women working in a tea plantation in Kerala as seen by Louis Malle in 1968

Wednesday, April 11. Once again we stumble upon the ghost of colonial England. These young women work in a tea plantation at an altitude of 3,000 feet in the mountains of Kerala. This 12,000-acre plantation belongs to an English company, who operates it along purely capitalistic lines. The plantation’s employees live and eat here. Their […]

The Story of The Eastern Plaguelands (Classic to Present) [Lore]

Hello everyone! A little while ago we covered the story of Scholomance and the Western Plagelands which of course had a lot of people wanting to see the follow up, the eastern plaguelands. Like its western counter part, the eastern plaguelands was once a beautiful land and part of the kingdom of lordaeron. Stratholme was […]

Casey Affleck Exposes the Cruel Practice of Dehorning Cows

[Music] Hi, I’m Casey Affleck for PETA. Did you know that almost all calves on dairy farms are born with tissue that will develop into horns? You almost never see those horns, because most calves used by the dairy industry have their horns burned or gouged out of their heads. Workers use various methods to […]

High school sweethearts killed in car crash just minutes after wedding ceremony

Two high school sweethearts were killed in a horrific car crash minutes are their wedding Newlyweds Harley Joe Morgan and Rhiannon Boudreaux Morgan were killed just moments after their ceremony The lovebirds had known each other since school and married in an intimate ceremony at on Friday But just as the pair drove out of […]

Cali Bamboo Project of the Month Kris – St. Augustine, FL

Kris from St. Augustine, Florida used Marbled Bamboo Plywood for these custom bathroom cabinets. They wanted to incorporate green materials in the project, and liked how the marbled plywood made the bathroom especially unique. Bamboo was also used on their window treatments, countertops and even the cutting boards in their kitchen.

Plantation Homes | 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Customer Satisfaction is basically what our company is based off of. It’s not a function of is a customer happy. It’s like a good mechanic, when you find one you want to tell everybody. Our friends recommended Plantation Homes to us, of course. How we would like to measure customer satisfaction, is actually would you […]