize the Galaxy

One of the great questions regarding the future of humanity is what are we going to do with the Milky Way. The Fermi Paradox shows us that, so far as we can see, it’s wide open and ripe for the picking … if we can get out there. And while great distances and energy required […]

Shawnee State Forest in 4K | Backpacking with 3 Survival Bushcraft Firestarting Methods

[Andrew narrating] While living at his cabin in the woods surrounding Walden Pond, Thoreau noted that if all people lived as simply as he did thieving and robbery would be unknown. When we first started Adventure Archives, we wanted to discover what the outdoors could teach us about ourselves and our society Why did nature […]

Huge WW2 ROCKET discovered in the Ardennes Forest!

Right guys, we found a very big object here. This is going to be interesting. (dramatic music) (electronic music) We’re back again in the Ardennes. This is a very iconic environment. A lot of stuff happened in the Second World War. And yeah, let’s hope we’re going to find some of that history. I’m just […]

THE SCULPTED FOREST of Patagonia, Argentina 🌲 | Where Burnt Trees Were Turned to Art in El Bolson

the good morning good morning world morning guys another beautiful day in el bolson not a cloud in the sky and I say it seems to be the theme today is an outdoorsy adventure day we’re going to be doing some hiking actually this particular hike is probably considered the most like must hike must […]

Baby Plant Farm ! – agriculture in Israel – HWT #31

We like here what we do, We’re always walking around with a smile on our face ENJOY! Hi guys in 2016 we traveled to Israel and we got the chance to meet with Eden he was a super cool guy and he manages a baby plan farm lots and lots of beautiful baby plants everywhere […]

[Miyagi Prefecture Japan] Breathtaking autumn scenery.Hot spring in forest

想看楓葉一定要去京都嗎 我們現在來到這個地方 你看有很多攝影玩家 還有很多朋友 都到這個地方引頸期盼 因為這裡有一個山洞 等一下會有火車 從山洞出來 然後它會穿越楓葉 所以說是一個奇景 所以大家要捕捉那個時刻 這裡真的好漂亮 好像畫喔 就很像是日劇的場景 電影的場景 絕美風景 還要配上露天裸湯才過癮 好冷喔 我覺得製作單位 真的是很討厭 叫我拿一個木桶 然後全身脫光光再照X光 重點是它 我才慘吧 愛玩客愈冷愈要解放 超猛海鮮 當然也要介紹給你 中了 YES 我的天啊 來 比目魚 真的是比目魚 我真的是天才小釣手 我每次都釣到 好棒喔 我跟你講 這整個就是一個溫馨的感覺 你看在這個有爐火 外面溫度只有四 五度 然後我們坐在這裡 跟一些好朋友圍爐的感覺 我覺得這種感覺是最棒 到日本就是要吃海鮮 泡溫泉 看美景 太開心了 我們現在來到這個地方 是位於宮城縣的松島 松島 是的 那這個地方 為什麼這麼厲害你知道嗎 因為它稱為 […]

Peru’s booming gastronomic scene driving growth in tourism and agriculture | Global Platform

The cuisine, the gastronomy, as we understand it today which is the one that the world knows is the result of the wonderfull miscegenation that we have in Peru I mean, at the beginning it was the encounter between Europe and America. Then migration start coming from all over the world – the Afro-Peruvian community, […]

Global Seminar: Conservation Biology & Practice in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Well I guess there really isn’t a typical day. Some days start of with guest lectures talking about certain conservation projects in Brazil. Other days we’ll be out in the field, we’ll actually be visiting a site where they’re doing conservation work. For example a reforestation project would be one of those. We spend the […]