Timber Ridge Elementary hosts “Homework Diner”

Tonight, we had a “Homework Diner.” We want to make sure that parents are able to help their children at home with the curriculum. It’s known that parents really do want to help their children, sometimes they just don’t know how. At Timber Ridge, we decided that we want to do something to reach out […]

Women’s rights to forests and trees in Uganda

Forests are and will remain one of the major sources of livelihoods to the majority of the people, to maximize the benefits of forests and trees, and to accelerate the restoration of the huge chunks of forest degraded over the last several decades, there is need for greater inclusion and participation of the forest-dependent communities […]

What Happened To The Philippine Agriculture?

The Philippines is a small country, consisting of seven thousand six hundred and forty-one islands. Also known as the pearl of the orient the Philippines is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Their abundance in ecology allows them to reap the benefits of both a developing nation and an agricultural country. Their […]

mSTAR uses DFS to boost the agricultural sector in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Since 2011 when mobile financial services were introduced to the country, we’ve seen massive growth. Something like 14 million Bangladeshis have active mobile financial service accounts and on a daily basis around 6 billion taka or US $78 million are transacted via the mobile […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll Claudia Schiffer loses planning battle against neighbour

Claudia Schiffer has lost a planning battle against her neighbour who wants to double the size of her cottage on the boundary of the supermodel’s 530-acre Suffolk country estate The catwalk queen and her film-director husband Matthew Vaughn had complained that their Elizabethan pile, Coldham Hall, would be ‘adversely impacted’ by their neighbour Hanne Pilo’s […]

Nick’s Greenhouse and Flower Shop

Nick and Lynn put their heart and soul into their business seven days a week. They’re hardworking people and really care about their employees. That’s why they choose Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance for their small business. Their plan works just like they expected to so they trust there will be no […]

Couple Who Built Their Home Inside A Greenhouse Is Living A Dream Life Now

Couple who built their home inside a greenhouse is living a dream life now Heating a home can be expensive especially in places like Sweden where it’s cold for long stretches of the year and with our reliance on coal and oil for energy staying warm is very rarely a green or environmental friendly decision […]

A Growing Success: Michigan’s Qualified Forest Program Preview

There really has been a strong interest by land owners from across Michigan in participating in our forestland programs. Receiving educational and technical assistance allows them to work with the private sector to put together a forest management plan and then they’re actively managing that land and improving harvests, improving the quality of our habitat […]

women working in a tea plantation in Kerala as seen by Louis Malle in 1968

Wednesday, April 11. Once again we stumble upon the ghost of colonial England. These young women work in a tea plantation at an altitude of 3,000 feet in the mountains of Kerala. This 12,000-acre plantation belongs to an English company, who operates it along purely capitalistic lines. The plantation’s employees live and eat here. Their […]

The Story of The Eastern Plaguelands (Classic to Present) [Lore]

Hello everyone! A little while ago we covered the story of Scholomance and the Western Plagelands which of course had a lot of people wanting to see the follow up, the eastern plaguelands. Like its western counter part, the eastern plaguelands was once a beautiful land and part of the kingdom of lordaeron. Stratholme was […]