Tilapia and Cachama – Fish farming – English Subtitles – TvAgro By Juan Gonzalo Angel

(music) (narrator) Fish farming is a branch of zootechnics, its purpose being the rearing of fish. The specifics, in relation to the general activity of fishing, lies precisely in the fact that in fish farming, the development of fish is done with the intervention, knowledge and action of man, especially with that relating to genetic […]

Fish Farming in an Organic Way- Nasar Pattambi

Mr. Nasar who hails from Pattambi and a resident of Kondoorkara adopts a unique method of fish farming compared to others by administering a fish feed that is totally chemical free. Nasar avoids chemically treated food. I do fish farming on a small scale in an organic way. I have poultry, cows, goats. I always […]

Aquaponic Urban Farm Grows Vegetables through the Winter Snow

This is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com today I have another exciting episode for you; I’m here in Cleveland, Ohio. Yes that’s where the Cleveland 351 Ford Motor Engine was made; I had a friend that had a Mustang with a Cleveland 351. Anyways, this is the first time I’ve been in Cleveland and I’m having […]

Aquaponics – Fish and Veggie Farming in Berlin

Sustainable Symbiosis in Fish and Veggie Farming Germany’s first aquaponics farm. We’ve got a very low water usage and a very good CO2 record and because we are doing this in an urban environment, we don’t have long distance shipping or need for cooling during transport and have super-fresh products for our customers. In detail, […]

VOS6-3 Full Episode – College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

[music]>>Kanesa Duncan Seraphin: In this episode of “Voice of the Sea,” we’re exploring some of the research conducted by CTAHR, UH’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. We’ll learn about traditional farming practices and indigenous plants as well as chemicals in the aquatic environment and their effects on food fishes. We start off with […]