TOMATO | How Does it Grow?

So you’re in your grocery store, hunting for the ripest tasting tomatoes you can find…If you’re in the produce aisle, you’re in the wrong place. The only truly vine-ripened tomatoes you’ll find in the supermarket are in tins and jars: tomato sauce, tomato paste. These use fully ripe, full flavored tomatoes. See, it’s all about […]

How to Best Build Soil to Increase Profit When Organic Farming

Alright, this is John Kohler of growingyour, today I’ve got another episode for you; i’m traveling, i’m here in Warren Vermont; I think. Almost standing in the middle of nowhere and I have no idea of where I am, I followed my GPS to get here and where i’m at is the Kingsbury Market […]

Cold Hardy Avocado Trees withstand 15 degrees & Edible Skin Avocados

This is John Kohler with growing your greens dot com. Today I have another exciting episode for you. I’m here on another field trip here in Houston, Texas. I’m on my vacation, but when I’m on vacation, I’m always researching new and exciting places to grow, or that you can grow at depending on where […]

How it’s made: Greenhouse Tomatoes Russian

Some of the finest tomatoes come not from the field, but from the greenhouse. When cultivating tomatoes indoors producers can strictly control the growing conditions, so greenhouse tomatoes are more uniform in size, shape, and color than field grown tomatoes. And some would argue that they taste better too. This company grows large cluster type […]

The Best Tomato Trellis

Hi. I’m Gardener Scott. I grow a lot of tomatoes and I have for years. And for years I’ve been searching for the best way to keep tomato plants off the ground. I think I’ve found it. Join, me as I share with you what I think is the best tomato trellis. Tomatoes are the […]

Monitoring Greenhouse Water Quality | Surveillance à effet de serre Qualité de l’eau

Hi, I’m Shalin Khosla, Greenhouse Vegetable Specialist, with the Ontario government. In this video we will show you how to sample and monitor irrigation water quality for greenhouses and container nurseries. There are five important sampling points to monitor water quality for nutrients, plant pathogens and water management. These are raw water, the production area, […]

Summer Aquaponic Greenhouse

Hello Everyone, I’m a bit overdue with an update on the aquaponic setup in the Harbor Freight greenhouse. Cucumbers love the heat. These older leaves have some brown spots from aphids but the rest of the vines have grown up into the cross braces and make a really nice canopy area. This year I’m only […]

Land Applying Greenhouse Water | Déversement sur les terres d’eaux d’alimentation provenant de serre

Hi, I’m Deanna Nemeth, Nutrient Management Program Lead in Horticulture crops, with the Ontario government. In this video we will discuss what to consider before land application. Greenhouse nutrient feedwater is post production water that has nutrients but is no longer being reused within the greenhouse. This may be due to plant performance being compromised […]

Improve the yield of greenhouses with cogeneration – English Subtitles

Welcome to Prominent. We are here in one of our greenhouses. Prominent is a grower association. We produce 20% of the Dutch tomatoes in greenhouses here in the Netherlands. We have 35 different growing locations and in all of these different locations we make use of the application of CHP. CHP for us is very […]

Greenhouse update june 2017

today you get an update on the greenhouse so stay tuned hi everybody this is Andreas from Off Grid Sweden. If you haven’t been here before i want to welcome you for the first time on this channel i show you things that we do on the homestead tips and tricks reviews stuff related to […]