Reusing wasted poly bag as hanging tree pot/পলিব্যাগের পুনর্ব্যবহার(With English Subtitle)

Hello! this is a polybag I have a few more of these this type of polybags basically use to keep new clothes so instead of throwing these polybags I am using these bags as tree pots please see this full video to know how I am doing it here the soil I am using this […]

Hydroponic Greenhouse with fully automated feeders and climate controlled system (Urdu/Hindi)

Hi! Today i am going to show you inside view of my climate controlled hydroponic greenhouse Actually from where I was filming, the sun was extremely bright, so the video wasn’t coming in clear the noise you hear is from the feeder have a look at how tall the plants have grown I need to […]

Red Butte Garden Greenhouse Tour – Part 1 | Modern Gardener

I am obsessed with this purple plant, that is amazing. Oh my God. It looks like a Who plant or something. That is a pretty goofy looking plant, isn’t it? We use this bench, we have these hot water pipes right here, there’s a hot water heat that circulates the water, and that warms the […]

Wooden Farmhouse Shelf DIY // Part 1

I found these IKEA shelf parts in the trash and thought why not build something new from it add some legs close gaps and paint it white so here we go! at this time I noticed that it would be a shame to paint these legs white so instead I will make a copy but […]

BUILDING a Small Cabin in the FOREST (ASMR) | Start-to-Finish

This project took approximately 3 months to complete from start to finish. These are re-use pressure treated posts set down 3-4 feet. The string is to help level. Our “chopped up” suzuki log hauler. Norwood portable sawmill hd36. These are boards which will support our cabin made of cedar wood. Large spikes hold them in […]


it’s notification hey guys where are we yep and we’re in dollar tree Vegas today let’s see Valentine’s Day stuff you have the hearts yeah I don’t see any New Balance has these stuff guys I think we’re all checked out in that area some oh look at this cute bag that’s super sparkly oh […]

Farmhouse Chic | Modern and Low Maintenance | Calling Young Entrepreneurs

Hello everyone! I am back! I am back.. the last time I was here this was just dirt and these were not nearly completed and now they’re all done I am so excited to show you what they look like! But first my name is Maria Quiroz, I am your Austin, San Antonio Texas realtor, […]

Snake Robot Climbs a Tree

the bio robotics lab at carnegie mellon university are creating snake robots these snake robots can use their many internal degrees freedom to thread through tightly packed volumes accessing locations people and machinery otherwise cannot use these highly articulate devices can coordinate their internal degrees of freedom to perform a variety of locomotion capabilities these […]

MASSIVE Back to School supplies HAUL 2017 | Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target & Costco | The Family Fudge

hey guys and welcome to the family fudge today I’m sharing my huge back to school haul now I love back-to-school season and I especially love the prices so when I can find them low I definitely stock up this year I had three students to buy for us we really needed a lot of […]

DIY Chandelier – Farmhouse Style

Hi, and welcome to a new video. In this video I am going to make a chandelier for my farmhouse table. I found out while making this video that these standard connectors are illegal in household installations I don’t know if that’s true but I read it somewhere on the internet. So i found these […]