🤔WRONG COLOR? ENTIRE New HOUSE PAINT REVEAL | Large Family Fixer Upper Empty House Tour!

(mellow music) – Okay friends, I know I’m gonna have to register a trademark of this hat because this whole week that we’ve been moving, I have made all my videos with me in this hat. Anyway, I can’t believe it. So, the painting is done at the house, the kitchen painting is done, all, […]

Wisconsin Corn Growers – Smart Farming :15

On our farm, my wife and I raise corn… and four girls. That’s why we use the latest tech to make our farm sustainable. We don’t HAVE to farm this way because of some regulation. We CHOOSE to farm this way for the girls. I’m Zeb Zuehls and I’m a Wisconsin corn grower.

Nature’s Secret Timber Furniture | Melbourne Home Show

– Hi, I’m Sonya, and I’m from Nature’s Secret Timber Furniture, and I’m at the Melbourne Home Show today. Just want to show you some of our products that we’ve got on the stand. This is our Gordon bed in stringy bark. There’s some lovely grain structure in there. Everything that you see here is […]

-Modern quail farming methods

Hey guys allow me to share to you about my Propagation of the squeal birds I have loaded more than 500 eggs and the first box. I think already Had been hatched already because yesterday I was informed that the first bus that was loaded were already hugs and Allow me to share this to […]

New Empty House Tour!

(upbeat music ) – Good morning passengers we are having issues this morning. What are you guys all doing here on the floor? They’re all trying to get into dad’s room, but dad’s exercising in his underwear. And he’s got the door locked because we have– – [Chad] Lots of clothes at the other house. […]

Rewiring an Antique Light Fixture

(strangely seductive Latin music ) First I have to take apart this fixture. (unscrewing noises) Most light fixtures are put together with threaded connections. It’s just a matter of finding and undoing those connections. Pull out the old electrical components. This fixture is pretty beat up looking so I’m going to take it apart to […]

Farming simulator 2015 big timber semi trailer for logging

This is Rambow145 I am going to show you a mod I did made I will put the link in the description whenever is up. anyway I fixed the back of this so you dont have no more stuff kinda like this one. I didn’t fix this one here but it doesn’t really matter. ok […]

Farmer’s Market in Hanalei, Kauai, HI – KVIC-TV, myKauai.com [Event]

As you explore Kauai, you’re bound to find one of the many open air markets, just like this one in Hanalei. A quick visit gives both locals and visitors a chance to find the best in island crafts and fresh island grown produce. What are you looking to find? Flowers and fresh veggies. Have you […]

Precision Farming: How satellite images secure more corn yields | KWS World of Farming

My name is Daniel Grandis. I am the Head of the Agroservice Department and Product Manager for Southern Europe and Turkey. The KWS satellite-based variable planting rate system is a solution from the realm of precision farming and is one of a series of applications which our company would like to make available to our […]

Huge WW2 ROCKET discovered in the Ardennes Forest!

Right guys, we found a very big object here. This is going to be interesting. (dramatic music) (electronic music) We’re back again in the Ardennes. This is a very iconic environment. A lot of stuff happened in the Second World War. And yeah, let’s hope we’re going to find some of that history. I’m just […]