Organic Farming along the Mighty Mekong

A long stretch of road linking several provinces of Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam forms the backbone of the so-called East-West economic corridor. The population living along the corridor is among the poorest in the countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion, or GMS. Agricultural production is generally low hampered by the expensive traditional farming […]

MnDOT | Cost Effective Repairs of Timber Bridges

welcome to a presentation on cost-effective repairs of timber bridges this presentation covers a multitude of timber bridge topics but will emphasize several repairs that can be implemented by bridge owners and engineers this presentation has been prepared for the Minnesota Department of Transportation as part of a study directed towards finding economical solutions for […]

Agriculture: How Transportation Keeps U.S. Farmers Competitive in a Global Market

NARRATOR: A thriving U.S. agricultural sector depends on delivering products to international markets faster and more reliably than our competitors overseas. Soybean production shows how the U.S. multi-modal transportation network is critical to the agricultural sector. – Well, we’ll come in, we’ll harvest these beans, we load them in our trucks. We take them up […]